you will be just fine

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we drove in germany and austria back in 2014.  i only knew a few words in german, but had no problem driving on the german autobahn and austria.  just follow the instructions on your gps like you do in the states.  several things that you should keep in mind while you are driving in europe.

1. you won't see that many stop signs on the european streets, instead they will be replaced with roundabouts; basically the car from the left that entered the loop first always has the right of way.

2. certain parts of the german autobahn actually don't have a speed limit, which means you can drive as fast as you want.  Some cars drive over 120mph, make sure the left lane is clear before you decide to make a lane change.

3. instead of having the cops to patrol the streets, the european authorities prefer to use cameras.   So when you don't see cops around while you are driving in europe, don't drive like a crazy maniac and think that you will not get caught.  I learned the hard way, :-(

4. never pass from the right lane on the highway! never.  I tried to pass a car from the right on the german autobahn and almost had a road rage.

In restrospect, driving in europe is definitely more difficult compare to the states, especially in the downtown areas, the streets are narrower, and you have to // park or park in tight spots all the time.  But as long as you stay alert and pay attention to your surroudings, you will be just fine. 

The traffic rules are also slight different, so there is a small learning curve.


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