The Secret to Walking Daily in God's Wisdom

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The secret to walking daily in God's wisdom...


Dear Friend,

Have you ever thought: How wonderful it would be if every day God could tell, or show, me how to live my life, handle my relationships, manage my finances, and deal with any problem that is bothering me?

Well, He can, and He does—by imparting His wisdom to you.

You may be thinking, "But Pastor Prince, didn't God give us a mind and make us intelligent so that we can reason and figure things out on our own?"

My friend, that is the way the world operates, and unfortunately, so do many Christians. When faced with pressing challenges, they turn to limited human wisdom—self-help books, the Internet or experts—for solutions. And finally, when nothing works, they turn to God and beg Him for a miracle.

God doesn't want you living from
bailout to bailout. He has a better
and a higher way for you!

Our Almighty God created everything in the universe. He has the answer to everything! Doesn't it then behoove you to seek His wisdom for every situation, so that you can enjoy His abundant blessings?

Let me explain what I mean: If you're facing a financial challenge, God can miraculously cancel your debt. But He wants to go one step higher, and show you how to avoid getting into such problems in the future.

And when you tap into God's wisdom, you are also allowing Him to prepare you to contain the blessings He has planned for you. So when the blessings do come, you will be able to steward them wisely, and not squander or lose them through unwise decisions.

So how can you get this heavenly wisdom
and what's the key to receiving it?

Beloved, start by asking! God wants to give you His wisdom and guide you with His spiritual insight. James 1:5 says that when you ask for God's wisdom, He will give it to you liberally and without reproach.

Next, develop a hearing heart that hears from and flows with the leading of God's Spirit, who leads us into all truth. (John 16:13) Having a hearing heart positions you to receive God's wisdom and follow His leading or prompting in any and every situation.

That is why even King Solomon, the wisest king in the Bible, asked God to give him an "understanding heart" when faced with the tremendous challenge of ruling over Israel at a young age. (1 Kings 3:7-9)

The actual Hebrew word used to describe "understanding" heart here translates more accurately as a "listening or hearing" heart. And the Bible tells us that God was very pleased with Solomon's request and blessed him with wisdom, honor and wealth like no other king before or after him. (1 Kings 3:5-15).

My friend, today, you can be more blessed than Solomon because you have Jesus. He "became for us wisdom from God" (1 Corinthians 1:30) because of the finished work on the cross. First Corinthians 1:24 also says that Jesus Christ is "the power and the wisdom of God".

So when you pursue Jesus and involve Him in every area of your life, you will find His wisdom flowing in and through you into your every situation. The more you seek the Lord for His perspective in every area of your life, the more He will speak His counsel to you.

Jesus is right here waiting to lead you into His wisdom and His wonderful ways. Don't hold back—ask Him for His wisdom every day and begin to experience greater joy, peace and victory in your life!

Lastly, thank you so much for your prayers and faithful support. We are adding more airtimes in more cities across the United States for the Destined To Reign program, and greatly appreciate you for helping to take the gospel into more homes. Once precious individuals encounter the Lord's love, compassion and power through the gospel of grace, they are transformed and their lives are never the same again!

Seeking His wisdom daily,

Joseph Prince


Thank you for demonstrating the love of God through your prayers and financial gifts!

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