Happy family retreat

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012
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When raising a young family, it is usually a choice between a stylish showroom or toy-cluttered playpen. Yet Mr and Mrs Hu, both in their 40s, have succeeded in crafting a modern abode that is both stylish and child-friendly. Striking a balance between a neat but lived-in home and a sanitised showroom required some planning. Space was their main concern and the main reason they moved from Sri Damansara to Eco-Park, near Klang.

"We love the security and environment as there are no fences or individual gates, only the main entrance which is guarded," explains Hu. "The sense of space is overwhelming. The air is fresh.

Happy family retreat
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"Parking is hassle-free as there is space for three or four cars. In our old house, we always had problems due to the limited parking at our entrance! And the garden setting is what we have always wanted. We look after the plants in our garden and the management tends to the trees and shrubbery in the common areas.

"Our old homes were always cluttered and we felt claustrophobic sometimes. My neighbours and I also had to pay for our security which was troublesome but now we only pay a reasonable rate for our guardhouse. We also enjoy our own clubhouse where residents can socialise. It's very idyllic here in our community! We feel like we are always on holiday."

Hiring a decorator

To achieve that permanent resort ambience, they decided to hire a decorator for the first time. Smiles Mrs Hu, "I used to decorate our old homes but since buying this brand new one, we felt we should do it justice. We attended a few home décor exhibitions where we met Yuan Li Foong of Yuan Design."

Yuan was also the first to treat them professionally. Laughs Hu, "We were in shorts and slippers and other designers could not be bothered to talk to us as they assumed we could not afford their fees. We liked what we saw at Yuan Design's booth.'' Their land was 4,700sq ft (423sqm) and the built-up was 6,500sq ft (585sqm) so there was room to play. The Hu's house is only two storeys but looks higher and bigger. They bought it from the developer two years ago and moved in last September.

Minor changes

Of course, some minor changes occurred on the way as the Hu's daughters Erica and Alicia, decided they wanted shelves for their vast collection of trophies. However the client/designer relationship worked as Yuan's proposals were mostly accepted and the entire design took six months.

Their two pre-teens just love their new home. "We like the living room where we watch TV and even our dining table faces the TV! The sofa is extra long and comfy and we often sleep on it. The ceiling above the sofa is mirrored and we like looking up and seeing ourselves. The only problem is that it is white so we have to be bit careful we don't spill drinks or food," says Erica.

Notes Mrs Hu, "We were willing to invest in décor as Erica and Alicia are now old enough to be responsible and be relatively clean and tidy. We are not too strict as this is their home. The floors are swiped clean easily and the homogenised tiles are chemically treated against germs. This house is actually easy to maintain despite its white and cream colours."

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