Falla - The Three-Cornered Hat - Proms 2013

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[芭蕾/弗來明戈舞劇] Falla - The Three-Cornered Hat - Proms 2013



El sombrero de tres picos (The Three-Cornered Hat or Le tricorne) is a
ballet by Manuel de Falla commissioned by Sergei Diaghilev and premiered complete in 1919. The story – a magistrate infatuated with a miller's faithful wife attempts to seduce her – derives from the novella by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón (born in Granada) and has been traced in film several times, usually in Spanish. The music has these sections:
  • Introducción y escena — Introduction and Scene
  • La tarde — Afternoon
  • Danza de la molinera (Fandango) — Dance of the Miller's Wife
  • Las uvas — The Grapes
  • Danza de los vecinos (Seguidillas) — Dance of the Neighbors
  • Danza del molinero (Farruca) — Dance of the Miller
  • Danza del corregidor — Dance of the Magistrate
  • Danza final (Jota)

Act One

After a short fanfare the curtain rises revealing a mill in Andalusia. The miller is trying to teach a pet blackbird to tell the time. He tells the bird to chirp twice, but instead it chirps three times. Annoyed, the miller scolds the bird and tells it to try again. The bird now chirps four times. The miller gets angry at the bird again and his wife offers it a grape. The bird takes the grape and chirps twice. The miller and his wife laugh over this and continue their work.

Soon the magistrate, his wife, and their bodyguard pass by, taking their daily walk. The procession goes by and the couple returns to their work. The dandified, but lecherous, magistrate is heard coming back. The miller tells his wife that he will hide and that they will play a trick on the magistrate.

The miller hides and the magistrate sees the miller's wife dancing. After her dance she offers him some grapes. When the magistrate gets the grapes the miller's wife runs away with the magistrate following her. Finally he catches her, and the miller jumps out of a bush with a stick. The miller chases the magistrate away and the miller and his wife continue working.

Act Two

That night, guests are at the miller's house. The miller dances to entertain them. His dance is interrupted by the magistrate's bodyguard, who has come to arrest him on trumped-up charges. After the miller is taken away, the guests leave one by one. The miller's wife goes to sleep and soon the magistrate comes to the mill. On his way to the door the magistrate trips and falls in the river. The miller's wife wakes up and runs away.

The magistrate undresses and hangs his clothes on a tree and goes to sleep in the miller's bed. The miller has escaped from prison and sees the magistrate in his bed. The miller thinks that the magistrate is sleeping with his wife and plans to switch clothes with the magistrate, and avenge himself by seducing the magistrate's wife. The miller leaves, dressed as the magistrate, and the magistrate soon wakes up. He goes outside and sees that his clothes are gone, so he dresses in the miller's clothes. The bodyguard comes and sees the magistrate dressed as the miller and goes to arrest him. The miller's wife sees the bodyguard fighting with what looks like her husband and joins in the fight. The miller comes back and sees his wife in the fight and joins it to protect her. The magistrate explains the entire story and the ballet ends with the miller's guests tossing the magistrate up and down in a blanket.


曼努爾·德·法雅-馬特烏(西班牙文:Manuel de Falla y Matheu,1876年11月23日-1946年11月14日),又譯法拉、法利亞,是一位西班牙古典音樂作曲家。





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