DIY包-Swoon Heidi Foldover Clutch & Wristlet in red

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I must say, Heidi is s super practical clutch/wristlet. Since I finished the small sized clutch last weekend, I’ve carried everywhere. It is the right size for my kindle, phone, key, a few cards. The dimension of the small wristlet is 9″ wide, 6.5″ tall.


Heidi is a free pattern from Swoon Pattern. I’ve made several Swoon bags before. All their bags are very well designed. This is the first time I made up Heidi. For a small clutch it is not easy at all, consider it needs exterior panel, lining, two different types of interfacing, two zippers, one pair of magnet snaps and one D ring. I will say I definitely read and re-read instructions several times during my make.


I used fabric from my stash. This is a great project to clear out small pieces of fabric from storage.

I love this little thing so much, I am already thinking about making several more