Technical trading

Technical analysis is a way to trade stocks. There are different ways to trade. You get your way that match your personality.

Technical analysis-teaching

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ENDP is  breakout today, what may I do? If my plan is to  buy breakout, I should bought already. If my plan is to  buy at pulling back,  I will wait. But I may miss the breakout if it is not pulling back (retest or flag ). Some investors  buy  half their position at breakout, another half at retest if it comes back to the breakout point. First target is to fill last gap down ,that is $25. It is not a recommendation for buying or selling. Analysis is prediction, it may be wrong. If you short and it comes back to $18 the breakout point, it is best to cover your short, also may buy a call to hedge your short position. If you buy or long, you may buy a put to protect your position.  Disclaimer:  I currently do not hold ENDP, but I may buy or sell when it is suitable to my style. 

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