'Minimalist' HDB flat wows netizens with sleek design

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Tuesday, Aug 21, 2012

Staying in a HDB flat doesn't mean you can't think out of the box when re-furbishing it.

Netizens with an eye for interior design have gone ga-ga over a 'minimalist' flat transformed by its architect-owner Desmond Ong from an old flat into his own spacious home.

'Minimalist' HDB flat wows netizens with sleek design
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What was initially an old three-room flat is now a light and airy place.

According to Internet sources, Mr Ong and his family fell in love with the greenery which surrounded it on both sides.

He then embarked on a major redesign of the flat.

To free up space, he removed an entire bedroom to open up the living room area, and make the flat feel more open.

He wanted to let his children be used to lounging in the open living room rather than stay cooped up in an air-conditioned bedroom.

The sliding doors leading to the balcony were also replaced with bi-fold doors so that the greenery outside could be appreciated by the flat occupants.

According to interior design website Habitus Living, Mr Ong and his family often relaxes to the sounds of crickets and frogs when they're at home.

They also spot fauna which may not be seen in the more urban parts of Singapore, such as squirrels, owls and bats.

The entire renovation was also affordable; most of the money spent was on original or custom-made furniture.

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