Technical trading

Technical analysis is a way to trade stocks. There are different ways to trade. You get your way that match your personality.


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I am neither a perm bull no a perm bear. So as a individual trader or investor, I have to figure out what the big money is doing, what they try to. I do not control market. So I have to follow. I can go in market early if I am investor and know the company well. But usually I do not know, but there is always someone know something ,  the someone is not me. My task is to find the footprint of big bear or bull, then follow them. If you are in science major, the objective of indicator can be a reference, the confluence of group unrelated indicators give more probability for success. There is no absolute correctness  . Anything can happen. Find the way to suite your personality and or follow it. Let the trading be simple.

If I win I sell,  If I lose I sell. Trade your plan,  plan your trade, a simple sentence.

Happy trading and investing.

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