DIY-dress for the fall

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Can you believe how fast summer flied by? Labour days—- the unofficial end of summer, is next week. Kids will go back to school, and I go back to my life of a busy mom/nanny/driver soon .

Temperature has been low 50s at night. It’s time to start sewing for the fall. For the first fall dress I choose my favorite pattern, a faux wrap dress M6884.

I have made this pattern several times before. I blogged about it here and here. I know this pattern is 1. Easy to make, 2. Easy to wear. 3. Super comfy, 4. Can be styled both at work and home. When I saw this silk knits fabric at my local store, I immediately fall in love with the square /diamonds pattern. It will makes a great wrap dress. I got 3 yards of this fabric. I got enough yardage to have full sleeves this time.

The dress is a quick made. As always, I used clear elastics to reinforce the shoulder and side seams. I also added one inch to the front to reduce the front cleavages.  The dress come together quickly and I just love how comfortable it is. This morning I wear it to coffee and asked my son to snap a few photos. This dress already got compliments from a few friends.

I wore a cardigan with it this morning.  The temperature is barely 70s. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer my loves. 



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