Near Death Experiences (NDE) by Dr. Rawlings, To Hell and Back

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Summary: Be ready for the Lord's soon return, be pure & obedient toGod.  For many Christian are still not ready.  Woe to the unbelieving,disobedient & unrepentant.

To Hell and Back
Dr. Maurice S. Rawlings

Dr. Maurice S. Rawlings


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Documentary onNear Death Experiences

Dr. Maurice Rawlings, MD, a heart surgeon, haswritten a number of books on the death experience and clearlyshows from his own practice and from the experiences of his patients,that not everyone goes to the light when they die, where there istotal love.  Many of his patients, after being resuscitated onthe operating table, spoke about hell.  [TBN Films]

To Hell and Back VideoTo Hell and Back BookToHell and Back
Dr.  Rawlings Documentary
Video Transcript, TBN Films


Enter through the narrow gate, for the gate is wide and the way is broadthat leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the Gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and thereare few that find it.

1st Witness[1st Witness]
There are people that talk about light, there are people that talkabout floating above, there are people that talk about warmth and love,I didn’t feel any of that, I felt none of that.  I felt untold terror.

It is very easy to be an atheist whenyou’re successful, but it’s very difficult to be an atheist when you’relaying on your death bed.

2nd Witness [2nd Witness]
When I came to, Dr.  Rawlings said my hair was literallystanding on end. 
3rd Witness[3rd Witness]
It was an incredible experience to see that there is life beyondlife. 

Everyday people, like you and me, living their lives one minute and the nextthey lay dying, having never known or believed the message of salvation. They traveled from this world to one beyond, but what they found was pureterror.  They returned and these are their true stories.

Renowned Cardiologist and Author, Dr.  Maurice Rawlings will take you on ajourney that few have ever spoken of.

4th Witness[4th Witness]
So I called out into the darkness, “Jesus, please save me!” Because Iwas either going to Heaven or Hell, there wasn’t anything else. 
5th Witness[5th Witness]
Hear the voice of one that has heard the screams.

This may be your only chance to safely go to Hell and Back.

Dr. Rawlings[Dr. Rawlings]
This is a study on life after death.  All through history manhas predicted life after death.  All bibles are based on life after death,all religions.  But where are these? Who has come back to show us thatthere is life after death?

Now through modern resuscitation methods,bringing the heart back, bringing breathing back, we can now bring a wholepopulation of people back to talk to us about what’s on the other side of death. See what you think about some of these cases that we are going to present. The good ones are a dime a dozen, because people love to tell about thewonderful experience they had after they died and came back.

The Hell experiences are somewhat embarrassing. It’s an F on the report card, a slap in the face from God.  We have some cases ofpeople who will tell you about their own hell experiences, so that you won’thave to go where they went.  We mainly want to teach you how to restart theheart; restart the breathing, on someone who has recently died.  Noticethat death is reversible; you have 4 minutes of viable time before the braincells start dying because of the lack of blood flow, and before rigor mortissets in. 

I have seen 2 deaths, where resurrection wasrequired, something that man can NOT do.  We can only do resuscitation,something God has permitted us to do.  How many hell experiences, have hada person's conversion and salvation while they were on the floor, and the personthen only remember the good experiences?  This was not the case in RonaldReagan (Not associated with X-President RonaldReagan) He had his little boy with him while going toa 7-11 store, he got into an argument, and there was a bottle broken, and he wasstabbed multiple times by his assailant. 

===Ronald Reagan ===

Ronald Reagan[RonaldReagan]
In 1972 my life was broken.  I was a drug addict.  I was a criminal. My family was broken.  My wife had filed for divorce a couple of times. My children were afraid of me.  I really couldn’t hold a job, my mentalstate was terrible.  It was in this frame of life that I took my 6 year oldson to a little market to purchase some things.  On the way in, I met agentlemen coming out the door.  An argument erupted and before I knew it Ihad hit him and knocked him down.  He fell into a pile of bottles. Some bottles broke and immediately he leaped up with a broken bottle and began tostab at me.  I lifted my left arm to try and stop the blows, and the bottlesevered my biceps muscle & the major arteries in my arm.  I was bleeding todeath in a matter of seconds.  But full of anger, hatred and rage, I keptfighting and it kept bleeding.  My little son was screaming, he washysterical.

The owner of the 7-11 store came over and saidthat if I didn’t get to a hospital, I would bleed to death in just a fewminutes.  So he took me in my own car to the hospital.  When weentered the emergency room, I was barely conscious.  As the medical staffbegan to work on me, I could hear their voices, they were saying, “We can’thelp him.  He’ll have to be transported to another hospital.  Probablywe’ll loose the arm.” By the time they loaded me into the ambulance, my wifehad arrived and went with us in the ambulance. Reagan in the AmbulanceButas they pulled out of the parking lot of that hospital, a young paramedic lookeddown into my face, and I could barely see I was so weak.  He said “Sir,you need Jesus Christ” But I didn’t know Jesus, I didn’t know what he wastalking about, so my reaction to that was to begin cursing.  And again hestated to me, “You need Jesus!” 

As he was talking to me, it appeared that theambulance literally blew up in flames.  I thought it had actually blown up. It filled with smoke and immediately I was moving through that smoke, as ifthrough a tunnel.  After some period of time, coming out of the smoke andout of the darkness I began to hear the voices of a multitude of people. They were screaming, groaning and crying.  But as I was looking down, itappeared like a volcanic opening.  I saw fire, smoke and people inside ofthis burning place.  They were screaming and crying, they were burning, butthey weren’t burning up, they weren’t being consumed.  Then I began movingdownward into this opening.

Elaine Reagan[Wife,Elaine Reagan]
He was thrashing, just thrashing about, moaning and groaning.  It was likea battle was going on.  I wasn’t a Christian at the time, and I didn’t knowanything about spiritual battles.  But it was scary to me because I couldfeel it.  It was like light and darkness.  It was like he was fightingagainst something.  I didn’t know what, but now I know, he was seeing thevision of hell.

[Ronald Reagan]
But the terrible thing was that I began to recognize many of thepeople that were in these flames.  It was like a camera lens was showing metheir faces, close up.  I could see their features, I could see theiragony, pain and frustration.  A number of them began to call my name, andsaid “Ronny, don’t come to this place, there is no way out.  There is noescape if you come here, no way out.

Burning in HellIlooked into the face of one man who had died in a robbery attempt, he had beenshot and bled to death on the sidewalk.  I looked into the face of twoothers who had died drunk in an automobile accident.  I looked into theface of others who had died of drug overdoses, that I once partied with. They showed agony and pain, but I believe that the most painful part was theutter loneliness.  The depression was so heavy, that there was no hope, noescape, there was no way out of this place.  The smell was like sulfur,like an electric welder, the stench was terrible. 

In my life, I had seen people killed, I hadbeen involved in fights where people were killed.  I’ve done time in prisonfor manslaughter.  I grew up in a reform school, and in a jail cell. I was beat unmercifully as a child by a father who had temper and alcoholproblems.  I was a runaway at 12 years old and I felt that there wasnothing in this world that could frighten me.  My life was wrecked, mymarriage was wrecked, my health was wrecked.  But now I was seeingsomething that scared me to death, because I didn't understand it.  And asI am looking into this pit, this place of fire, screams and torment, I fade outinto blackness. 

When I opened my eyes, I was in a hospitalroom in Knoxville, Tennessee with my wife sitting by.  There had beenmultiple stitches put into my body, my arm was spared.  I had almost 100stitches.  I looked into the face of my wife.  I wasn’t concernedabout where I was, or anything around me.  All I could visualize was what Ihad just seen. 

[Elaine Reagan]
He had this funny look on his face, and it was a terrifying look. And he said, “I don’t really know what’s happening to me, but I’ve been in aterrible place.” And I kept telling him “you’ve been in the hospital,you’ve been in the hospital all this time.” And he kept saying, “No, I’vebeen in another place.  I don’t know exactly what is was, but it was aterrible, terrible place.

[Ronald Reagan]
Trying to get drunkIcould still hear the screams.  I could still smell the terrible smell. I could still feel the heat, and I could still hear the voices of people thatI’ve known screaming for me to go back.  Through the days to come, I triedevery way to get that out of my mind.  I tried to get drunk, I could notget drunk.  I tried to get stoned, I could not get stoned, I triedeverything that I could to get this off my mind and I could not. 

Elaine on Bed with BibleOnemorning, several months later, I came home to where my wife was.  I hadbeen trying to get drunk, but I couldn’t.  When I walked in the house andwent back to the bedroom, the light was on.  My wife was sitting up in bed,and she had a large book open on her lap.  She looked up at me and her facewas literally shining.  And she said, “Ronny, tonight I accepted theLord Jesus Christ as my savior," 

She didn’t have to say a lot to me, our lifehad been filled with agony.  She grew up in Chicago; her father was abartender on the South side of Chicago.  She knew nothing about God, orchurch or religion.  The pain showed on her face, the wrinkles that I gave herfrom my abuse, violence, alcoholism, and drug addiction.  Sometimes I wouldbe gone for months of time, and she and the kids would have no idea where I was. But now her face had changed.  The wrinkles were literally gone, asmile had replaced the sorrow and agony.  She looked at me and said, “Jesussaved me tonight.  Would you go with me and hear about this man calledJesus.”  I thought to myself, “I tried everything else in life,nothing has worked for me. The people I love the most, my wife, my children, I’mterrible to them." So I agreed to go with her. 

Ronald in ChurchAcouple of weeks later on a Sunday morning, November 2, 1972, just before 12 am,a minister stood to read from the bible.  I was sitting in the back of thebuilding, I didn’t know anything out of the bible.  I didn’t know how toact at church.  But the minister stood to read from the bible, and he readfrom the Gospel of John.  He began to read these words “beholdthe lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.” When he said “the Lamb” he had my attention.  Any other passage wouldn’t have meantanything to me, but when he mentioned “the Lamb” hehad this hard hearted sinner’s attention. 

Ronald with LambBecausewhen I was 9 years old, a very poor child in the mountains of eastern Tennessee,with a father who only knew anger, abuse and alcohol, a neighbor had given me ababy lamb.  And I had to walk two miles to catch the school bus.  Oneday coming through her yard she stopped me and said, “Son I have a gift foryou” and she showed me this baby lamb. 

I took that lamb home with me, it was myfriend, the only friend I felt like I had.  It was such a friend, in thedays and weeks to come it followed me, and it would meet me when I got off theschool bus.  It came walking through the woods and fields to meet me. 

Dad working on truckOneevening as I came home, the lamb was missing.  I heard my father cursingand screaming, he was working on an old model car, changing a flat tire by hand,the old way.   I tried to walk around him because I didn’t want to becursed.   I tried to bypass him, but when I got on the other side ofthe car, I looked down and there was my lamb with blood all over the white wool. There was a tire rod sticking in its body. Angry father

Dead LambThelamb had come around just wanting to be curious, and in a drunken fit of anger,my father had plunged the tire iron through that lamb. 

When I saw my lamb, my friend, dead, I beganto scream.  I ran into the woods screaming, “he’s killed my lamb, he’skilled the lamb!

At 9 years old, hatred and violence took over mylife, possessed my life.  From that point on, I was never ever the same. By 12 years old I was a runaway.  I was in the Juvenile system, arrestedtime after time.  I had no respect for authority.  I hated anyone thatrepresented authority over me.  By the time I was 15 years old, I had beenin Jail for car theft, for stealing.  At 15 years old I was sentenced formanslaughter; being involved in a car accident that had killed some and leftothers crippled.  At that time I wondered if life would ever hold anythingfor me.

But when that minister mentioned “The Lamb”he had my attention.  He said that Jesus Christ was God’s lamb, and He diedand shed His blood so that whosoever wants to, can have a new start.  Theycould be forgiven and start over. 

That morning, as I stood to try and leave thebuilding, I thought, “I don’t want anybody to see me cry.  I haven'tcried since I was 9 years old.  I’m not afraid of any living thing on thisEarth, and no one is going to see me cry."

Ronald at Church pulpitIturned to leave, but instead I started down the aisle toward the front of thatbuilding.  I didn’t know the sinners prayer, I didn’t know the Roman roadof salvation.  But my prayer was this, “God, if You exist, and Jesus, ifYou are God’s lamb, please, please kill me or cure me.  I don’t want tolive anymore, I’m not a husband, I’m not a father, I’m no good.” And at thatinstant, it was like the darkness and the blackness left my life.  Then thetears began to flow and for the first time since I was 9 years old, the tearsdid run.  The guilt left my life, the violence, anger and the hatred leftmy life.  And Jesus Christ became Lord and savior of my life that morning. 

After that wonderful morning when I gave mylife to Jesus Christ, I didn’t know what wouldhappen.  God healed my mind, my memory, the drug addiction; the alcoholismwas instantaneously gone, delivered.  And from that moment I knew I had totell the story of what had happened to me.  My life was only spared to tellothers about the place that I had seen, and the hope of Jesus Christ to savemankind from this terrible fate.

=== OBE & NDE ===

[Dr.  Rawlings]
Dr. Rawlings
Herewe are again wondering whether hell is for the bad guys or the good guys. I would like to introduce the subject OBE (Out of Body Experience) and NDE (NearDeath Experience).  You know what clinical death is, where the heart stops,breathing stops, but then we start life again.  Restart the breathing and theHeart, and a person comes back from death to life.  A reversible situationbefore rigor mortis sets in.

But Out of Body Experiences and Near DeathExperiences are entirely different.  Near Death Experience are like if Ihold a gun up to you and say “give me your money.”  You may getscared to death (a near death experience), but you don’t get anywhere neardying.  Almost near car crash accidents, are near death experiences, but thereis nothing involving stopping the heart beating or stopping breathing.  And yet,most of the authors that write books on this subject are including OBE and NDEwithout clinical death.  We are just investigating clinical death, wherepeople actually die and come back to life.

Now Out of Body Experiences is a way to getthere without dying.  How would you like to find out what death feels like,without dying?

  • Deep hypnosis can get you there. 

  • You can go see a guru over in India,learning meditation techniques with a mantra. 

  • You can have chemical hypnosis. 

  • You can go Skrying with a crystal ball. 

  • You can have electrical stimulus of thebrain. 

  • [Please don’tget involved with any of theses.]

There are many ways of getting out of thebody, to experience life beyond the body, separating the spirit from the body.  This is the definition in the Bible, when the spirit separates from the body. But we are talking about a permanent separation, not a man-made separation. And we are not talking about NDEs or OBEs, we are talking about clinicaldeath.  This is where the great majority of people have trueexperiences.

=== Charles McKaig ===

One of the cases is Charles McKaig, a 57 yearold mail carrier.  He was having chest pains.  We took him to theoffice; put him on the tread mill, until he got his chest pain again.  Hewas attached to an EKG.  (Electrocardiogram/heart monitor), the EKG wenthaywire.  We knew he had chest pains, but before we could stop the machine,he dropped dead.

But when he dropped dead, he had a verypeculiar situation.  He convulsed like most people do when they first dieand the heart stops providing blood to the brain.  His eyes rolled up, heturned blue, he stopped breathing.  The nurse started an IV and I startedan external heart massage.  The strangest thing happened, when I stoppedresuscitating to put in a pace maker. 

Charles McKaig 1Charles McKaig in Hospital[CharlesMcKaig]
When I came to, Dr.  Rawlings said my hair was literallystanding on end, and my eyes had already started dilating.  I wasabsolutely scared to death, I was horrified. 

My life was very normal, I partied a lot. I had joined a church at a young age, because of my parents.  I reallydidn’t realize what church was about, or what accepting Christ was about.

Early one morning at work I had walked to thelocal clinic in my hometown.  At that time I thought I might be having aheart attack.  So then I met Dr.  Rawlings.  He kept me for about3 or 4 days.  And then he gave me a stress test.  I remember whiletaking it I felt like I really wanted to get off, and that was the last thing Iremember of that.

When I came to, Dr.  Rawlings was givingme CPR, and he asked me what was the matter, because I was looking so scared. I told him that I had been to hell and I need help!  He said to me, “keepyour hell to yourself, I’m a doctor and I’m trying to save your life, you need aminister for that.” As he was giving me CPR, he was trying to install apacemaker with the other hand.  And I would fade out every so often, sothen he would focus CPR again and bring me back.

CPR on Charles McKaigI was soonfloating in the air, watching what was going on, looking down.  Whenever Iwould come back to my body, I kept asking, “Please help me, please help me, Idon’t want to go back to hell.” Soon a nurse named Pam said, “He needshelp, do something!” At that time, Dr.  Rawlings told me to repeat thisshort prayer.  “I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  Jesus,save my soul.  Keep me alive.  If I die, please keep me out of hell!

After that, the other fading out experienceswere very pleasant.  I saw my stepmother, my mother.  My mom passedaway when I was about 5 months old.  I never saw a photograph of her. My stepmother passed away about 10 years ago.  I did not have any contactwith them.  All I could remember was that they kept their hands reached outto me.

I’ve heard it said that you couldn’t carrymoney with you, and when I was with my mother and stepmother, I saw they had nopockets.  I know that sounds weird but I was trying to remember everythingI saw. 

Hallway of colorsAfterthat, I remember walking down a lane that had colors on both sides, brilliantcolors.  I had a little experience in Art, but nobody, not ever Rembrandtcould reproduce those colors, they were so bright.  There was this lightthat surrounded me, I believe it was the Holy Spirit.  It surrounded me andtook care of me.  I’ve never felt so good and so safe in my whole life.


[Dr.  Rawlings]
After this was all over, I realized what really happened.  Itwas a double conversion.  Not only had this make-believe prayer convertedthis atheist on the floor, it had also converted this atheist doctor that wasworking on him. (Dr.  Rawlings pointingtoward himself)
  That is the only reason Ican appear to you now, to tell you that there is a life after death.  Andit is NOT all good. 

Charles McKaig on tread millMostof you can tell the difference between simple fading, clinical death andbiologic death.  Take the case of Charles McKaig.  He was on thetreadmill and I could tell that he was in clinical death.  He had astartled question on his face, he was about to ask the question and was lookingdumbfounded at me.  As he was walking on the treadmill I noticed that hisheart had stopped and his breathing has stopped.  He was still walking andtalking for a minute or two before the lack of blood to the brain caused him todrop dead.  He was dead and didn’t even know it.  I should have toldhim.

Soon we started clinical death treatment, CPR. We started the heart up again, we started the breathing again and he came back. This was clearly clinical death.  Now biologic death would have occurred if4-6 minutes time had passed after clinical death.  Because of the lack ofoxygen to the brain, the brain cells die; they are the most sensitive cells inthe body.  Then rigor mortis sets in and the person becomes stiff as aboard.  And now we need resurrection, only God can do resurrection. We can only do resuscitation.  Something we are permitted to do.

=== Howard Storm ===

Howard Storm was an art a literary professorwho was in Paris with his class, when he suddenly had a stomach rupture, ulcerrupture, peritonitis, shock, sudden death, clinical death, resuscitation, andhell experience. 

Howard Storm[HowardStorm]
Howard Storm family
Iwas a 38 year old college professor, teaching art.  I had taken my studentsalong with my wife around Europe.  We had just done a 3 week tour, and thiswas the next to the last day.  While we were in Paris, at 11:00 am, I had aperforation of my stomach.  When this happened it was the most acute pain Ihad ever experienced in my life, and it just dropped me right down on theground.  So I was twisting, screaming, moaning, kicking and yelling aroundon the floor, and my wife called the emergency service. 

A doctor came and got an ambulance because heknew what was wrong.  The ambulance took me 8 miles across town to a publichospital.  I was then taken into the emergency room and examined by 2 moredoctors, who knew exactly what was wrong with me.  Then I went intosurgery. 

But because there was no surgeon available, Iwas just parked there to wait.  So I lay there for 8 to 10 hours in thathospital with no medication, no examination, no attention what-so-ever, waitingfor a surgeon to come and give me a critical operation.

Now it 8:30 at night and a nurse came in andtold me that they were very sorry that could not get a doctor for me and thatthey would get one the next day.  When she said that, I knew it was overfor me, I knew I was dead.  The only thing keeping me alive was that Ididn’t want to die.  I knew I was an atheist, a non-believer, a person wholived for their own gratification. 

Next to the pain, dying was the worst thingthat could happen to me because it was the end of life, and there was no more,nothing else.  But when she told me that no surgeon was available until thenext day, the idea of trying to exist for another minute or another hour withthis pain was not worth it anymore.  I had been hanging on in the hopesthat they would get a doctor and do the surgery, open me up and fix the problem. But when they said they could not get a doctor, I said to my wife that is wastime for us to say good bye because I’m going to die now. 

So she got up and put her arms around me, shetold me how much she loved me and I told her how much I loved her, it was reallysad.  We made our good byes. We said those things you say after you’ve beentogether for 20 years.

Howard Storm in HospitalShefinally sat down because she knew it was over, and I knew.  It was so hardlooking at her crying like that, so I closed my eyes and just let go.  Iwent unconscious.  I was probably unconscious for only a short while, a fewminutes probably. 

Then I was conscious again.  I opened myeyes and looked and I was standing up next to my bed.  I knew exactly whereI was, and what the situation was, there was no confusion in my mind.  Ifelt alive, more real than I’ve ever felt in my life.  People asked me, “wereyou a ghost?” I was just the opposite, I was very alive.

As I am looking around the room, I notice thatthere is something underneath the sheet on the bed, a body.  So I bent overthe bed to look at the face and it looked like me.  But that wasn’tpossible, I’m alive, I’m great, I’m more than alive.  So I tried to talk tomy wife, but she couldn’t hear me or see me.  I thought that she was justignoring me.  So I got very angry at her, for ignoring me.

So I’m screaming and yelling at her, “Whyis there this body in bed that looks like me? How did it get there?” I had asneaking suspicion that the body was me, but that was too scary to think about. So I’m getting really agitated and upset, because this is all too weird. This can’t be happening, it’s impossible; I got a hospital gown on, andeverything is very real. 

I hear people calling for me outside the room,speaking in soft gentle voices.  “Howard, you need to come with us now. Come quickly, come out here.”  So I went to the doorway of the room. There are people outside in the hallway.  The hallway is dank, it’s grey,not light or dark, it’s just grey.  All these men and women dressed ingrey, in what might be considered hospital uniforms.  I asked them if theywere from the doctors to take me to the operation room.  I told them allabout my situation and how I have been waiting.  They keep saying, “Weknow, we know, we understand.  Howard come quickly, come with us, we’vebeen waiting for you.

people in hallIleft the room which was really clear and bright, and I went into the hallwaywhich was dank and hazy.  I followed these people; we had a very longjourney.  There is no time, and when I make a reference to time, it’s justan illusion because there was no time in this place.  But this place, if Iwas to recreate it, I would have to walk from Nashville to Louisville (175 miles, 281 km) torecreate the walk with these people. 

walking in hallAswe walked they stayed around me, kept moving me on, and it kept getting darkerand darker.  They were becoming more and more openly hostile to me. At first they were syrupy sweet to get me to go with them.  Then when I wasgoing with them they said things like, “hurry up, keep moving, shut-up, stopasking questions” It got more ugly.

So we get into complete darkness and I’mabsolutely terrified.  These people are very hostile and I don’t know whereI am.  I said, “I’m not going with you any further.” They said, “You’realmost there.” We started to fight and I was trying to get away from them. They were pushing and pulling at me.  There were now a lot of them. Originally it had been a handful, now with the darkness it could have been 100sor 1000s, I didn’t know. 

people hurting Howard StormHoward Storm in DarknessTheywere playing with me.  They could have destroyed me if they wanted to, butthey didn’t want to.  They wanted to inflict pain on me, because theyderived satisfaction out of the pain that I experienced.  It’s really hardfor me to talk about, and I won’t tell you much about it; it gets too ugly. Initially they were tearing with their fingernails, scratching, gouging,ripping, and biting.  I was trying to defend myself, trying to fight themoff and get away from them but it was like being in a bee hive, there werehundreds all over me.

Soon I was lying on the ground; all ripped upwith pain everywhere, inside and outside.  Even harder to bear the physicalpain was the emotional pain, with utter degradation.  I never once feltthat it was unjust or wrong.

I heard my voice, not someone’s voice or thevoice of God, it was my voice, but I didn’t speak it.  Maybe it was myconscious, I don’t know, but I distinctly heard it say, “Pray to God!” SoI thought to myself, “I don’t believe in God.” I was thinking, “evenif I could pray, I don’t know how to pray anymore.

At that time, I haven’t prayed for about 23years.  When I was a child, we said prayers in Sunday school and Church. I was trying to remember them.  To me, praying was just reciting somethingthat I learned.

The Lord is my Shepherd, give us this dayour daily bread, my country tis’ of thee.  Wait, that’s not a prayer. Yea thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, for score and sevenyears ago our forefathers…” I’m getting all mixed up, I can’t remember howto pray. 

Every time I would mention God to these peoplethat hurt me, it was like throwing boiling water on them.  They wouldshriek, scream and yell.  They would use the worst profanity I had everheard in this world.  They could not bear to be around me talking aboutGod.  It was so painful for them to hear about God that they kept backingaway.  So I had a sense that I could push them away by talking about God. So I am trying to remember prayers, but I was getting confused and mixed up.

Eventually I realize that they are gone andI’m alone.  I was alone there for an eternity, what I mean was that I hadno sense of time.  But I thought about my life, I though about what I haddone, and what I hadn’t done.  I thought about this situation I was in. The conclusion that I came to was this, my entire adult live was selfish, and myonly god was myself.  I realized that there was something terribly wrongwith my life, and that the people that attacked me were the same kind of peoplethat I was.  They were not monsters, nor demons; they were people who hadmissed IT.  The point of being alive in this world, they had missed it,they had lived lives of selfishness and cruelty.  And now I was in a worldwhere there was nothing else; nothing but selfishness and cruelty.  Theywere doomed to inflict that upon each other and themselves forever, without end. And now I was a part of it.

Howard Storm all beat upThoughI didn’t want to be there, it seemed like the right place for me to be.  Ifelt that this is what I deserver, because this is how I lived.  You can’timaging how emotionally painful that was.  I’m lying there for time withoutend, thinking about my fate.

In the back of my mind comes up an image ofmyself as a child, sitting in a Sunday school class, singing Jesus Loves Me. “Jesus loves me, la la la, Jesus loves me, la la la.” I could hear myselfas a child singing it.  More important than anything else was that I couldfeel it in my heart.

There was a time in my life when I was youngand innocent and I believed in something good, I believed in someone other thatmyself.  I believed in someone who was all good, all powerful, who reallyreally cared about me, and I wanted that back.  That which I had lost, Ihad thrown away, I betrayed, I wanted that back.  I didn’t know Jesus, butI wanted to know Jesus.  I didn’t know His love, but I wanted to know Hislove.  I didn’t know if He was real, but I wanted Him to be real. There was a time in my life where I did believe in something, and I wanted totrust that it was true. 

Jesus appears to Howard StormSoI call up into the darkness, “Jesus, please save me!” and He came.  First there was a tiny little spec of light in the darkness, vary rapidly it gotbrighter.  The light became so bring that in the physical world it wouldhave consumed me.  It would have fried me to a crisp.  But it was nothot or dangerous there.  He was in this light and he reached down andgently started to pick me up.

In His light I could see that I was all gory,filthy and had wounds all over.  I looked like road kill.  He wasgently putting His hands underneath me and tenderly picking me up.  As Hewas touching me, all the wounds, pain and dirt just goes away.  It justevaporated away, and I was whole and healed.  And inside, just filled withHis love.  I wish I could explain it.  It’s frustrating not being ableto tell people about it because it was the best thing that ever happened to mein my life, it was everything.  It was the ALL of life to know that love,and I just can't reveal that to you. 

So He’s holding me, embracing me, rubbing myback, like a father would his son, like a mother would her daughter, just gentlyrubbing my back.  I am balling like a baby out of happiness; from beinglost and now found, being dead and now brought back to life.  He’s carryingme out of there, and we just flew out.

We were moving towards a world of light, and Ibegan to have thoughts of tremendous shame.  I’ve been so bad, I thought ofmyself as dirt, garbage and filth.  I thought to myself, “He’s made amistake, I don’t belong here, He doesn’t want me.” How could He care aboutme, why me, I’m bad.

Then we stopped, we weren’t in hell, weweren’t in Heaven, we were in-between.  He said, “Wedon’t make mistakes, you belong here.” We began to converse and Hewas telling me things. 

Review of Howard Storm's lifeHebrought over some angels who went over my life from beginning to end.  Theyshowed me what I had done right and what I had done wrong.  And it wasreally simple.  When I had been a loving kind person, considerate of otherpeople, it had made the angels happy, it had made Jesus happy, and they let meknow that it made God happy.  When I had been selfish and manipulative itmade the angels unhappy, it made Jesus unhappy, and they let me know it made Godunhappy.  What they were trying to convey to me, in a nutshell, was that mywhole purpose of my existence was to love God and love my neighbor as myself. That is why I had been created, that is what I was in this world to do and tolearn.  But I failed.

HeavenTheytold me that I needed to come back to this world, and I got really upset becauseI wanted to go to Heaven.  What they told me about Heaven was that it wasthe most fun, most interesting, and most wonderful place.  Everyone wouldwant to go to Heaven and I wanted to get there.  They said that I was NOTready, that I wasn’t fit, it wasn’t my time to go to Heaven.  It was mytime to come back to this world and try and live the way that God wanted me tolive, the way He created me to live.

I told Jesus and the angels that I couldn’tlive in this world without them.  I said that my heart would break if theysent me back to this world.  They’d be there and I would be here. They said to me, “You don’t get it? What is the matter? We are showing youall this.  We’ve always been there.  We’ve been with you all thistime.  And you’ve never been alone down there.

I said, “You’ve got to let me know that youare around once in a while.”  So they said if I prayed and confess mysins to God, if I give what I had to God, meaning to give my worries, cares,hopes, and my dreams, just give it all up to God, then there would be times whenI would know in my heart that they are there.  Not necessarily seeing them,but I would feel the love like I felt then.  I told them that if they willassure me that there are times when I can know that love, then I could live inthis world.  They said they would do that, then they send me back. 

After the experience, the nurse who’d saidthat they couldn’t find a doctor, she ran back to the room and said that adoctor has arrived.  at the hospital which is like this is prettymiraculous stuff because this is like around 9 or 9:30 at the night.  Shesaid “the doctor has arrived at the hospital and we are going to do surgery onyou right away.” And some … people came in and they through my wife out of theroom.  It is very disturbing because I was trying to tell them I wanted totell my wife what had happened to me.  So when I pass my wife on the hallon the path to the surgery, I said everything is going to be great.  Andshe just started thalling(?) …, that is like a dying man.  Strange thingabout this experience is the memory hasn’t dull at all.  It is real tenseand I don’t know it stays tense.  I believe one of the reasons that Godgives me this experience is that I would have the opportunity to share it withsomeone.  I don’t know who and I never know who.  But I would have theopportunity to share with somebody so it could be a help to them. 

=== Street Interviews ===

(John 14:6)
I am the Way the Truth and the Life, no man comesto the Father but by Me.

A random survey reveals that many people do not believe in a trueHeaven and Hell.  Many of those who do believe these places exists, havedifferent ideas on how a person gets to one place or the other.

Interview with a random person on the street[Random Personon Street #1 (Man)]
I don’t believe there is a Hell.  I do believe there is aHeaven.  Somehow there has to be more to this existence than just ashort period of time on the Earth, there’s got to be something followingit.
Interview with a random person on the street[Random Personon Street #2 (Man)]
I believe that everyone will pay for what they do in life. I don’t necessarily believe in what the Bible says about Hell being afiery inferno, I believe Hell is just your worst fears and everythingthat can be evil in your own perception, you pay for - for eternity. And Heaven is just where you live the rest of your life in peace as longas you love God and live for God and live by His Word.
Interview with a random person on the street

[RandomPerson on Street #3 (Woman)]
I do believe there is a Heaven, definitely there is aHeaven.  I’m not sure so much about the Hell.  How do youexplain Hell.  However, Heaven Yes.

Interview with a random person on the street[Random Personon Street #4 (Man)]
I don’t think its necessary that you attend church to goto Heaven, or that you believe in the bible, but just live a good life. Hell is reserved for just a few really bad people, maybe somebody whomight commit murder intentionally.  Murder is probably the onlything that you would wind up in Hell for. 
Interview with a random person on the street[Random Personon Street #5 (Woman)]
I’m not really sure what would lead you to Hell, or whyyou would go to Heaven.  I wouldn’t know.
[Random Personon Street #6 (Man)]
I think there is not really a Heaven or Hell, just anafterlife.  I don't know exactly what it is.  I not sure whatthere is, but I think there is some sort of middle, or limbo, orpurgatory where everybody goes.  Its neither really comfortable orreally traumatic.
Interview with a random person on the street[Random Personon Street #7 (Woman)]
I believe that everyone in their own mind thinks of aHeaven and a Hell.  Heaven is what makes them happiest, what theyare looking forward to in the future, and what they believe by “theirown belief”, whether it be God or some other deity or entity, thatHeaven does exist.  And that is what they work for in life. My daughter is a proclaimed atheist, but somewhere in the back of hermind, she knows there is something that she wants out of the final lifetime.  And to me that is all that is required, a deity is notrequired. 
Interview with a random person on the street[Random Personon Street #8 (Woman)]
I believe in my own kind of belief which is more of ametaphysical belief.  I believe however you feel on Earth, how youview Heaven, what it is, it’s your own conception.  So it becomesthat way when you die.  So if you believe that there is a godsource in you, and that you are a good person, and you’re a happyperson, that is what happens to you after you die.  But I don’tbelieve that you’re penalized, and you go to some place full of fire,because you didn't live your life the way organized religion thinks youshould. 

[End of Interviews]

Dr. Rawlings[Dr. Rawlings]
Many people are trying to dilute the message of hell and heavensaying that neither of these places exists.  Why not eat, drink and bemerry?  If there is no accountability, then there is no sin.  And ifthere is no sin, Christ died in vain.  And if Christ died in vain, what dowe need God for? This is the new philosophy of New Age, that there is no hell. It is a hope of most people that there is no hell. 

Volunteers are going into hospitals, to visitour loved ones, with the New Age message.  It is called the religion of theending years, the religion of near death experiences.  “Look, I went toheaven”, they tell the patient that is dying, “I saw the light and I cameback.  All is well.  There is no accountability, there is no hell. Heaven’s gates are open wide for everyone who dies.  Look at me.  I aman atheist and I am here.  You don’t have to worry.  Death is nothingto be feared.  I am going to stay with you.  Your family is too afraidto stay with you while you are dying, but I'm not.  Let me hold your hand. Let me tell you about this glorious thing that are coming to get you, thisbeautiful light at the end of the tunnel where there is no worry, no loss, onlygain.  You are acceptable as you are.  There is no heaven, there is nohell.  It is eternity for all."  This is the new age philosophycalled the Omega Faith, where everybody goes to heaven.  There is a groupof these people coming into our hospitals, consulting the dying, instead of ourchurch groups consulting the dying. 

Ministry to the dying is the most neglectedministry of all.  Nobody wants it.  Everybody is afraid of a dyingpatient.  And the dying patient wants to know what dying is all about. Does it hurt?  Is there a life after death?  Is there a Heaven and aHell?  How can I make sure that I am going to get to heaven? And you cantell them it is a free gift.  You can tell them how to get it.  But ifwe don’t defend ourselves against the Omega faith, who are infiltrating thehospitals now with a faith that is deadly, then we are going to lose our ownChristianity.  The patient will die naked without any faith at all.

=== Dr. Donald Whitaker===

Our next case is of Dr. Whitaker who is stillin practice, but was atheist at the time of the incident.  He had nothingto do with God, but there was a situation that changed his life.  We’d likeyou to experience it with him.

Dr. Donald WhitakerDr. Donald Whitaker at party[Dr. Donald Whitaker]
It was February of 1975, at that time I was an alcoholic out ofcontrol.  I was also using recreational drugs.  But primarily, alcoholwas my drug of choice.  I was totally out of control.  I had a lot offriends in the entertainment business; Ringo Star and a bunch of other people.

They were having a TV special on the westcoast. Hoight (a friend)had called me and asked me if I would like to go.  I told him that I wouldlove to, because I knew there was going to be a lot of booze, and partying. While they were doing their special, I was doing my thing.

After about three or four days out there, Ibecame ill.  I had severe pain in my abdomen.  I flew into Oklahomacity, called a senator friend of mine, and asked him to send a car for mebecause I was sick.  They sent a car and took me home.  And I checkedinto Whatley hospital in Texarkana, Texax in February of 1975.  I checkedin with electrolytes, which means that the chemicals in my body were so far outof balance that they had to give me IVs to build me up. 

Dr. Donald Whitaker on chairInjection NeedlesAtthat time of my life, I was atheist.  I was hard core atheist and wasliving for myself.   Atheists are self centered, they live forthemselves.  This is where I found myself in 1975 in my hospital. 

After 3 days they operated me.  Later, Ifound myself in the intensive care on a respirator, which means it was breathingfor me.  I couldn’t speak.  I’ve been there in a comma.  I heardthese people talking about how sick I was and how I was going to die and how Iwouldn’t get out of the hospital.  At that time my hair was very longbecause I just wore my hair long.  And I heard one guy say, “My, hishair is long.” And another guy said, “Not nearly as long as it is goingbe before he gets out of here.” And the third voice said, “He's not goingto get out of here.  He's going to die.

And after 3 days, I could breath on my own. I remember my doctor, my surgeon, Dr. Donald Dunkon said to me, “Don, if youhave anything to get right, if you have anything to get signed, you get it donebecause we are not sure how long you have.

I knew I had a condition which is that wascalled Acute hemorrhagic narcotic pancreatitis.  You don’t live with thisdisease.  You could live with pancreatitis.  You could even live withAcute pancreatitis, but you do not live with Acute hemorrhagic narcoticpancreatitis.  Dunkon had told my two sons that I would be dead beforemorning.  They didn’t expect me to survive. 

I was laying there, a professed atheist. I didn’t believe in God.  I believed in the power of the universe becauseI’ve seen it.  As a physician, I’ve dealt with life and death.  Ibelieved in something, but don’t talk me about God.  And surely don’t talkto me about resurrection, virgin birth or these type of things because I am inresearch and science.  The Majority of PHDs in research and science don’tbelieve in God.  They do not believe a supreme being.  They arebeginning to believe there is an order in the universe because the further alongwe go, we see the order. 

Dr. Donald WhitakerIt isvery easy to be an atheist when you are successful.  You have worked yourway from Oklahoma welfare to be one of the most powerful men in your part of thecountry – one of the most powerful men in the state of Oklahoma, politically. It is very easy to be an atheist when you have done all of that.  A mancould sit back and say "I don’t need God.  What is God?"

But it is very difficult to be an atheist whenyou are lying on the death bed, because you began thinking "what if thesepeople are right?"  There had been one man named Ron Short, that stoodbetween me and the gates of hell.  One man had witnessed to me about thelove of Jesus for 5 years, before I became ill.  I would debate him and Iliked him, because he did what he said he was going to do.  He was the onlyone that I saw that profess to be Christian and lived what he said he was goingto do.  I really respected him.  I didn’t believe what he said but Irespected him. 

When I was lying on my death bed and knowingthat I was going to die, guess who I thought about?  I thought, "what ifRon is right? What if there is a Heaven and a Hell."  Almostimmediately the most pressing thought in my mind is how do I get saved. What is saved? How do I get saved?

So I sent people out to get Ron Short.  Iwanted him to come down because I wanted him to do whatever he had to do. I had no idea how a man hanging on a tree in Israel 2000 years ago could saveme.  What is that to me?  But I knew he had something that I had tohave.  That night Ron wasn’t home, he was in Alabama.  So I had peoplego and get Ron. 

That night was the longest night that I’ve hadin my entire life, before or since.  As I am laying there in bed, I hadbegun to fade away into darkness.   It was so, so dark.  It waslike the darkness just penetrated into your very being.  I can tell youthat I left my body because I remember coming back into my body.  I don’tknow where I was out of my body. 

There are people that talk about a light, orfloating above, a feeling of warmth or love.  I didn’t feel any of that. I felt none of that.  I felt untold terror, untold terror.  I knewthat if I went all the way, if I slipped all the way, I would never get back. In my being of beings I knew that.  So I fought all night long. 

Grabing mattressTheytold me later on that I not only pull the mattress cover off the mattress, I putthe mattress upon me.  I had to stay, I had to wait till Ron got there. Whatever he had to do, I had to wait. 

Cold comming up legsButagain when I would leave my body, I would be going down into deep dark terror. My skin began to get cold.  Not the kind of cold you feel when you walk outin the air, no, this was bone chilling cold.  And I could feel the coldnessbegan to come up my legs. 

Again I would begin to leave my body and wouldbe in the darkness, in that void.  I remember one time entering back mybody, I felt my body thud, my physical body thud.  Believe me, believe me,that was the most horrifying terrifying experience that I had ever encountered. 

I fought all night long.  The nextmorning around 9:30 or 10 o’clock, Ron came in.  He said, “Dr. Whitaker, what do they say are your chances?”  I said, “Ron, theytell me I have none.” He said, “Now is the time.” I said, “You'reright.”

Before, I had cursed him, I had spit on him,but now it was the time because I had to have whatever he had.  I had ashort period of time left on earth and I didn’t have any idea when I might makethat trip and go all the way. 

sinner's prayerAtthat time Ron simply led me in a sinner’s pray.  I had no idea what asinner’s prayer was, but I trusted Ron.  He led me through the sinner’sprayer and told me that Jesus had died for my sins.  He had died for thesins of the world.  I didn’t quite understand that.  He showed me inthe word of God where that was written. 

You have to understand that I am a man ofbooks.  I’ve spent big part of my life, 25 or 26 years of life in books,all types of scientific books.  I have degrees in Chemistry, all the way upto medicine doctor to practical medicine. 

He told me and I believed him because it saidso in this book.  It was a new book to me, it was called Bible.  I hadRon lead me, and I said the sinner’s prayer.  I can tell you one thing,there was a peace that came over me like I have never known. 

bottles of beerI’vesearched for that peace in the bottles, alcohol, needles, drugs, and women. I’ve searched for it in all type of places.  But there was no peace in mylife.  But once I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior, I was nolonger afraid.  I still believed I was going to die because I knew thecondition I had, and you don’t survive it.  I knew that, I am a physician. I knew what I had you did not survive. 

Ron showed me in the word of God where itsays, “These signs shall follow those that believe. They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” (Mark16:18) I walk around on planet earth this day, taking no insulin, taking noenzymes, eating whatsoever I want, and everyday God produces in my body thecorrect material for me to function without having to take medication. 

Dr. Donald WhitakerWhenyou see blind eyes open, you see the cripples walk, you see the leprosycleansed, and you see them with your own eyes, then it doesn’t take a rocketscience to figure out that Bible is true.


=== Dr. George Rodonaia===

[Dr.  Rawlings]
How can the various stages of Hell have different aspects to people?The Bible doesn’t say it is all fire.  If you look at different places, itsays

  • “cast out”

  • “separate from God”

  • “total darkness”

  •  “with worms that cannot die”

Most of it is flame.  Seeing the angelsof light can be deceptive in some cases.  For instance,2 Corinthians 11:14, it tells us that even Satan can change himself into theangel of light and deceive many.  Which light did these people see at theend of the tunnel, especially if it was someone that didn’t think they deserveto be in Heaven? Those things do occur. 

Strangely enough the opposite does not occur. Those that saw themselves in Hell knew exactly where they belong.  Andthere was no question why they were put there.  In fact, Christ talkedabout this Himself inMathew 25.  Jesus also said that if Satan cast out Satan, how would hiskingdom stand? (Mathew12:26)  Meaning, why would Satan show people that there is a Hell, thatwould work against his kingdom and his lies.  No, impossible.  As anangel of light, Satan can deceive many.  But this variation that they seein Hell, whether it is total darkness or whether it is fire, both are placeswhere they never want to visit again. 

This brings us to the case of Dr. GeorgeRodonaia, a young Russian fellow, very intelligent.  He came with a Ph.Dand an M.D, but had trouble with KGB.  He couldn’t get out of Russia. In fact when he tried to get out of Russia, he was purposely run down by a KGBagent, who drove on the sidewalk in order to run him over.  This is how hedied and where his story begins.

Dr. George Rodonaia[Dr. George Rodonaia]
Dr. George Rodonaia young
Asa psychiatrist and a neuropathologist, for me God never existed.  I neverbelieved in God.  I never believed in the Bible.  I never thoughtabout God, the Bible or divinity.  In 1976, I was 20 years old, I wasalready a doctor working in Georgia, Russia. 

I met a lady from Texas.  I tried toleave the country many times.  But I didn’t have much help.  This ladytried to help me and I got in big trouble with the KGB.  I worked on “idenotintriphosper”,it is a neuron transmitter in our brain.  With the conjunction of "Oxitocin",I discovered several things. 

I was an important scientist and KGB didn’twant me to go so they decided to kill me.  That is how I got into anotherdimension of my life. 

I was standing on the sidewalk, ready todepart to NY, waiting for cab, when a car on the sidewalk hit me.  I flewin the air 10 meters, and then the car ran over me.  My friends andrelative took me to the hospital.  The hospital staff, friends of mine and2 other professors declared me dead. OnFriday night, they put me in the morgue, in the freezer. 

Dr. George Rodonaia ran overThree days later, they took me out.  Soon Monday morning they began my autopsy.  These 3 days of being out of mybody, seeing everything that was happening around, seeing myself, my body,seeing my birth, my parents, my wife, my child, and my friends.  I sawtheir thoughts.  I saw what they were thinking, how their thoughts movefrom one dimension to another. 

It was incredible experience.  I was indarkness, total darkness.  The darkness was pressing.  This darknessexisted not beyond, but it existed within.  What I want say is that thedarkness was pressing.  And I was in the middle of this fear and I did notunderstand why and how this darkness existed.  Where was I?. 

I understood that I didn’t have a body becauseI didn’t feel it.  Then I saw a light.  I went through a little holeinto that light.  But the light was so powerful, so burning.  Youcannot compare it to anything.  No words can explain it.  The lightwas so burning, going through flesh.  I didn’t have a body.  That wasthe most interesting part. 

And I was scared of the light, I wanted to gointo the shade to save myself from this light.  What is that light?  Idon’t know.  It can be called the light of God, it can be called the lightof Life.  But light is light and darkness is darkness.  As apsychiatrist and scientist, I did not think about that.  The only thing wasthat I was in light. 

Dr. George Rodonaia youngWewere not raised in God’s way.  You know about the Soviet Union, we didn’tgo to church.  There were people who went.  But they were some kind oflimited people.  We thought they didn’t know any better that there was noGod.  But those 3 days of being in the morgue, the freezer, changed all mylife. 

Dr. George Rodonaia at the morgueThey beginthe autopsy, and started to cut open my chest.  That was the firstincision, then I opened my eyes, and they saw that my pupils were convulsing,getting smaller.  When they saw that my eyes were reacting to light theyknew I was alive.  They put me back to the hospital and beganresuscitation. 

My lungs were collapsed for a long time so Iwas put on a respirator for 90 days.  My recover did not happened fast, butthe life did came back.  They discovered was that the life was there duringthe autopsy, but not all my organs were working.  It was hard work for ninemonth being in recovery, it didn’t happen immediately, but the life was there. But the doctors had to help me survive and help me to regenerate my health andorgans. 

When I came back to life, a lot of differentexperiences had happened.  I experienced a lot of rejection, a lot offighting with others.  But nothing could change my mind, I knew mydestination, I knew my way.  I decided to leave the country, and this ladyfrom Longview Texas helped me move to the United States.  We went to Texasand continue to live there today.

Sometimes things are beyond our grasps. But I don’t try to explain it all because I know and I believe that God knowsbetter.  I believe that I don’t need to explain everything.  But whyit was shown to me and why was I chosen?   It was a question that Ihonestly didn’t care about.  I care that I deeply believe in a God of loveand God is love.  And I believe God created everything for betterness andfor an incredible future if we don’t ruin it.

=== CPR Instructions ===
Full instructions at

CPR picture[Dr. Rawlings]
And now I want to show you CPR.  We said we’d show you how tostart somebody’s heart up again and to start their breathing up again.  Youdo it with your bare hands.  So first you see if the person is alright. Maybe she is intoxicated.  Will she will talk to you? Maybe she just bumpedher head.  You immediately look, feel and listen if she is breathing. Is the chest is moving, nostrils moving?  Is any air exchanges felt? If not, immediately goto the airway, forget the heart, only work on that afterthe airway. CPR Picture 2

You unobstructed the airway by lifting thechin, pointing to the ceiling.  This straightens out the windpipe. Then you close her nostrils so your air in her mouth will inflate her lungs. You give her 2 quick breaths.  And see if her diaphragm rises.  And ifit rises, it is an unobstructed airway.  But if it is still obstructed, yougo back to give 2 more breaths and reach down into here mouth to unobstructedthe airway.  If her heart is not breathing, you determine that by notlistening with your ear but feeling on the carotid artery pulse on either sideof the Adam’s apples, bom, bom, bom. 

If you do not feel that, then after the 2quick breaths, 2 inches above the xiphoid, either part of the breastbone,diaphragm, lower part of the breast bone, you plant the heal of one hand,supplemented with the heel of the other.  Push your weight down on her. 

This is the critical moment in life.  Ifyou can catch people before they die and give them the option of accepting JesusChrist as their personal savior, then they can’t loose whether they live or die. That is with them forever.  And when they die like this, we don’t have toquestion where they went.  And the preacher will be right when he says theyare in Heaven.  She went to heaven to be with God. 

But for those who die on the street, where dothey go? It is the minister’s fault, your fault and mine because we did notapproach them with the Gospel which is the free gift to anyone that wants it. 

=== Conclusion ===

All of these Hell experiences had one thing incommon.  Surprise! They didn’t know there was such a place.  Will youfind it as surprise? Will I find it as surprise? Or will we be prepared? Hell is nothing new.  It has always been there.  These people justdiscovered that when they died and came back.  They want to tell you aboutit.

[Dr.  Rodonaia]
And I experienced what is love, what is faith, what is hope. And all these 3 are wisdom of God.

[Dr.  Whitaker]
The prayer of faith, the prayer of salvation, is not some littleprayer, is the only way to the Father.  And that is the only way.  Nowall of these people in the New Age movement that believe that everybody is goingto heaven, that you can worship anything, you can worship a flee, you cansqueeze a tree, you can worship a crystal, you can worship a star.  I gotnews for them, they are not going unless they accept Jesus Christ as their Lordand Savior, because the word says the only way to the Father is through the Son.

[Ronal Reagan]
Don’t go to hell.  Please.  I beg you.  Don’t go tohell.  It was not prepared for you.

[Charles McKay]
If you are saved, you are saved, if you have accepted Jesus.

[Howard Storm]
Do not put it off for tomorrow, for any reason, because you might diethis very moment.

[Charles McKay]
It is the best thing that ever happened in my life.

[Howard Storm]
You can feel Jesus’ presence with you, today, in this place in thistime.

[Ronal Reagan]
It is not God’s will that any people should perish.  I didn’tknow this.  I didn’t know the love of God.  All I knew was hatred,violence, and abuse.  But there is one that cares.  His name is Jesus. 

And who is the Son? He is the word made flesh and came and dwellamongst men.  The word is the way to the Father. 

[Howard Storm]
Make a choice.  Not tomorrow, not tonight.  Make a choiceright now.  Are you going to give your heart over to Jesus or not?

[Charles McKay]
If you want to have a life after this one, you better accept Jesus.

Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyonehears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine withhim, and he with Me.

[Dr.  Rawlings]
Friends, you’ve heard the evidence.  This is the closest you aregoing to get to making a decision.  Is there a life after death? Are thesepeople that were presented to you turning their whole lives upside down fornothing, or because there IS a heaven and a hell?

Have you made the decision in your own life? Do you know if you died tonight that you will be with God in Heaven tomorrow? And remember the quote fromRevelations 3:20, Behold I stand at the door and knock.  God isknocking right now.  If you hear me, open the door and I will come in. I WILL come in, not might come in, and fellowship with you and you with me. It means you come dirty, just like you are.  He will fellowship with youand tell you how to clean up your life.  And meanwhile in exchange, giveyou this free gift of eternal life with Jesus Christ because you are one of His. You are now a Christian.

(John 11:25-26)
I am the resurrection and the life; he whobelieves in Me shall live even if he dies, and everyone who lives andbelieves in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?

the End
To Hell and Back
by Dr.  RawlingsDocumentary
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