Technical trading

Technical analysis is a way to trade stocks. There are different ways to trade. You get your way that match your personality.

SDS forms double bottoms?

(2018-08-12 09:37:09) 下一個

SDS today touch 20 MA ,It is still in down trend. But it may form a double bottom here.  Summer rally may end here.

That is why the second bottom has a question mark. 

Analysis is guess. It may be wrong. MACD is under zero line. So the trend is not turned yet ,although t has divergency. 

Bottom fishing using last bar low as stop,may be a way to try. I do not trade this one. No posotion.

If this gap is a break away gap,the trend may last a while.

This is not a recommendation for buying and selling.

Just try to show another way to analysis.

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