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Giving and Receiving is a life cycle--The Go-Giver

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March 6, 2008 Birmingham to Atlanta to Ontario

Just spent four days in Birmingham Alabama, fine-tuning my presentation skills, and what a trip this has been! I am sitting here in my delayed red-eyed flight from Atlanta to Ontario, reminiscing those wonderful days that I spent with my colleagues, those almost sleepless nights preparing our business presentations, the distinctive food, the new exciting projects going on in the midst of recession, those wonderful personal stories from everyone. But, the most fascinating experience that I have had from this trip actually was not in Birmingham, it was on the way  to and from Birmingham, when I was reading a small red cover book, the Go-Giver (By Bob Burg and John David Mann 2007).

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This 132 pages small book has given me much pleasant surprise; it was so captivating that I could not put it down. A real delightful read indeed! I highly recommend it.

I have read quite a number of books and I thought I have seen enough motivation and inspiration books that I must have developed some sort of immune system that not many books would be able to give me this tinkling feeling, or evoke resonance in my heart. This book did! Several other books that gave me similar feelings are: Martin Eden by Jack London, the Goal by
 Eliyahu M. Goldratt and The Go-Getter by Peter B. Kyne, and perhaps the story part of the Best Salesman in the World.

Giving, what a noble but seemingly remote concept, we all thought that it perhaps is only for those who have been there and done that to give, rich and famous people such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Who am I here to start talking about giving when I really have nothing to offer? Through great story telling, this book presents its readers vivid examples of the five principles of success.  This book teaches me that everyone has the power to give, the best gift is to give yourself; everyone has the power to open to receiving. Giving and Receiving, is part of the life cycle; only with both, our world would become a complete universe.

The book provokes very personal thoughts. I thought about the two alumni who are rich and famous but still tirelessly devote their energy and resources to our new association; I also thought about some actions from some not-so-rich-&-famous people in the process, including my own devotion. Perhaps that was the beauty of it, through giving, we are burden free  to ask help from anyone who might be able to help, with confidence. It is Giving that sets us free!

The authors of this book have skillfully blended those success principles into a short story. Although it was somewhat theatrical at the end for the story purpose, it presents a clean path to reach that enviable result. It certainly has touched the deepest part of my heart.

I love it when something moves, touches and enlightens me, whether it is a smile from a stranger especial from a beautiful girl, some great books that just create resonance in my mind and heart, some interesting people that radian personal glory and lighten up my path forward, a random kindness, a smallest gesture—it makes me feel that life is such a beautiful experience, I just yearn to have more with an open heart!

I have seen some of the principles bits by bits in some other books, never has any other author been able to put them together so eloquently, so poignantly and so easy to understand! What a concept—the best gift to anyone is to offer yourself, giving is a reciprocal cycle, you have to open to receive in order to effectively give, your true value is what you provide on top of what you take in as payment, your income depends on how many people you serve and the power of influence depends on how abundantly you place other’s interest first…

Comparing another little book that I recommended two years ago, when I tried to encourage my New York colleagues to persevere the birth pain of Eastern Branch of Alumni Association, The Go-Getter provided somewhat more technical and short term solutions. It has plenty inspirational thoughts and acts that evoke the Can-Do spirit, but it falls into the category of ME and I, it never leaves the small circle that bound most of us the entire life.

If you have not read those two books, you might want to consider reading The Go-Getter first, then The Go-Giver. As long as your heart stays open to receive, you will be delightful to find out what a gift this is from the authors, through my humble hands.

If you don't have time to read, just take those principles with you. If you could only remember one thing, then you should pick one that creates resonance in your heart and mind. For me, realizing that giving and receiving is part of the life cycle, once you create a circle of friends that you genuinely hope they would succeed in life and do whatever you can to help them, the reciprocity process will propel you to a higher ground, and you have to open yourself to receive, to complete the cycle.

The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success:

1.    The law of value: Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment

2.    The law of compensation: Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.

3.    The law of influence: your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.

4.    The law of authenticity: the most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself

5.    The law of receptivity: the key to effectively giving is to stay open to receiving.

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北鶴 回複 悄悄話 回複六脈神劍的評論:

世界上的絕大多數人都是像從小在窮山僻壤裏,艱苦環境中長大的苦孩子,我們過去的成長經驗給我們養成了一個難以改變的習慣,“任何東西如果我不搶著拿,我就永遠沒有機會了”,所以才有斤斤計較,錙銖必爭的文化習慣,才產生了平均主義這個退而居其次的解決辦法。 我們一生會有很多人掘棄自己的這個如生俱來的根基而讓自己的生命開出與父輩不同的花朵,但是也有很多人沒有這個機會去發現自己生命的豐盛,發現這個宇宙的無盡資源,去發現自己也可以是他人和世界的豐盛之源。。。

六脈神劍 回複 悄悄話 I think the world becomes more and more affluent because people give more than they take. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for recommending those mind-enriching books. Have a nice new week!
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白雲間,妳最近跑哪裏去了,昨天晚上剛剛瀏覽以前一起抬杠的事情,覺得蠻有意思的。。。 Happy Easter to you too.
北鶴 回複 悄悄話 回複心境年華的評論:

遠上白雲間 回複 悄悄話 Happy Easter Day! :))))))
心境年華 回複 悄悄話 欣賞並認同這段:

This book teaches me that everyone has the power to give, the best gift is to give yourself; everyone has the power to open to receiving. Giving and Receiving, is part of the life cycle; only with both, our world would become a complete universe.
北鶴 回複 悄悄話 歡迎旁白來訪!

以前好多書都說給予是最幸福的事情,但是那隻是宇宙基本定律的一個方麵,沒有拿取的給予是沒有源頭的活水,也許這也是富貴之人才能夠 堅持下來的原因吧?
旁白 回複 悄悄話 I love it when something moves, touches and enlightens me, whether it is a smile from a stranger ..... :-)