Creating fashionable interiors

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Here are 10 winning tips in creating noteworthy interior concepts. -The Star/ANN

Sun, Nov 20, 2011
The Star/Asia News Network

Interior design in Malaysia is increasingly gaining the attention of property buyers and owners looking for fresh new ideas in contemporary living. And among the talented celebrities who have achieved success with their design concepts is multi-talented fashion designer Rizalman Ibrahim.

Bitten by the interior design bug, Rizalman has gained recognition with his ID concepts for his homes - so much so that three of his previous properties were snapped up by eager buyers.

Creating fashionable interiors
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In his latest home in Bukit Setiawangsa in Kuala Lumpur, Rizalman has spent one year re-designing the interior to great effect. Obviously, he loves every moment he spends in the comfort of his chic home.

Ever the generous soul, Rizalman has drawn up 10 winning tips in creating noteworthy interior concepts.

Theme it right

Identify one singular or main theme that will be the guiding light for all other decisions and ideas. Safe under the umbrella of this theme, ideas will start to flow and blend in with the overall concept. Rizalman's latest artistic touches to his terrace home, include choosing grey to be the theme colour. Other complementary colours are reflected in the works such as silver accessories, dark-brown-almost-black flooring as well as mirrors have been juxtaposed to stunning effect.

Even the flooring rendered in a dark chocolate brown, almost-black shade, makes an interesting statement against the carefully chosen furnishings.

Justify Juxtaposition

"I like a sense of juxtaposition when it comes to the home - even when it concerns food! It is like 'wow!' so not here (local), but the food is presented traditionally, because that is how my fashion is (presented) as well," says Rizalman.

This sense of creating contrast is so vividly achieved throughout the house that even the type of palm that now sits in his living room, juxtaposed against the creamy white shutters looks perfect in this charming corner - with the play of green-against -white to striking effect.

Original recipe

"It's all in the mix," quips Rizalman. To him, it all boils down to the right recipe to create the desired result. "Like cooking, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. There is always a recipe. Even when it comes to certain recipes or formulas, if you don't follow the recipe, it becomes a disaster. One has to follow the recipe of keeping to a central theme and having the right mix of 'ingredients' such as lighting, furniture and accessories that complement the overall look. Temper this with the right balance and voila! The right mix will produce the recipe for successful interiors.

Follow your heart

There is a certain charm in personalising your home at selected corners with your favourite mementos. Like an open album, your home will serve to remind you of treasured memories every time you visit that space. In Rizalman's case, happy memories of time spent holidaying abroad with his nine-year-old son Umar Nair are captured in artistic black-and-white photographs.

Let there be light

Adding soft lighting will do a world of wonders for your walls and surrounding space. Allowing natural light into the room is a brilliant decision. In Rizalman's home, to counter the effects of a dark floor and the lack of windows near the living space, an airwell was created which allows natural light to stream through the intermediate window into the reading area.

Engage the senses

Think about engaging all the senses when it comes to enjoying your interior space as variety, is after all, the spice of life. Introducing different texture, colour contrast and comfortable furniture juxtaposed against a chic setting, will pique the senses. And background music (in this case, music from the Beatles was on during our interview) will enhance the ambience and elevate the mood of guests. In some interior space, the room "doesn't hug you", says Rizalman, so engaging the senses in simple but stylish details will make an everlasting impact.

Think masterpiece

Like all the right brushstrokes and colour rendering in all the right places, think of your interior layout plan like an empty canvas waiting to be filled with furniture, furnishings, accessories, colour and texture. The right item in the right place finally adds up to the final effect of a brilliant masterpiece.

Wow with Wallpaper

Umar's wallcovering selection is an unconventional as it gets. Shelves upon shelves of books immediately grab your attention as you enter his clutter-free bedroom. This precocious nine-year-old selected his own "chamber of books" reminiscent of a Harry Potter scene, so that he can access his walk-in wardrobe through this vivid contrast of ideas. In effect, Umar has created his own "library of clothes".

Storage savvy

Find ways to hide clutter with the introduction of savvy storage systems. Only limited by a host of ingenious styles, take for instance, Umar's idea of using his Union Jack treasure-trove to safeguard his toys. Hidden shelves and nifty cabinets that are useful and yet blend in with the interior are key to uncluttered space.

Mirror & furniture

"Glass doubles up volume, I only bought one chandelier, but now there's two," quips Rizalman, delighted with the instant effect brought on by introducing glass in the formal dining space on the second level. Mirrors add dimensions of interest to the space while doubling the impact of the surrounding. And the right furniture enhance the interior. And with the right details - such as matching cushions - elevate seating arrangements to a work of art.

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