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饒恕 回複 悄悄話 回複永遠是中國人的評論:
風行水上 回複 悄悄話 看看當初朝日新聞天天登在中國殺人比賽的消息以大快人心,就知民眾是什麽樣的了。那些媚日的海外華人上上日本網站,看看日本網民對中國的侮辱再發言。中國派人派物救濟,看他們是怎麽罵中國的。
永遠是中國人 回複 悄悄話 日本要為他們犯下的罪行付出代價.

地震和海嘯打擊了日本的囂張氣焰, 大多數的中國人為此拍手稱快,最好讓日本從此走想崩潰, 永不翻身.
老姐 回複 悄悄話 把後麵的跟帖也補上吧---

the reason so many people hate america...people like joey
btw0 3 points : 2 days ago
fb fail
ryanstryin 2 points : 10 hours ago
hey joey... now no ones going to hire you...
chubble 1 point : 8 hours ago
@ryanstryin excellent ing point!
anskidon 1 point : 14 hours ago
what a ing moron!!!! he deserves to have been in the path of the tsunami. douchebag
jacknizzy 16 points : 3 days ago
deedub 12 points : 3 days ago
so much grammar fail... :facepalm:
shutupzzz 3 points : 2 days ago
joey looks japanese - self hate is the worst hate.
nashius 4 points : 3 days ago
mack baker is the boss
michaelporter 2 points : 21 hours ago
americans are solipsistic and condescending. we killed hundreds of japanese with 2 nukes and people like this are super ignorant.
matm911 2 points : 2 days ago
omg ing idiot go ing kill yourself
stonedfish 3 points : 2 days ago
i say we attack this douchebag
danielerives 2 points : 2 days ago
let's send a tsunami to joey
ryder 1 point : 18 hours ago
no pancakes for you joey
alwayzfree 1 point : 20 hours ago
i wanna beat the shit out of that asshole. i can forgive him for hating them. i cannot forgive him for being an ignorant cunt.
modulor 1 point : 23 hours ago
infinite ignorance
s3nnex 1 point : 23 hours ago
lolz at not blacking out the names. someone needs to drop this on google so that a search for joey taulbee returns this
bbme 1 point : 2 days ago
wow!!!! some people!
bonsaiben 1 point : 2 days ago
richdathird 0 points : 2 days ago
can we have a nation draft? cause we need to drop this guy.
zaphod 0 points : 2 days ago
want to bet this idiot doesn't even have a distant relative who was ever killed by the japanese in wwii
alwayzfree 0 points : 20 hours ago
he doesn't like them no matter what the they do. joey taulbee go kill yourself.
minima -1 point : 1 day ago
after the first typo, strike 1. after second typo, strike 2. after reading entire text, i want my time back.
yeayjohnny -1 point : 3 days ago
dude he is stalwart, no arguing hes just being racist. like a boss.
unicornsrule -1 point : 2 days ago
a you whaallee and dolphin!
tanmimi -2 points : 2 days ago
hiroshima+nagasaki herpderpderpderpderp.
laojie 回複 悄悄話 Joey是個miserable的傻混混。
kilikibokilikibo 回複 悄悄話 I still dont like them
---------simply put!
cheng1616 回複 悄悄話 理解, 戰爭行為是政府主導的, 但民眾也逃不了幹係
忘記你忘記我 回複 悄悄話 嗬嗬,這個有意思。