HDB flat transformed into lavish 5-star retreat

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Thursday, Nov 08, 2012

SINGAPORE - Space is not longer a limiting factor for homes in land-scarce Singapore, thanks to creative interior designers and owners who have a clear vision of the look they wish to achieve in their own homes.

Not only can a tiny apartment look spacious, with clever designing, they can also look lavish and luxurious.

HDB flat transformed into lavish 5-star retreat
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An improved look can not only keep homeowners happy and comfortable at home, it can also help to increase the value of a unit tremendously.

This 110 sq m unit in Gangsa Avenue was designed by JP&M, which wanted to create a lavish retreat-like home despite the space constraints.

Originally a constrained space, the apartment was completely transformed by the designers who put in a sliding door to create a more open and flexible vibe.

Doors and screens were made from carved wood from Bali and Thailand and placed alongside contemporary pieces of furniture.

Even fabrics used on the upholstery and curtains were specially imported from Italy.

Designer-Architect Jon Pan headed the project to transform the apartment, even designing the furniture and providing the oil paintings in the apartment.

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