An unconventional bungalow

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Each space in this unconventional bungalow is filled with bold, vibrant colours which give the home an unconventional look. Yet, it retains a relaxed and contemporary look which is not over-the-top. -The Star/ANN

Thu, Oct 25, 2012
The Star/Asia News Network

Trust the talented team at Design Spirits Sdn Bhd led by Chanel Lim to create an interior design scheme that reflects excitement and grandeur yet isn't over-the-top for this two-storey detached house in Selangor.

The process of designing the interior of a bungalow can be tricky because there are so many different aspects to consider.

An unconventional bungalow
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The task is certainly more challenging as the respective rooms or areas need to be consistently attractive yet comfortable so as to be different from other bungalows.

For this particular bungalow that spans 4,500sq ft, you will notice the boldness in each space, as they are filled with vibrant colours, for example, as can be seen in the choice of furnishing accessories such those from SGO Glass, artwork and even the lighting scheme.

Beginning with the living room, you will notice a very relaxed yet contemporary space that features a beautiful feature wall, framed by two reflective panels on the left and right. A large flat-screen TV is the centerpiece.

You also have an L-shaped raised timber platform which serves as a convenient base to house the audio equipment. But all good appliances must be matched with an efficient power outlet system and this in this case, from Clipsal.

The modern furniture matched with a thick-pile rug as well as glass-and-steel round coffee tables form a stylish backdrop for the colourful bric-a-brac that come in different shapes, sizes and texture. Furniture items were sourced from XZQT Furniture and Convox Furniture Sdn Bhd.

The window treatment in the house includes material from Rinpoche Curtain.

The kitchen and dining area reflects a futuristic theme, with the extensive use of stainless steel and stone finishes for the furniture and walls. The kitchen cabinetry is from Fagor.

Other wall treatment includes Goodrich Wallpaper and Nippon Paint. The flooring material include Niro Tile and marble.

The various modernistic light fixtures from Light Craft as well as Avalon & City, not only cast the perfect ambience, they also serve as suspended sculptures hanging from the plaster ceiling.

The six bedrooms and seven bathrooms all look equally good yet are distinctly different. Kudos to the designers are not sticking to just one particular look but opting for the more difficult task of coming up with several winning concepts.

Sanitary ware is from LTL Corporation Sdn Bhd.

The outdoor area of this home is another attractive space complete with a beautiful deck, garden furniture and quaint replicas of "safari" creatures.

The lawn, low hedge and "bonsai" trees all add to the allure. Landscaping is by Nature Living Landscape.

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