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(Imitation Sixteen Words Order)


Chasing self 
fired up 
is a do

thousands of miles have gone 
whether patriotic 
who have motherland

I saw poor peasants and other friends on the Internet and wrote poems such as "The Sixteen Characters Make Love", and suddenly thought of doing it.


 Can't help but say i love you

ca n’t help but say I love you in your body !

The breeze blows up your hair. The 
goose egg face is hidden in the hair. The 
long eyelashes are flickering 
. I can't help but say I love you!

Remove the thin layer of clothing, and the 
body is Chen. You 
flick your waist and hips , and the fat is 
buried deep in the snowflakes.

This is Jade 
Wenrun Sheng Hong

I love you!

Bone and soft sediment tough 
body is full of fresh air

Love and affection the 
most mysterious

Taohua Yan blurred face like 
lips Weibi no language 
can not say no

I love you!

Jun go away 
like no intention of 
walking in the long and arduous journey in 
just love 
hard to forget 
the world why things at 
the highest power

I love you!



what! poet!

How cute you are! 
The ideal is your carcass. 
White clouds 
tear off the clouds when you wave your wings 

what! poet!

How much I love you! 
But you do n’t know 8 
Whenever the night is quiet, 
I will steal your poems again. 

Note: Over the years, I have written thousands of poems, wrote, erased, wrote, and erased. Only this song I'm satisfied with, now, shamefully, dedicately to my lovely poet Ha. 
With a wave of my hand, I went home for dinner, so I took away my white feathers. .


Poet, where are you?


Poet, where are you? 
Ever since you waved away, 
I have never seen you 
again. Your fragrance is left in the air. The 
smile is like the sunshine. 

you waved and left. 
Where will the clouds go? 

 Daughter of Crazy!

She's crazy,  
she keeps her crazy. 
This madness is a habitual madness,  
mad with the wind, with inertia. 
She is crazy,  
she is used to her madness. 
Life is a kind of madness. 
After madness,  it is still madness. 
Crazy is poetry,  
crazy is song,  
crazy is dream or fantasy,  
crazy is her madness. 
Shake your hair,  
throw away all the clouds of life,  
swing your arms, and  
cut through all the ice of life. 
crazy daughter!


What does love say?

Love is heart to heart,  
love is mouth to mouth. 
Love is the white cloud of the blue sky, and  
love is the cool water of the clear spring. 
Love is like that fried soy beans,  
love is even better. 
Love is like that machine gun, there is  
nowhere to hide. 
Love is the tickling flesh,  
love is hard to say in your heart. 
7! Say it bad. 
Barely said for Jun?

Sure enough the world is indifferent,  
love watering can grow grass. 
It is said that the world will be destroyed, and  
unique love is still burning. 
I'll say a few more words when I wait. 
So what,  
love is the moon in the water, the  
moon stars are thin. 
Love is money grass,  
leaves are not old. 
Love God and God. 
Patriotic love home love parents. 
Love flowers love grass love fish insects. 
Love mountains, love water, love cats and dogs. 
Love her love him love everyone. 
Love this love that love yourself! 
Satin trains your body and  
defends yourself! 



Write to laugh

My childhood 
were born 
I laughed, laughed a poem 
so I smiled like 
I grew up 
in pitch darkness 
I laughed, laughed a poem 
and I like to smile

In the future, I 
fought fiercely, 
I laughed and laughed a poem, 
so I like to laugh and laugh

I on the Internet 
wildly I laughed and laughed a poem, 
so I like to laugh

I'm cute 
because laughter 
Jun cute 
is often laugh because 
I really like to 


Recently, the forum has been screaming loudly, and the 
red building has been shaken by storm. 
Dai Lifeng was shocked for a moment, and 
did not distinguish between North and South and East and West. 
There are so many beauties in the Grand View Garden that it is 
hard to beat the beauty of our altar. 
There are countless handsome men, who are more 
dominant than Jia Baoyu.



Swallowing the circle of the pharmacist, 
I will violently HIGH. 
Let go of my shyness and 
hug my happiness.

Happiness waved at me, 
and said softly: 
hate that there is only a mass of air in my arms.

Ten thousand miles away, 
your fragrance is in the air. 

Important note:  
Although I am too busy to dance, the prawns, I still want to tell you. -Domura Pharmacist 
Thank you so much! Who am I afraid of prawn, 7! Good poetry, collection. -Da Jiangchuan- 
Really good medicine! Don't eat Chuan Chuan alone! If you take HIGH too much, it will not save you.


Spring Wind Untitled  
(2012-12-02 22:34:11) 

Spring breeze can hold things,  
snow pressure pine is not cold ... 
But there are three points of aura, and the  
benevolent party is Shouzhongxian ...


Share Drinks  

Classmates have a strong spirit of wine and  
talk about poetry and friendship. 
Looking back on the path of life when I came here,  
how much dust power and name?  
Chasing the sun, moon, stars, and drunk,  
upside down Yunyun universe wind. 
Hand holding Feixue looking for the door, it was a  
night in the water. 


China Tour 

—— Humble sentence bong and brother C 

Qin Chuan's reckless Wu Shuiqing,  
Jiangshan Lingxiu have many reputations. 
If we say that Suzhou and Hangzhou are beautiful in heaven, we  
dare to boast about Kunlun's motherhood. 

The land of Qin, now on the high slope of the Loess Plateau in Shaanxi and Gansu, also has 800 miles of Qinchuan, Qin's life, only for farming and fighting. 
Wu, the king once had a concubine, was a strong man in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period. 
Qin, also a strong power of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, and his Qin Mugong and other great achievements in building national power. 
Therefore, Qin and Wu are more appropriate. 
To the northwest of the loess slope of the Qin Dynasty, all the deserts are northwest, and then the northwest is the Kunlun Mountains. This mountain is magnificent and magnificent, producing beautiful jade. There are many heavy and capital letters in the mountains and seas. The source of Suzhou and Hangzhou is the land of Wu Kingdom and Yue Kingdom since ancient times. There is so much water in this place, people are also beautiful, and there are many beautiful people, so there is a saying of heaven. 
China is so big that there are many mountains and rivers. Seeing Brother C travelling to famous mountains and rivers and Suzhou and Hangzhou attractions, the old wolf is jealous and can't help but say a few more words. 
I wish my brother Guan Shan once again, to travel a lot more places of interest, a lot of poetry, to comfort my heart. 



1 The shoulders are as light as snow, and the 
two-step platform is more free. 
The education in Kulai is very heartfelt. 
Spring weather and rain are romantic. 



The wind is loud, the  
moon is dark, the  
old wolf comes out, and the  
fragrant pig. 
He was dragged back into the house without distinction. 
Refine your head, feet, and water  

Beauty, beauty, beauty, do  
n't waste resources, it  
is beauty, beauty, beauty. 
Smelly is also beautiful. 
Love drops.


Thai students read verses tour felt  

Buddha light everywhere produces purple smoke,  
who says there is no fairy mountain here? 
Lao Tzu is a fairy, not a Buddha, and a  
shemale is a demon. 
The state of inaction has its own purpose, and  
it is overlooked from the height of the fence. 
Many emotions are caused by injustice, and  
Mo Dao Kong Gu is unpopulated. 



The fire broke out in July, dare to set up a new firewood. 
Tiehan played with bare arms. 
Only 1 sister. 
Not lingering. 
Rural atmosphere, feed thousands of lives. 
No matter how high-tech, only temporarily, not forever. 
The coke is affected by the change of gas and juice and the blood is red. 
Developed by Shangjiao, Xuan 5 grain flavor, smoked skin filled with hair, if the mist dew is qi. 

(Self-note: This untitled old classmate should again know the dry wood, fire, barbecue, chest, bare arms, and three-volt summer heat in the farmer's home in Xixia Township to avoid the heat of the heat.


Write life drunk  
(2012-11-02 13:02:42)

And Brother Fang Shiyun with respect 

The distant horizons are boundless, and the  
small eagles also play the role. 
Learn about the herbal medicine Qihuangshu,  
rough bird language to explore the fragrance of flowers. 
US dollars can reach the RMB, and  
now there are two more pairs of leather shoes. 
Moutai is better than whiskey,  
drunk write life and watch the sunset.

The original poem of the attached brother:


Humble sentence 
China Millennium 
 (2013-01-22 17:44:30)

China has had thousands of years, several prosperous times, and several blood bleeds. 
Look at the 4 river basins, beautiful rivers and mountains, outstanding people and terrific spirits, and grand theories. The 
west wind is progressive, the sword and sword are strong, and the smoke gun is not as good as the ghost gun. 
The Qing Emperor fell, some people were Han thieves, and farmers were not spared! 

KMT quarrel knife, brothers Ni wall injury in the waist.  
Ask what things democracy? Hundreds of millions of people, Tijihaohan, may have Pipao?  
Bear brown bear knock on the door, inside the duck rivers, dare with strong opponents in stature!  
Said the Cultural Revolution On the dispute between Mao and Liu, not now ...


1 ordinary Chinese face  
(2013-03-02 22:43:09) 

An ordinary Chinese face with 
two skewed Chinese characters. 
I am selfish, and 
occasionally pretend to be elegant. 

Hand grabbing rice balls with sesame chicken, 
kicking cows, sheep, pigs, cats and dogs. 
When sheltering the earthen house from the wind and rain, 
Shimoda often muds his feet. 

When a cow is a horse, it 
tends to be tired, and lowers its head to pull the brain. 
Self-improvement is destined, and 
health is the same for many purposes. 

Clumsy also go online, 
parrots learn to write articles. 
I was born in a compound and I 
do n’t know where my brother is.


Temporary Posts and Writing  
 2012-11-25 11:35:59 ——Readers 
who write on the Internet post a lot of words, satisfying my eyes, expressing my heart, feeling and admiring them, complimenting them on the grass. No respect. 

Practice makes perfect, 
better than a computer. 
Computer injury, 
handwriting is best. 
Practice your hands and brain, and 
focus on your heart. 
Shen Qian quietly, the 
author's work. 

The pen goes with the heart, 
the pen first.  There is no side to 
no profit at all. 
Wei Han Chinese characters, 
Mrs. Shu, 
rule by doing nothing!


Like Van Gogh's paintings  
2013-04-24 14:45:49 

The original encounters blue eyes, and it is  
difficult for the world to graffiti. 
I do what I want, and I  
paint a van Gogh.


I love poet 
2009-11-11 19:43:49

 Moon hazy  
bird Hazy  
moon Habitat bird Hazy  
hawk semi-closed eye  
rooster not snoring 

Poetry, hazy  
people, hazy  
rivers and mountains, easy to change people,  
poets are difficult to speak,  
you and I dare not speak  
, love people,  
poets cry, but also poetry  
, please Jun board the 
slender hand  on the sky ladder 


Wet for poetry  
Wet for wet  
Weeping, tears,  
tears, true love is also poetry  
I love poets! 

(I drink three bottles of caps today and suddenly want to be wet ...)



3 Songs by  
 Hu Yan2015-05-23 15:05:24

2 Quan Yingyue 

A Bingben was a cultural person, and  
became extremely poor in pursuit of the trend. 
Lifetime beauty is miserable,  
leaving only Qingquan Kongguyin. 

Brother Liang and Tai Mei 

The classmates share the same desk 
with the same classmates, and share the same minds with the  same men and women. 
Zhuangzi's butterfly is a myth,  
why is Liang Zhu hard to fall in love? 

What is love? 

Love is water and asexual,  
scattered like flowers without a trace. 
It is said that stone rotten is like iron, and it is 
happy to be soft.


Two poems without rhyme for Fenghe classmates' poems  
 2014-12-15 14:02:27 [


The natives of 
Benshan and Xiangxiang , the  local tyrants are also very amusing. 
Do not abandon Tieling to live in the big city,  
poets and friends planters. 
Ground gas 

Half a wall of books is half a mulberry field, and the 
sea ??is a mulberry field for  an instant. 
Who said immortals are hard to find? 
Often grounded air also floats. 

Reposted the students' original verse: 
Read Taohuayuanji 
 Boat to the front of the mountain to open,  
Peach blossoms carry the king. 
 Mulberry bamboo looks like a considerable length,  
Qin and Han never knew the prosperity. 
Yanyu was awake for a while, and the  
breeze was completely white. 
The sun and moon in the garden turn slowly, and  
the trees will be planted for the rest of my life!


Although you are contaminated by nuclear  
(2011-03-18 12:46:04) 

Although you are contaminated by nuclear,  
I still hug you tightly. 
Rays penetrate your heart,  
red lips burn me again ... 
The sun is also a radioactive source,  
thank you for the blazing heat you brought me. 

(2011-02-18 16:33:00)  

Life is nothing but sense and knowledge  

Work hard for three meters of life,  
give up one point for the spirit! 

Mao Zedong! 
 (2010-09-09 16:35:54) 

It's easy to see the flowers and difficult to pull the mountains  

Are all heroes He Xiaomao? 
It's hard to kill a bright sword. 
Ronin doesn't want to be the overlord,  
can a coward come to the boxing world? 
Although Zulong was dead and mighty,  
dare to call the paper tiger into smoke. 

Love and Time 
 (2010-06-04 10:33:52)  

If you are willing, you  
should be together.  
Time is not important. It  
is always difficult to separate  
things you want to do.  
As long as two square meters  
are not important,  
there is always 
time in your heart.  Love  
is all for you. 

Note: The space should be cubic meters.

My Children's Day 2010 
 (2010-05-31 12:31:05) 

White-haired three little knowledge  
or Shaonian Lang  
day Wangxingkong  
night thinking the moon  
pee and mud play with  
broken branches as guns  
back of the nose wipe  
the soles of the Xiaxiang 

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