Self worth is not net worth

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The way you feel about money might even be a clue to how you feel about your life. -The Brunei Times/ANN

Mon, Jan 24, 2011
The Brunei Times/Asia News Network

By Sopiah Husaini

What do YOU equate money with?

NOWADAYS, the power of money can be overwhelming.

For most of us, we give money its power by deciding how money makes us feel - good or bad, safe or anxious, optimistic or pessimistic, success or failure.

What are you worth then? Money is such an emotive subject that sometimes people confuse their self worth with their net worth. They equate money with - happiness, freedom, comfort, prestige, security or power.

If we do not have money, we often believe that these things are not available to us. Some of our beliefs on money are well said in this Indian Proverb "When money is not a servant, it's a master".

You have collected the basic financial facts of your life. The question is not whether you have too much, or too little to meet even your monthly expenses.

While it is important to manage your money well if you have it, and to stay out of debt if you do not have enough, money is not the essence of your being.

A stark reminder to the "net worth equals self worth" mentality is a story of a divorced woman with her children.

Naturally as single mother, she feels vulnerable and the burden of responsibility in maintaining the household and a certain standard of lifestyle that she and her children are accustomed to.

Now her priority is finding acceptable ways and means to generate regular income stream for her and her family. To her, money is everything and answers to life woes. Her dad tries to explain his belief in a religious life and begins by telling her daughter about divine intervention and through constant rememberance of God the Almighty that doors may be opened for her.

She listens to her dad and now challenge assumptions she knows all about money. "Money is Life, money gives energy and money is everything!" she said beforehand.

Now, she added that money alone will not bring you peace and happiness.

Be wary of this financial belief. I suggest you take time to ponder over this story and reflect what do you equate money with.

As you have been uncovering the financial facts of your life in order to move forward in your spiritual money journey, you probably uncover feelings on the important issues of your life, where you and your spiritual beliefs come together, where you find the truth.

Do connect with your feelings ... the unexamined life can lead to anxiety, confusion and even paralysis, and the unexplored feelings can inhibit action, even when you recognise in your mind the next steps that need to be taken.

On the other hand, sometimes an intensifying emotional moment in the midst of life's ordeals, dollar signs can open doors. God willing.

Make a list of each type of account that seems to provoke a strong feeling in you. Write the dollar amount for each and a comment about your feelings.

Remember, there is no "right" or "wrong" when it comes to feelings. Feelings are important clues about what lies at your core.

If you have an attitude of wealth that you trust, then you will be provided for. That attitude then creates a positive energy around us that can attract more opportunities in all areas of our lives.

In fact, the way you feel about money might even be a clue to how you feel about your life.

If you do not feel deserving of financial abundance, might you feel that way about other areas of your life?

Or perhaps when there is nobody in charge taking care of your finances, here are some questions to consider: Can I manage my money myself?, Can I let someone else do it entirely?, Can I work in partnership with a professional or other knowledgeable, caring person? Do I need more support?

Allow yourself room to seek a helping hand. It has been a lonely spiritual money journey where nobody neither mentor nor friend walked beside me.

Write down the names, contact details and emails of people you would like to have on the journey into fiscal responsibility.

Take a minute to note how you are feeling about being on this spiritual money journey.

Do you feel any different than you did when you first decided to sort out your financial data?

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