Fun to watch: Couple in their 80s battle over $20m bungalow

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Tuesday, Sep 18, 2012

An elderly couple in their 80s are battling for ownership of a bungalow worth $20 million.

Couple in their 80s battle over $20m bungalow
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Mr See Fong Mun, 85, and Madam Chan Yuen Lan, 88, have been married for 55 years and bought the house at Chancery Lane in 1983.

Although the house was bought under Madam Chan's name, her husband had paid for it and was also legally authorised to manage the property on her behalf.

Last year, Madamn Chan revoked Mr See's power of attorney and appointed her younger son and daughter to manage the property instead.

Mr See retaliated with a lawsuit, saying that his wife was only holding the property in trust for him.

He also claims that his younger son had persuaded Madam Chan to revoke his rights to manage the house.

According to him, his wife has not been well for several years and could not be in a fit position to revoke his power over the property.

$20m bungalow tussle: 88-year-old woman fit to defend claim

AsiaOne Wednesday, Sep 19, 2012

SINGAPORE - The 88-year-old woman caught in a legal battle with her 86-year-old husband over a $20 million bungalow has been declared fit to personally defend the suit.

Madam Chan Yuen Lan's husband of 55 years is suing her for revoking his power of attorney over a house bought in 1983.

Mr See Fong Mun claims that he has rightful ownership of the bungalow along Chancery lane.

Madam Chan Yuen Lan took the stand in court on Monday and Tuesday.

After hearing her testimony, the judge said: "I've seen witnesses who are younger than this one who can't testify as well as she does."

The property was paid for by Mr See but bought under Madam Chan's name.

The housewife has had little education and worked as a hairdresser in the past.

When the property was bought, she signed a document allowing Mr See to manage the property on her behalf.

Last year, she revoked his authority to manage the property, allowing her younger son and daughter to carry out decisions on her behalf instead.

Mr See wants to declare this move invalid as he says his wife is not mentally fit to make the decision. He is also accusing their younger son of persuading the elderly woman to revoke his power of attorney.

In court, Madam Chan firmly denied being manipulated by her younger son.

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