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Seafood Central

Thursday August 4, 2011 01:50 am PDT

By Fazillah Abdul Gaffa
In the far quaint corner of The Central at Clarke Quay, lies a mecca for seafood junkies- the newly opened Fisherman's Market.

Don't expect a Hyatt-esque buffet, and you'd be surprisingly delighted. The Japanese-concept buffet restaurant is both on the first and second floor of The Central, however, the buffet is only the second floor. The first, is for you to enjoy some light bar grub whilst enjoying the sights and sounds of the bustling Clarke Quay.

Large, airy with high ceilings that let in light, the restaurant itself is not at all chi chi. It's a perfect place for dinner with the whole family, especially if you fancy buffets and Japanese food. The brainchild of Japanese company, Create Restaurants Co. Ltd, their restaurant at The Central is the company's foray outside of Japan; and they boast a portfolio of over 110 food concepts including Japanese, Western, Chinese and Asian food.

Don't bother settling down at the table, and head for the sashimi and oysters instead. While there are few words to actually describe sashimi without inducing an eyeroll, the sashimi that we had were flavourful, and fresh, just the way we like it. Our favourite part of the seafood buffet spread were the oysters - I think my companion ate nothing but oysters through the evening, and being quite the oyster snob that she is, I easily deduced that they were indeed pretty good.

Devouring oysters is quite literally like eating the sea - it's like downing a gulp of the ocean, and by some magical divine intervention or sorcery, this gulp of sea water is creamy and crunchy at the same time, and made even better with a dash of Tabasco, a squeeze of lemon and a hint of salt.

Fisherman's Market also has an array of hot food and salads including garlic prawns, beef sukiyaki and chilli crab. While the dessert is not exactly worth the calories for dessert snobs, children will definitely enjoy dishing out their own soft serve ice cream with toppings, and dipping waffles into their chocolate fondue fountain.

Fisherman's Market is located at #01-15 & #02-17, at The Central (6 Eu Tong Sen Street)

The dinner buffet is priced attractively as follows:
Monday - Thursday:
Adult - $39.90++ / Child (below 12 years old) - $22.90++
Friday - Sunday:
Adult - $49.90++ / Child (below 12 years old) - $27.90++

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