Spacious harmony

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Home to a family of five, this spacious, clean home comes with a residential lift for extra convenience and has a spacious modern, tropical ambience. -The Star/ANN

Fri, Sep 28, 2012
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This three-storey bungalow in Setia Eco Park, covering a built-up area of 6,000sq ft, presents a square form of room arrangement. Home to a family of five, it comes with a residential lift for extra convenience. For the homeowner, who is in the pharmaceutical industry, the focus is on creating a spacious modern, tropical ambience.

"The homeowner wanted a suitable modern design reflecting a spacious, clean environment," says Anne Ang of D&B Reka, the interior design firm for this project. "He loves travelling, so we incorporated into the design a selection of paintings and artefacts he bought during his journeys."

Spacious harmony
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As you enter from the main door, a strategically positioned marble feature wall greets you at the foyer. The wall's other side becomes the TV console for the living hall.

Stepping into the living hall, you'll feel the spaciousness of a vast rectangular space. The spacious feeling extends all the way through the dining hall and dry kitchen. Camouflaged doors hidden behind wall panels subtly boost the clean, seamless setting.

Wall panels of exotic natural veneer in ebony colour with vertical lines are interspersed with visually compatible bronze mirrors. "This wall has secret doors leading to the guest room, powder room, and store room," clarifies Benjamin Wong, a partner of Ang's.

Glass walls and doors facing the garden have alternate coverings of timber blinds and sheer fabric befitting a modern tropical home setting. Ang says, "These window treatments allow sunlight in the daytime with a breezy feel."

Opening the glass doors allows access to the wooden deck of the garden terrace. It faces a pebble stone finish water feature from where water flows into a koi pond, representing another element of harmony. Back indoors, the modern tropical theme continues all the way to the dry kitchen with its island layout and timber cabinets.

Another multifunctional furnishing stands between the living and dining hall. It's a see-through floor-to-ceiling feature wall, consisting of organza fabric sandwiched by glass and framed by timber strips. By integrating a black granite decorative bench you can use for seating or placing decorating items, it serves several purposes while demarcating the border between two functional areas. Raised tatami panels at the first floor family hall. A retractable stand functions as a tea table in the midst of tatami panels.

Japanese-inspired family hall Moving upstairs to the first floor, the Japanese-inspired family hall forms the main feature of interest. Crafted with simple yet stylish design sense, the entire area comprises a raised platform covered by tatami. Roller curtains control light coming in from the six glass doors. At one end a wall cabinet offers storage and display space for family photos and mementoes.

Ang points out a retractable stand forming a table in the middle. "The family enjoys their tea time sessions here," she says. "In addition, the tatami-covered platform provides a comfortable setting with natural feel for daytime naps, meditation sessions, yoga practice or playing board games."

The first floor also has a gym, sauna, A/V room, roof garden, and two bedrooms for the daughters in the family. Exuding vibrancy, chic and a sense of fun, the younger daughter's bedroom design speaks of vibrancy and vitality befitting a student in her late teens.

Striking wavy red lines on the window curtain complement the zebra stripes of the bed. Bubbly in appearance, the bed head of stacked circles looks like a relaxing cloud. Behind the bed headboard, a wide horizontal mirror panel makes the room look larger. Recessed light on the ceiling illuminates the wallpaper for a glowing feel.

Above the horizontal mirror panel you'll find a Times Square subway station replica signboard. Bought by the younger daughter from a pop art shop, it lends a personalised touch. Instead of a bulky desk that would have taken up much space, an elliptical study table, long and slim, stands by the window side. River of stars on the bed's headboard in the elder daughter's bedroom (right). Cheerful and vibrant tones in the younger daughter's bedroom (left).

Milky Way

Next door, the elder daughter's bedroom design expresses modernity with a touch of seriousness. Its distinctive feature is the bed headboard featuring a bronze mirror with a river of stars inspired by the Milky Way.

"For this room's window furnishings, we installed Hunter Douglas cellular shades due to their insulating qualities," explains Ang. A cushioned bench forms part of the wall panel along with storage cabinet and shelf joined with the full-height wardrobe featuring translucent sliding doors.

On the third floor are the son's bedroom and master bedroom. Interestingly, the son's bedroom contains what's usually seen in kitchens. An island set-up features two sides, one functioning as a TV console facing the bed while the other side becomes a study table. Suspended from the ceiling above the island is a metal frame for holding books.

The master bedroom has been fitted with day and night curtains for better control of light at all times. It also comes with a walk-in wardrobe on the way to the attached master bathroom.

To achieve the design objectives of a spacious, tidy setting, furnishings and fittings in this family home have multifunctional aspects. The resulting modern look gives great satisfaction imbued with a personal touch from the carefully chosen decorative items and materials.

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