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Reagan George : California is Prologue to Our Future

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There is a method to the leftists’ madness in corrupting our election laws, and California is their laboratory.

We have all heard that California is our culture’s bellwether state, meaning, “As California goes, so goes the nation.”  I’ve often wondered why California has such mystical powers, while other states, or nations for that matter, do not.  Perhaps it is the creativity, open-mindedness, and young thinking that drive the entertainment industry in determining American culture trends.  Maybe it is the avoidance of personal responsibility, shunning boredom at all costs, and moral flexibility that takes the attitude of, “if it feels good, do it.”

California has always also been a trend setter for the future political direction of the United States.  Whenever we hear news about insane, self-destructive decisions by California’s state and local government, the common attitude is that, “La-La land is populated with fruits and nuts and should just be ignored.”  But California citizens who are fighting these very laws say, “Ignore California at your own peril.”

Many Republican friends of mine have the attitude that “California is completely lost,” beyond hope and not worth trying to correct and save.  Recently there has been talk of California attempting to secede from the Union. The attitude of the rest of the country is to let them go and then extend the wall between the U. S. and Mexico to include California.  Many conservative friends say, “Let them go!”  Only when they fail, will they realize that what they are doing is detrimental to their state.

This would be a fatal mistake to make by citizens of the United States.  The assumption is that “California is a monolithic, single minded, group of idiots bent on ruining their state and eventually their country.”  In fact, it is not.  The picture presented to the rest of the country is that the promiscuous attitude in California culture, the addictive need for change, the minimization of norms, and rejection of authority is held by ALL California citizens. In fact, it is not.

What has just been described accurately reflects the Progressive/Globalist agenda.  The siren song of a utopian society, where equality of outcomes is based on delusional forms of social and economic justice as defined by socialist democrats; used to brainwash students, the media, and the educational system in California at a faster rate than the rest of the country.

Yes, their current government is corrupt and socialist in the extreme, but there are millions of fellow Americans literally trapped inside California with little hope of changing the political situation or escaping its clutches.  If there was ever a need for enforcement of our nation’s civil rights laws it is now, in California!

I am professionally interested in root causes of problems and what overarching strategy directly or indirectly guides organizations, especially political ones.  As I began working in the election integrity area, I could not understand why people would take a chance committing voter fraud.  Was it simply the excitement of getting away with a crime, was it simply winning at any cost, or was there a much bigger payoff for cheating the system.  My work in Virginia, over the past eight or nine years in election law and voter fraud, has helped me understand what happened in California and how it can happen not only in Virginia, but can easily spread to every state in the Union.

So what is the goal or overarching strategy at play in California?  How is California our political prologue?  California is controlled by Democrats in almost all jurisdictions. These ‘elected officials’, who are destroying their communities and the state, cannot be removed from office no matter how hard the citizens work to remove them.  Blue Dog Democrats complain that they are being removed from office and replaced by Progressive Democrats who don’t live in their districts. Conservative Republicans end up voting like Progressives in an attempt to keep their seats in spite of the fact that their constituents are working to remove them.

Huge pockets of determined Constitution loving citizens throughout the state have been fighting back only to be thwarted by the reality that California has insulated itself against prosecution of corruption and fraud.  More than any other state, California’s Progressive legislators, has orchestrated an environment that protects them from being removed from office.  The result is that their industries, as-well-as, millions of families are fleeing the state.

A recent California proposal to provide Universal Healthcare, costing billions, will only add to their corporate and individual tax burden.  If the state continues on its current trajectory it may beat even Illinois in becoming the first state to go bankrupt, and they will undoubtedly appeal to the Federal Government for a bailout of their current debt, which is estimated to be $1.3 trillion.  When you think about it this may be the reason the Democrats in California are so upset with President Trump.  They were counting on a Hillary Administration to bail them out.  Trump, not so much.

Better than any other state, California shows us the ultimate plan of the Globalists as reflected in the legislative body, the media industry, and the public education system.  It started at the national level decades ago when Progressives in Congress decided that deficit spending and expanding national debt was a good thing and that it was okay to use our productivity and wealth creation capability against us.

Ultimately, the goal of the Globalist / Progressives is the collapse of our Republic and our Constitution.  Fraudulently replacing our elected officials with Progressives, who will in turn, usher in a oligarchy of ‘elites’, who will control every aspect of our lives.  These elites view American citizens as simpletons, who must be crushed and subjugated by third world countries that are already comfortable with a socialist society. Only then will our capitalist economy be replaced with socialism.

Globalists don’t care about Republicans or Democrats; both parties are just a means to an end.  It is easier to move America into a Globalist government with Socialism and a tyrant in charge, than with a free, defiant, and armed American public.  If you don’t believe me, review the membership of the Council of Foreign Relations, where Republicans and Democrats, from both public and private backgrounds, meet to discuss their utopian vision.  Another is the Bilderberg Group and the Club of Rome; there are others.

The following information was provided to me by the Election Integrity Project of California, led by Linda Paine and Ruth Weiss.

Part of the Progressives’ success in transforming California from a Republic (representation by the vote of citizens) to a simple democracy (representation by majority rule – 50%+1) began several years ago. But citizens missed the signs because they were too busy living their lives, raising their families and running their businesses to notice the changes being made to make it impossible to remove Progressives from office. Citizens simply believed and trusted their elected officials to represent them honestly, to keep their vows, and to uphold our Constitution.

Over time, through non-compliance with state and Federal law, state laws that weaken the integrity of California’s electoral process, and the constant ignoring or changing state election laws through memoranda, and rogue legislation, California’s elections became very easy to manipulate.  Eventually, voters became disillusioned and many stopped voting as they realized they could not “vote out” their corrupt legislators.

Here are a few examples of changes that were made to California’s Election Laws by Progressives who used the electoral process like a Trojan horse to get Progressives elected to office and then make it impossible for Constitution loving citizens to vote them out of office.

  1. Prior to 1998, California had a fairly strict photo identification law that required a California driver’s license or approved personal identification card. The legislature cancelled that law in 1998 and replaced it with an Id. requirement that now comprises over 200 optional Id. sources.  This is now part of the Leftists strategy: fight the passage of a realistic photo Id. and if that fails bring lawsuits against it, and if that fails water it down to the point of being meaningless. (Virginia is now at the last stage by allowing employer and institutions of higher learning as acceptable Ids.)
  1. In 1998 the California legislature initiated convenience voting by instituting voting by mail. In 2016 they followed that idea with legislation that will incrementally remove “in person” voting as an option and require all people to vote by mail. We have recently seen this in Oregon and Colorado with the intended consequence of ballot selling.  Another intended consequence is ballot review out of the public view which violates oversight and subjects every ballot to subjective decisions that are not transparent.  This removes protection for people in abusive or domineering employment or household conditions. These people will no longer be protected by law and will no longer have the chance to cast an uninfluenced, anonymous vote.
  1. Prior to NVRA, California removed voter registrations after two major election cycles were missed. National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) required all states to keep longtime, non-voters on the voter roll for eight years.  (Note: The Federal law says “may,” and not “shall” or “must” remove or inactivate, so California has used that sloppy language to keep millions of deceased voters and former residents on the rolls.  (BTW: Virginia’s Election Law suffers from similar sloppy and vague language that needs to be reviewed and tightened up.)
  1. California uses the most disproportionate number of provisional ballots in the nation—allowing anyone to vote anywhere using a provisional ballot. Provisional voting is part of the “convenience voting” mantra the left has successfully sold to legislators. At the same time, the legislature, citing budget shortfalls, announced they would not be able to reimburse counties for the cost of provisional ballot verification (a very expensive, time and labor-intensive process, and subjective at best). While still urging counties to verify, they said no county would be held responsible if they suspended verification due to financial issues.  (Virginia has similarly had across the board budget cuts, self-inflicted budget shortfalls that play right into the Progressives’ hands that ignore the law by claiming budget cuts.)
  1. Removal of the birthplace requirement for registration, which complicates the verifying of deceased, duplicate and non-citizen voters. (This is a data element that should be added to all voter registrations. Not only a tie breaker but also hard to hide citizenship issues when place of birth is out of the country.  It is also another opportunity to determine if perjury was committed.)
  1. In 2013 the California Legislature thought it would be a good idea to allow non-citizens to be election officers and manage Elections. Now non-citizens can administer elections, even though part of their job is to make sure non-citizens do not vote.
  1. Extended delivery of mail ballots by 3 days, although postmark was supposed to be by Election Day, if no postmark or the post mark is unreadable, the ballot is accepted with the voter’s designation of date. (Has anyone made the connection between mail-in ballots and postage machines?)
  1. Facilitated chaos in 2016 by passing a law to allow ballots to be turned in anywhere in the state, and required Registrar of Voters (ROV) to forward by mail to the proper county. This limits by 10 more days the amount of time the ROVs have to process provisional ballots, while promoting an ever growing number of provisional ballots.

These changes in California’s Election Law are the result of a strategic approach to slowly change California’s elections. These changes create a foothold in corrupting elections, not only in California, but eventually throughout the United States. The only way to discover this nefarious strategy is to begin connecting the dots, understanding that when the left says they want elections to be easy for the voter, they are really saying that ease in voting trumps election integrity.  When they accuse Republicans of suppressing the vote, they don’t want you to remember their Jim Crow Laws or the fact that illegal votes and voters dilute each American’s vote.

As soon as the Progressives were able to manipulate the elections to their satisfaction, Democrats began to consolidate their power in California and Republicans generally gave up and stopped fighting the shift toward the Progressive worldview.  Since California legislators are the “duly elected” officials, both parties started to change the laws so citizens were not able to elect officials that did not subscribe to the Globalist / Progressive agenda.  With globalist legislators now fully in control and no fear of removal, a Globalist agenda is being forced upon the citizens of California.

Here are two examples of how the Socialist Democrats have closed the door behind them to keep anti-globalist, pro-Constitution conservatives from removing them from office:

  1. Restricted Use of Citizen Proposition – California is known for the ability of voters to submit petitions to the Secretary of State to either begin a recall of an elected official or create new laws that go around the State Legislative process. A new bill that has passed the Legislature would effectively give people new ways to block recall efforts by allowing a 30-day window for any voters who signed the petition to change their mind and have their signature removed from the petition.

Want to bet that any opposition to the proposition will intentionally have some of their followers sign the petition just to force the removal of their signatures?  Election officials would then have 10 days to update their tally, and each signature would have to be re-verified manually. This verification process involves tens of thousands of signatures.  The proposal would then give lawmakers 30 additional days to review the financial impact of a recall election. So they’re pitching this as an effort to ensure the security, integrity and legitimacy of the process.

  1. California’s non-compliance with HAVA – The statewide voter database required by the Federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA). Obama’s DOJ refused to force the state into compliance.  By avoiding a functioning database, many opportunities for voter fraud and vote dilution are available for election fraud.

– Dead voters not being removed and no way to audit their removal.

– Duplicate voters between counties either from moving or leftist voter registration drives.

– Duplicate registrations between California and states that currently participate in the voluntary Interstate Cross Check

– NVRA requirement to flag and remove inactive voters after two federal elections.

– Jury summons excuse forms where prospective jurors declare themselves non-citizens and those people removed from voting registers.

Obfuscation of non-citizens thru the DMV that were illegally registered to vote and are voting in massive numbers in State and Federal elections. The public was informed that the Governor, Sec. of State and Attorney General sent letters to the DMV’s information technology department to remove all flags of non-citizens (SB60 files) from the DMV database.  This will thwart any investigation of non-citizens voting in California elections.

American citizens should not allow our fellow citizens to be abandoned by the rest of the country.  California citizens need our help!  We have a new Attorney General with a new Civil Rights Division. (Providing the Holder/Lynch hold-over staff and legal professionals has been removed by the Trump Administration.)

I find it discouraging to hear from fellow conservative election integrity groups that take the attitude that we should just “write off” California and its Electoral College votes and abandon our fellow citizens that have no way out of the Democrat nightmare in which they find themselves.

We should remember that California is showing us what can and will happen to our election laws and deteriorating election integrity, unless the cancer is stopped and rooted out in California.

There is a method to the leftist approach in corrupting our election laws, whether it is making voting easier or accusing Republicans of suppressing the vote.  The strategy is to commit voter fraud until citizens do not trust their elections and decide not to participate.  Easy elections are a good idea as long as our election integrity is the most important goal.

While they have given other states this heads-up on how our nation is being stolen, we should return the favor and help our fellow Conservatives in California.  Their civil rights are being violated every day and our government must protect and defend them.

America has entered into many wars against other countries with the reasoning that it is better to fight them over there, than here.  Well, Progressives / Globalists are here and if we don’t fight them in California, then where?

Writer’s Note:  This is a longer than usual article for me.  California is a very complex state with many groups pursuing various agendas.  It so happens that the Globalist / Socialist Democrat agendas overlap and in some instances complement each other.  Both groups have the same end state, a totalitarian government, where individual rights are subsumed to the statist’s utopian model.  This article shows how they are using our rights to vote and be self-governed against us and our liberty, but make no mistake about it; the same end point exists with moderate, big government, Globalist Republicans, who think they would be better elitist tyrants.

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