World's most expensive homes

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Thu, Nov 18, 2010
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Billion dollar baby

By Chng Choon Hiong and Kelvin Chan

The world's first billion-dollar home belongs to Mukesh Ambani, named by Forbes as the richest man in India and fourth in the world.

Named Antilla, after a mythical island, the 27-storey, 400,000 sq ft colossus offers its residents and guests a sweeping view of the Mumbai skyline.

World's most expensive homes
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India's Ambani shows off 'world's priciest home'

India's Ambani shows off 'world's priciest home'

MUMBAI (AFP) - – Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani has hosted a lavish housewarming party to show off his just-completed new skyscraper residence, believed to be the world's most expensive private home.

Some 80 of India's rich and famous attended the party on Friday night at the 27-storey building, which dominates the skyline above the sprawling slums and traffic-choked roads of Mumbai, the Times of India reported.

Indian novelist Shobhaa De, who attended the party, called the building -- reported to be the world's priciest private residence costing over one billion dollars -- "the Taj Mahal of the 21st century".

Ambani, who heads India's largest private company, petrochemical giant Reliance Industries, will need 600 employees to maintain the palatial residence, reports said.

De described visiting "what has got to be the biggest, glitziest ballroom in India -- the Palace of Versailles is a poor cousin" with groaning buffet tables lining "one of the unending walls".

Ambani, his wife and three children are to live in the 174-metre (570-feet) tall home, which according to reports has six floors of parking, swimming pools and a cinema. It is named after the mythical Atlantic island "Antilia".

One newspaper said the residence epitomised "the swagger and confidence of India's economically buoyant upper echelons".

Ambani, 53, is India's wealthiest man with a 27-billion-dollar fortune, according to Forbes.

Anti-poverty campaigners have highlighted the contrast between the home and the plight of many in Mumbai, where half of the estimated 18 million population live in slums, with sketchy or non-existent power and water supplies.

The gulf between rich and poor is visible just a short walk from Ambani's residence on Altamount Road, where entire families can be found living under a flyover and on pavements near foreign consulates and exclusive boutiques.

Guests at the residence, which has a temple on the ground floor and a personal library on the top, included Bollywood stars Preity Zinta and Aamir Khan as well as Indian billionaire Kumar Mangalam Birla.

"It's great to breathe fresh air at this height and leave Mumbai's pollution down below," one unnamed guest was quoted as saying about the vertical mansion with its panoramic views of Mumbai and the Arabian Sea beyond.

Designed according to Vaastu principles, an Indian tradition much like feng shui -- said to move energy beneficially through the building -- the building looks from the outside like a tall pile of books of varying sizes.

Mukesh Ambani's elderly mother also has quarters at the new home.

She will commute between Antilia and the 14-storey residence of her younger son Anil where all family members previously lived under one roof -- albeit on separate floors, novelist De reported.

Ambani's younger brother Anil held a "parallel party" at the family's original Seawind residence the same night, De said.

The siblings in May publicly ended a bitter feud arising from the division of the vast conglomerate left by their rags-to-riches father Dhirubhai, who died in 2002 without a will. However they are still rarely seen together.



Nine elevators line the lobbies. Two are designated for the carparks.


For guests to have a quiet area for meetings and discussions.

Entertainment level

Includes a 50-seat theatre accompanied by a wine bar, snack room and entertainment space with couches and tables.


Crystal chandeliers adorn the ceiling and silver staircases lead up to a central landing. A full kitchen next to it handles meals.






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本月初,安巴尼一家搬進這座曆時7年打造的“世界頭號豪宅”。據悉,27層樓的“安迪利亞” 地板麵積為4.88萬平方米,樓高173米,市價高達10億至15億美元。該超級豪宅屋頂可停3架直升機,頂樓設有航管中心。樓層由上到下依次是:可將阿 拉伯海一覽無餘的住宅;樓管中心;客房;泳池、水療與健身房;戶外花園;50席的電影院;1到6樓為可停160部車的停車場。



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