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I have been through ...

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I have been through my childhood and college education in China

      both medical school and graduate school,

I have been through the intensive working loads as a physician in China

      untill the desire to go and see the outside world grown ever stronger,

I have been through the TOEFL and GRE

      just like thousands unresting minds at that time,

I have been through the overnight waiting at the Beijing US Embassy for visa

      even now I still remember the look on that visa officer's face,

I have been through the exhilarating joy when the plane took off from the Beijing Capital Airport

      the first time I looked at that land from air was the time to say good-bye,

I have been through the cold reality of the early days in US

      and also through the happy times with my fellow Chinese graduate students,

I have been throught the days sleeping in the lab to prepare my US medical board exam

      while day time I have to work on my graduate research project,

I have been through the buoyant moment of receiving my PhD diploma

      however the bounce was not necessarily that high,

I have been through the tough medical (re-)training in top US hospitals

      those days were actually enjoyable except for those 36 hour on-call shifts,

I have been through the quite moment of accepting the offer from the very best hospital in US as its attending physician and medical school faculty

      a long rememberable journey for a Chinese medical graduate,

I have been throught the sadenning darkness of divorce

      felt like such a funeral in my heart not only because of the cheating.



I have been through the tearful joy over the birth of my child

      cutting his umbilical cord started my life a new era with his,

      his pure innocent eye reflects his unconditioned trust in and love for me,

      his soft touch and dearest voice are the instance diffuser of any of my frown,

      his first step, his first word, his first school day, his first cry,

      his first soccor practice, his first tennis camp, his first piano recital, 

      his first whatever that no one can count ......

I have been throught career sacrifices in order to take care of my little son

      which makes me enjoy more with tears watching [The pursuit of Happiness],

I have been trying to battle, in vein, the struggle of accepting current status quo

      not because I am too weak but believe you've been there too waiting! 

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