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The Legend of 1900 (海上鋼琴師)

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The Legend of 1900 (海上鋼琴師)


  [00:00.18]I still ask myself if I did the right thing 我還在問自已是否做的對
  [00:03.31]when I abandoned his floating city 當我離開了他漂泊的城市
  [00:06.73]And I don't mean only for the work 我指的不僅是工作
  [00:10.94]fact is, a friend like that a real friend 事實是 那樣才是真正的朋友
  [00:16.78]you won't meet one again 你再也不會見到他這樣的人
  [00:19.99]If you just decide to hang up your sea legs 如果你不想出海
  [00:23.74]if you just want to feel something more solid beneath your feet 如果你隻想站在陸地上
  [00:29.46]and if then you no loner hear the music of the gods around you 如果你不再想聽見天籟之音
  [00:36.42]But, like he used to say 但是 像他常說過的一樣
  [00:39.88]You're never really done for as long as you got a good story 隻要你有個好故事 你就永遠不會被人忘記
  [00:44.97]and someone to tell it to 一個值得告訴別人的故事
  [00:49.64]Trouble is 可問題是
  [00:52.31]nobody'd believe a single word of my story 沒人相信我的故事
  [01:23.51]It happened every time 每次都是這樣
  [01:26.38]Someone would look up and see her 某人一抬頭就看到她
  [01:30.01]It's difficult to understand 很難理解
  [01:32.64]There'd be more than a thousand of us on that ship 那船上有上千人
  [01:36.73]Traveling rich folks, immigrants and strange people, and us 有富人 移民 陌生人和我們
  [01:42.57]Yet there was always one 但是總會有一個人
  [01:45.11]One guy alone who would see her first 一眼就看到她的單身漢

  [01:50.61]Maybe he was just sitting there eating or walking on the deck 或許他隻是坐在那吃東西或是在甲板上散步
  [01:55.54]Maybe he was just fixing his pants 或許他正在縫補褲子
  [02:00.08]He'd look up for a second. A quick glance out to sea and he'd see her 他抬起頭 很快地向海上望去 便看到了她
  [02:04.84]Then he'd just stand there rooted to the spot, his heart racing 他的腳像生了根 心也悸動不安
  [02:10.30]And every time every damn time, I swear 每次 每一次 我發誓
  [02:16.18]he'd turn to us, towards the ship towards everybody and scream 他轉向我 衝著船朝著每個人大喊
  [02:22.44]America 美國
  [02:37.45]The Legend of 1900 海上鋼琴家 BY:霹靂hand
  [03:57.06]New York 紐約
  [04:05.91]The one who sees America first 先看到美國的人
  [04:09.41]There's one on every ship 每個船上都有一個
  [04:11.70]And don't be thinking it's an accident 不要以為這是偶然
  [04:14.25]Or some optical illusion It's destiny 或是視覺幻想 那是命運
  [04:18.67]Those are people who always 這些人
  [04:20.59]have that precise instant stamped on their life 在他們的生命中都是有印記的
  [04:25.80]And when they were kids you could look into their eyes 當他們是孩子的時候你看他們眼睛
  [04:29.97]and if you looked carefully enough you'd already see her 如果你仔細觀察你就會看到她
  [04:36.60]America 美國
  [04:46.28]And I've seen a few Americas 我沒見過多少美國人
  [04:48.99]Six years on that ship five crossings a year 呆在那船上六年
  [04:52.95]Europe, America and back always soaking in the ocean 一年橫跨五次歐洲和美國
  [04:58.95]When you stepped on land 當你踏上大陸
  [05:00.25]you couldn't even piss straight in the john 你在上廁所的時候都會感覺晃


[00:03.96]It was teady. The john, I mean 我的意思是 廁所是不動的
  [00:07.17]But you'd keep bobbing like an idiot 你卻像個白癡一樣不停的晃
  [00:11.17]You can get off a ship all right But off the ocean 你可以安然無恙的離開船 但是卻不可能離開大海
  [00:15.43]I was just closing 馬上要關門了
  [00:17.89]What can I do for you? 需要點什麽
  [00:21.14]When I boarded, I was 24 years old 當我登上這船的時候才24歲
  [00:24.85]And I only cared about one thing in life 一生中我隻在乎一件事
  [00:30.07]Playing the trumpet 演奏小號
  [00:37.36]I'm selling it 我要賣這個
  [00:43.70]Conn 康恩
  [00:45.66]Not bad 不錯
  [00:53.17]Best brass money can buy 黃銅是最好的
  [00:58.72]Six pounds, ten shillings Best I can do 最高出六磅七先令
  [01:02.35]That horn's my whole life, mister 先生 這是我的全部
  [01:04.72]Even being a nobody 即使我不是什麽名人
  [01:06.43]has got to be worth more than twenty lousy bucks 至少也值20美元
  [01:09.02]It that's how things are, I suppose it's barely worth half a crown 事情就是這樣 我認為連二先令都不值
  [01:15.32]Shut the door when you leave please 走後請關門

  [01:23.11]Okay, pops 好吧 老爹
  [01:25.49]you win 你贏了
  [01:30.20]You just bought yourself a piece of musical history 你剛買了一部分音樂史
  [01:35.42]Now if you want my advice 如果你想要我的建議
  [01:39.84]go out, treat yourself to a decent meal 去吃頓好的
  [02:02.65]At least let me play it one last time 至少讓我在吹一次
  [02:05.11]Young man I don't have time to waste 我沒有時間
  [02:10.53]All right 好吧
  [02:13.66]Hurry up, then 那就快點
  [02:15.75]I'm closing 要關門了
  [02:17.46]Thank you 謝謝
  [03:42.03]Two peas in a pod, wouldn't you say 這樣才完美 你說呢
  [03:45.79]It's the music you were just playing 這是你剛才吹的那段音樂
  [03:48.58]What is it? 叫什麽
  [03:53.42]It doesn't have a name 沒有名字
  [03:58.38]Just a handful of people have had the privilege of hearing it 隻有少數人聽過
  [04:07.22]That style. I was wondering since this morning, but... 這種曲風 今天早上我就在想
  [04:12.60]I can't work out who this amazing piano player is 我不認識這個出神入化的鋼琴師
  [04:17.40]I don't think you ever heard of him 我想你從來沒聽說過他
  [04:19.57]Who is he? 他是誰
  [04:20.57]If I told you this pianist never existed 如果我告訴你這個鋼琴師從來不存在
  [04:25.62]I wouldn't be lying 我沒說謊
  [04:27.16]I don't like secrets 我不喜歡秘密
  [04:28.78]Come on now, Yank who the devil is playing? 快點 美國佬 這人是誰
  [04:34.83]That's my secret 那是我的秘密
  [04:49.64]It was the first year of this frigging century 那是這個該死的世紀的第一年
  [04:53.22]as defined by an unknown colored coal stoker on the Virginian 被一個弗吉尼亞不知名的黑人煤礦工命名的
  [04:57.94]Fucking rich-ass bastards Can't lose nothing 該死的有錢人 什麽都沒留下
  [05:00.90]but cigarette butts and dirty-ass handkerchiefs 除了煙頭和髒兮兮的手帕


  [00:07.24]Can't lose no watch 就不能丟塊手表
  [00:09.20]not even a beat-up Elgin or a sorry-ass cufflink 或是舊的大理石或手鏈
  [00:12.53]What am I talking about? Not even a fake fucking ring 我在說什麽 連假戒指都沒有
  [00:17.04]Look here 看看這
  [00:19.58]A whole cigar 一根煙
  [00:21.67]Must've been somebody poor at the party 一定是某個可憐人的
  [00:25.50]Look at this shit 看看這垃圾
  [00:27.71]Nasty fucker 肮髒的白癡
  [00:31.76]Damn rich. Don't forget nothing unless they owe you some money 該死的有錢人 除非他們欠你錢否則不會給你留下什麽
  [00:41.77]What in the scuts you doing here? 你這小家夥在這幹嘛
  [00:47.86]"T.D. Lemons" "T.D. 雷蒙斯"
  [01:00.12]Howdy do there, Lemon 你好 雷蒙
  [01:02.50]Immigrant bastard 移民的混蛋
  [01:04.04]You said it That's the way the immigrants do it 你說對了 這就是移人應該做的
  [01:07.29]Have a baby on the ship 有一個嬰兒在船上
  [01:08.54]and then leave on board another mouth to feed 留下了一個活口需要喂養
  [01:11.88]And, like that, avoid trouble with the immigration office 這樣可以避免移民局找麻煩
  [01:15.76]What's a boy like him going to be when he grows up? 這樣的孩子長大了會幹什麽
  [01:18.55]Another immigrant 成為另一個移民
  [01:20.43]Don't pay those bastards no mind Lemon 不用理這些混蛋 雷蒙
  [01:24.10]Go on, lap it up, boy 來吧 喝吧

  [01:27.48]This one they left in first class on top the piano 這個孩子被遺棄在頭等艙的鋼琴上
  [01:30.60]They are hoping some rich guy will come 他們希望有錢人能來
  [01:32.73]and stick a silver spoon in his mouth 給他喂個金勺子
  [01:35.23]And who does the little ape get instead? 然而誰撿到了這個孩子呢
  [01:37.40]A poor coal stoker 一個窮煤礦工
  [01:39.82]Someoe is taking you for a sucker, Danny 有人把你當奶媽了 丹尼
  [01:44.58]They have the fun You have the misery 他們快樂了 你卻痛苦了
  [01:47.54]Fuck poverty 該死的窮人
  [01:49.91]You stinking sewer rats 你們這些討厭的褐家鼠
  [01:52.46]T.D. was wrote on that box. Any of you shitheads know what that means? T.D 寫在那個盒子上 你們這幫白癡知道那是什麽意思嘛
  [01:56.13]I forgot. You all can't read 我忘了 你們都不識字
  [01:58.51]It means, "Thanks, Danny." "Thanks, Danny" 意思就是 謝謝丹尼 謝謝丹尼
  [02:00.97]They left him for me and I'm gonna keep him 他們是給我留著的 我要把他養大
  [02:02.80]Rest of you all can go fuck yourselves 你們去死吧
  [02:04.68]Danny, what are you going to call the nino? 丹尼 你打算給他叫他什麽
  [02:10.06]Hell, I ain't think about that 該死 我沒想到這個
  [02:14.31]To start off I'm going to name him after me 我打算以我的名字命名
  [02:16.81]Danny Boodman 丹尼 博德曼
  [02:18.82]Then I'll put "T.D." in the middle T.D. 是中間名
  [02:20.36]Iike rich folks puts that in the middle, don't you think? 就像富人放在中間一樣 你們說呢
  [02:24.49]That give it class, to put that in the middle, don't you think? 把名字放在中間他就是個富人了 你們覺的怎麽樣
  [02:26.95]All fucking lawyers gots initials in the middle of their names 所有的律師都有中間名字
  [02:30.83]Well, my lawyer was Jonathan PTK Wonder 我的律師叫喬納森 PTK 旺德
  [02:34.16]My son grow up to be a lawyer I swear I'll kill him myself 如果我的孩子長大了是個律師我發誓我會親手殺了他
  [02:37.67]But the boy's name is still going to be Danny Boodman T.D. Lemon 但是孩子的名字還是會叫丹尼 博德曼 T.D·雷蒙
  [02:41.84]He ain't the son of no fucking duke, Danny 他不是沒爹的孩子丹尼
  [02:44.67]You found him on a Tuesday Call him "Tuesday" 你在星期二發現他的就應該叫他星期二
  [02:50.34]You ain't as dumb as you look colored boy 你不像看起來那麽笨
  [02:53.01]I found him the first month 我在這個該死的新世紀
  [02:54.97]of the first year of this frigging new century 的第一年第一個月裏發現了他
  [02:58.44]So I calls him: Nineteen Hundred 所以我叫他1900
  [03:02.48]Nineteen Hundred? But that's a number 1900? 但那是個數字
  [03:06.07]It was a number, now it's a name 曾經是數字 但現在是個名字
  [03:08.19]Danny Boodman T.D. Lemon Nineteen Hundred 丹尼 博德曼 T.D·雷蒙 1900

  [03:17.54]Come on, hurry. Hurry up Don't worry, your mama's here 快點 快點 別怕 你媽媽來了
  [03:27.59]Damn. How can something that small shit so much? 該死 這麽個小東西怎麽拉這麽多
  [03:34.84]And that's how little Nineteen Hundred grew up 這就是1900怎麽樣長大的
  [03:37.80]Inside that cradle as big as a shi 在一個像船一樣大的搖籃裏
  [03:41.22]But since Danny was afraid they'd take him away 但自從丹尼怕他們由於一些商業
  [03:44.39]on account of some business concerning documents and visas 文件和簽證就把他帶走
  [03:47.69]the boy lived his early years 因此他童年時
  [03:50.02]always hiding in the belly of the Virginian 總是躲在弗吉尼亞號船艙裏
  [04:14.55]Okay, now try one for yourself 好 現在你自已試試
  [04:16.51]Put your finger up here against these words 用你的手指頭按著這些文字
  [04:19.63]so the letters can't run off on you 這樣字母就不會跑掉
  [04:22.01]"Man" 人
  [04:23.60]All right, keep going 不錯 繼續
  [04:26.02]"Go" 走
  [04:26.97]Go on 繼續
  [04:28.98]"Ma" 媽
  [04:30.27]Just a little bit more 在多說一點
  [04:31.69]"Ma" 媽
  [04:34.44]Boy, you read like a god, Lemon 孩子 你讀的真好 雷蒙
  [04:36.98]Now go on, put them all together 繼續 把他們連起來讀
  [04:38.28]kind of like them boiler valves Come on 就像蒸氣閥一樣
  [04:45.99]"Man... go...Mama" 芒...果...媽媽
  [04:53.00]Mango Mama. All right. Deep going 芒果媽媽 不錯 繼續
  [04:56.84]Yank...My...Chain 美國佬 我的 手烤


  [00:03.51]Danny, why are you laughing so much 丹尼, 你為什麽覺的這麽好笑
  [00:06.26]Because these are names of horses Don't that make you laugh? 因為這些是馬的名字 你不覺的好笑嘛
  [00:09.14]I"m just crazy about these horses' names. Look at this one here 我隻是很喜歡這些馬的名字 看看這個
  [00:13.81]"Happy Hoofers" 高興的舞蹈家
  [00:19.02]Listen to this 聽聽這個
  [00:20.69]"Sassy Lassy" 時髦的少女
  [00:24.78]And this one 這個
  [00:26.07]"Red Hot Mama" 潑辣媽媽
  [00:30.95]What's a mama, Danny? 丹尼, 媽媽是什麽
  [00:34.54]A mama? 媽媽
  [00:36.91]A mama's a horse 媽媽是一種馬
  [00:39.83]A horse? 一種馬
  [00:41.08]Racehorse 賽馬
  [00:42.34]Matter of fact, you know what I say Mama's the best horse in the world? 事實上 媽媽是世上最好的馬
  [00:47.09]Thoroughbred You bet on a mama, you always win 如果你在一個純種的媽媽馬上下注 你總會贏
  [00:51.43]"Tano D'Amato 塔諾·迪·阿馬托
  [00:56.22]The King of Lemons" 雷蒙斯國王
  [00:59.39]Dad, put your finger here and read 爸爸 把你的手放在這讀

  [01:02.65]T.D. doesn't mean "Thanks, Danny" T.D. 不是謝謝丹尼的意思
  [01:08.90]Who's this pansy ass? 這個變態是誰
  [01:10.40]That's enough reading for tonight 今晚就讀這些吧
  [01:12.57]Too much reading is bad for you 讀太多了對你來說不好
  [01:15.07]What else is bad, Danny? 還有什麽不好 丹尼
  [01:18.24]Everything off the Virginian is bad 弗吉尼亞船下的一切都是不好的
  [01:23.25]Everything 一切
  [01:25.04]They got sharks on the land they eat you alive 陸地上有鯊魚會活吃你
  [01:27.63]You keep away from they, you hear? 離他們遠點 聽見了嘛
  [01:28.92]Danny, what's an orphanage? 丹尼 什麽是孤兒院
  [01:32.67]Well, a orphanage is like a great big prison 孤兒院就像一個大的監獄
  [01:36.93]where they lock up folks that ain't got kids 沒孩子的人都會被關在裏麵
  [01:39.10]So if I wasn't with you they would put you in an orphanage? 如果我不和你在一起你就會進孤兒院嘛
  [01:45.31]You got that right, little Lemon 你說的對 小雷蒙
  [01:47.77]Night-night 晚安
  [02:24.30]Watch out, Danny 小心點 丹尼
  [02:38.02]Roll over. Roll him over 把他翻過來 把他翻過來
  [02:40.69]My God. Doctor 我的天 醫生
  [02:44.11]Call the doctor. Get the doctor 快叫醫生 快叫醫生
  [02:47.62]Danny, you bloody cow. Talk to me 丹尼 你流血了 跟我說話
  [02:51.20]Ain't nothing but a pat on the back, boys 沒什麽大事 就像個蚊子一樣
  [02:55.04]"Holy Shoot... 該死
  [02:58.59]and Times Were Good 時間正好
  [03:05.22]was disqualified 沒有權限
  [03:10.10]"Saucy Bossy" 漂亮的小牛
  [03:13.72]It took him three days to go toes up, old Danny 他挺了三天才死去 老丹尼
  [03:18.40]He let go on the sixth race in Chicago 他下葬那天"飲用水"第六次在芝加哥獲勝
  [03:22.15]Drinkable Water by two lengths over Vegetable Soup 超過了"菜湯"兩個身位
  [03:25.78]and five over Blue Foudation 超過了"藍基金"五個身位
  [03:29.11]"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death 是的 我走過了死亡陰影的峽穀
  [03:32.41]I will fear no evil for Thou art with me 我不會怕身邊的魔鬼
  [03:35.24]Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me" 你的朋友們照顧我
  [03:37.62]"Thanks Danny" 謝謝丹尼
  [03:42.88]In the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost 以父親和兒子以及聖靈的名義
  [03:48.09]Amen 阿門
  [04:04.65]Music 音樂
  [04:17.12]Nineteen Hundred was eight years old then 1900那時候才八歲
  [04:22.08]He'd made the trip between Europe and America 他在歐洲和美國之間旅行
  [04:24.96]about fifty times, I imagine 我猜大概有五十次
  [04:28.92]The ocean was his home 大海就是他的家
  [04:31.38]He never set foot on dry land Never 他從來沒有到過陸地
  [04:34.51]Though he'd seen it from the ports a hundred times 盡量他在港口看過很多次
  [04:37.47]But he never got off the boat 但他從來沒有下過船
  [04:40.85]Problem was 問題是
  [04:42.35]as far as the world was concerned he didn't even exist 世上沒人知道他的存在
  [04:45.93]There wasn't a city, a parish a hospital, jail or baseball team 沒有一個城市 一個教會 一個醫院 監獄或棒球隊
  [04:51.52]that had his name any place 知道他的名字
  [04:54.02]He didn't have a country, he didn't even have a birth date. No family 他沒有國籍 他沒有生日 沒有家人

  [04:59.78]He was eight years old but officially 他八歲了


   [00:03.03]he had never even been born 但是官方卻沒有他出生的紀錄
  [00:24.68]"No Entry" 禁止通行
  [01:38.66]Captain. Captain, wake up 船長 船長 醒醒
  [02:29.00]What's his name? 他叫什麽名字
  [02:30.46]Nineteen Hundred 1900
  [02:33.30]Not the song, the boy 不是歌名 那孩子的名
  [02:35.42]Nineteen Hundred 1900
  [02:37.47]Like the song 像這曲子一樣
  [03:08.99]Nineteen Hundred, all of this is entirely against the regulations 1900 這一切都違背常規
  [03:15.46]Fuck the regulations 該死的常規
  [03:22.05]But I don't understand 但是我不明白
  [03:25.34]what the record has to do with any of this 這和這個唱片有什麽關係
  [03:27.43]This record shouldn't exist 這個唱片不應該存在
  [03:30.64]The only existing matrix was destroyed right after it was cut 唯一存在的混音唱片在被剪斷後就被銷毀了
  [03:34.58]This is a matrix 這就是原版
  [03:40.42]Quite handy for on-the-spot recordings 聽起來像是
  [03:41.96]that sort of business 現場錄製的版本

  [03:45.88]How did you get your hands on this? 你怎麽能用手去碰它
  [03:49.80]I spend the better part of the day 我花了不少時間
  [03:52.55]putting the bits and pieces together 把碎片拚在一起
  [03:54.60]I found them by accident. 我發現它純屬偶然
  [03:57.74]Hidden inside one of those two pianos 就藏在那架鋼琴中
  [04:00.89]I bought them from a second-hand dealer 我從一個二手商那買到的
  [04:04.31]They've emptied out an old hospital ship 他們正在普利茅斯
  [04:05.87]at Plymouth 拆一艘醫療船
  [04:18.78]It's over there, mate 老兄 在那邊


  [00:14.96]Slow down not so fast with that pulley 慢點 別那麽快
  [00:18.09]Easy up there, easy 小心一點
  [00:20.13]Watch that! These aren't bananas, you know 小心點 這可不是香蕉
  [00:47.66]-Where are you from? -Liverpool -你從哪來 -利物浦
  [00:49.49]-What do you do? -I'm a barber -工作呢 -理發師
  [00:51.24]-Sign him on -Thanks very much -錄取 -非常感謝
  [00:53.25]Next. What's your trade? 下一個 你是幹什麽的
  [00:56.17]I'm a carpenter. A good mechanic 我是木匠 非常好的技師
  [00:58.17]Get out 滾出去
  [01:01.29]What do you do? 你的工作是
  [01:04.05]I play the trumpet 演奏小號
  [01:05.30]We've already got musicians on board. Next 船上已經有樂師了 下一個
  [01:34.20]Where the hell is he going? 他要去幹嘛
  [02:13.11]What's that? I don't know -什麽曲子 -我不知道
  [02:15.45]When you don't know what it is it's jazz 你怎麽能不知道 是爵士樂
  [02:21.33]It was the happiest day of my life 這是我生命中最快樂的日子
  [02:23.95]All those people hope in their eyes 人們的眼中充滿了希望
  [02:27.04]The goodbyes, the sirens 道別聲 汽笛聲
  [02:29.50]And that big floating world starting to move 這個漂浮的世界開始了它的旅程
  [02:32.84]It felt like one big party A huge bash 我覺得這是為我舉辦的
  [02:35.40]just for me 盛大的派對
  [02:37.97]But just three days later 但是三天後
  [02:40.53]the ocean got tired of the festivities 大海厭倦了歡樂
  [03:17.38]Hey, Conn? 康恩

  [03:19.67]What's the matter? 你沒事吧
  [03:21.26]Lose your sea legs? 暈船了?
  [03:24.51]YOu're the new trumpet man aren't you? 你是不是新來的小號手
  [03:26.22]And you blow a Conn 用康恩牌小號的
  [03:30.77]Come with me I have a cure for your misery 讓我來減輕你的痛苦
  [03:35.27]Follow me 跟我來
  [04:12.35]Take the brakes off, please 請把保護鬆掉
  [04:13.47]That's crazy 你瘋了
  [04:16.89]Trust me. Just take the brakes off 相信我 把保護鬆掉
  [04:35.12]Hop on next to me 坐到我邊上來
  [04:37.83]What are you, some kind of nut case 你是什麽人 瘋子嗎
  [04:40.41]You better get on now or you never will 你最好快點 要不上不來了


  [00:14.82]Tell me something do you have children? 告訴我 你有小孩嗎
  [00:18.86]They'll lock you up 這種天氣
  [00:20.36]in the orphanage one of these days 小孩會被鎖在孤兒院的
  [00:21.87]He's nuts 他瘋了
  [00:29.21]Oh, mama 媽呀
  [00:30.50]I see you know your horses 看得出來你喜歡賽馬
  [00:32.38]Just a litte 還好啦
  [00:33.42]Good man 不錯
  [02:04.13]Good evening, Captain 晚上好 船長
  [02:05.59]Care for a ride? 您要不要試一下
  [02:12.68]Tell me again how big the fucking window was 再說一遍那窗子他媽的有多大
  [02:14.97]It was a big fucking window 那窗子可真他媽大
  [02:18.81]We're going to be shoveling coal 我們會在這
  [02:20.97]on this ship till eternity 永遠的鏟下去
  [02:23.14]No shit 操
  [02:32.57]Least you know 至少要等你知道
  [02:33.59]what you'll be doing when you grow up 長大了該幹什麽
  [02:37.57]Conn 康恩
  [02:40.95]You're from New Orleans, right? 你是不是新奧爾良人
  [02:42.58]How'd you know that? 你怎麽知道
  [02:45.67]I love that town 我喜歡那個地方
  [02:47.50]Really? I haven't been there in a while? 真的嗎 我有一段時間沒回去了
  [02:52.00]In winter, it's beautiful 冬天的時候 漂亮極了

  [02:56.88]And in March 三月份
  [03:01.18]you can always count on one afternoon 你總能碰到那樣的午後
  [03:04.14]when you least expect it 至少可以想像一下
  [03:07.19]the fog slides in 濃霧滑入
  [03:09.85]a milky barrier 就像白色的柵欄
  [03:12.36]hangs just below the street lamps 漂浮在街燈下
  [03:16.61]It cuts everything off 淹沒了萬物
  [03:19.03]Iike a white blade. And it's magic 就像白色的刀 太神奇了
  [03:25.12]Houses lose their top floors 看不見房頂
  [03:27.54]trees lose their branches 看不見樹枝
  [03:30.37]St. Louis Cathedral loses its spires 看不見聖路易斯教堂的尖塔
  [03:33.38]People passing by they lose their heads 人們擦肩而過卻互不相見
  [03:36.38]So from the neck up everything disappears 脖子以上都消失了
  [03:40.63]All you can see in Jackson Square 你能在傑克森廣場上碰到
  [03:42.01]is decapitated bodies stumbling around 人們像無頭蒼蠅一樣到處亂闖
  [03:45.39]bumping into each other saying 撞到誰就問
  [03:47.89]"How's your mama and them?" “你家人呢”
  [03:50.39]That's it Too bad it doesn't last long 就是那樣 太糟了 不過不會很久
  [03:53.35]How do you know all these things? 你怎麽知道這些
  [03:58.98]You know ever since I came on board 在我上船之前
  [04:03.95]I been hearing a lot of talk about a guy 我聽說有這麽一個人
  [04:06.70]He's supposed to have been born on this ship 他好像在船上出生
  [04:10.62]and never been off it since 而且從來沒下過船
  [04:13.16]Crazy story 不可思議
  [04:15.71]Twenty years without ever 20年從來沒
  [04:16.92]setting foot on land? 踏上陸地
  [04:18.13]Twenty seven 27年
  [04:19.29]They say this guy makes music 聽說這家夥做的音樂
  [04:21.65]that's never been heard before 前無古人
  [04:24.01]I've heard of him too 我也聽說過
  [04:25.84]First off I thought you were the guy 剛開始我以為你就是
  [04:30.14]But then something didn't add up 但是經過這些事後
  [04:32.89]I figured: if he's Nineteen Hundred 我想 如果這位就是1900
  [04:36.43]how could he know New Orleans so well? 他怎麽會熟知新奧爾良
  [04:39.56]Because you've been to New Orleans 因為你去過那
  [04:43.73]If I told you I'd never set foot in that town 如果我告訴你我從沒去過
  [04:45.83]would you believe me? 你信嗎
  [04:51.20]Whoever you are 管你是誰
  [04:53.95]Max Tooney 馬克斯 托尼
  [04:56.20]Gald to meet you 很高興認識你


  [00:10.34]How we doing? 知道要幹什麽嗎
  [00:12.30]We're supposed to blow it up 我們要拆了這東西
  [00:14.89]not wait for it to be eaten by the fishes 不要讓魚先把它給吃了
  [00:18.35]You're not going to blow up a goddamn thing 你們不能拆了它
  [00:20.85]because my best friend is on this ship 我最好的朋友還在船上
  [00:24.19]You'll all be responsible for murder 你們要承擔謀殺的罪行
  [00:26.19]Get him out of here! 讓他滾出去
  [00:28.15]Do whatever you want, but get him off my case 把他給我趕出去
  [00:30.11]I'm not making this up and I'm not crazy 我不是來搗亂的 我也沒瘋
  [00:32.82]If I tell you there's a man 如果我告訴你
  [00:33.98]aboard the Virginian 有人在維吉尼亞號上
  [00:35.15]Jesus Christ 我對天發誓
  [00:36.86]it means there's a man aboard the Virginian 確實還有人在船上
  [00:38.57]We cleaned that scuttle from stem to stern 我們把船上上下下清了個遍
  [00:41.41]Not even doorknobs were left 連門把手都沒留下
  [00:43.39]Only dynamite. Dynamite 隻留下了炸藥 炸藥
  [00:45.37]How can you be so sure that's a man on board? 你怎麽確信有人在船上
  [00:47.17]If you've any proof, out with it 如果你有證據 拿出來
  [00:49.13]Because I'm the horse's arse 因為我就是那個
  [00:50.29]who has to throw that switch 按下爆破按鈕的人
  [00:51.46]I'm sure he's there 我確信他在那
  [00:54.51]I spent the best years of my life 我人生最好的時光
  [00:56.13]on the Virginian 都在維吉尼亞號上
  [01:34.25]End of line 換曲了

  [01:58.06]All right! Run it down 酷 彈下去
  [03:42.12]What the hell do you think 你彈琴的時候
  [03:43.53]about when you're playing? 都在想些什麽
  [03:44.95]Where does your mind go 擊鍵時
  [03:46.78]when you hit the keys? 你的思維去了哪
  [03:49.42]Last night I was in a beautiful country 昨晚我在一個美麗的村莊
  [03:53.59]Women had perfume in their hair 女人香氣撲鼻
  [03:55.02]Everything glowed 榮光煥發
  [03:57.26]And it was full of tigers 還有數不盡的老虎
  [03:59.68]He traveled. 他在神遊
  [04:01.86]And each time he ended up someplace different 每次都去往不同的地方
  [04:04.05]In the heart of London 在倫敦的中心
  [04:06.13]on a train in the middle of the country 在穿過田園的列車上
  [04:08.22]on the edge of a giant volcano 在火山的邊緣
  [04:10.93]in the biggest church in the world 在世界上最大的教堂
  [04:13.65]counting the columns 數著石柱
  [04:15.84]and staring up at the crucifixes 仰望著神靈
  [04:18.98]He traveled 他在神遊
  [04:21.24]Hey, Kid, give us a good tarantella 孩子 彈一首歡快的塔朗泰拉
  [04:24.74]And you show me how a tarantella goes paisa 那你要告訴我什麽是塔朗泰拉


  [00:35.72]America 美國
  [01:00.54]Why the hell don't you get off? 你為什麽不下去
  [01:02.87]Just once? One time? 就一次 一次而已
  [01:06.42]See the world for yourself 用自己的眼睛
  [01:09.09]with your own eyes? 去看看世界
  [01:13.26]You ever think about it? 你從沒想過嗎
  [01:14.88]You could do anything you wanted to 你能做任何事
  [01:16.51]People would go crazy for you 人們會為你而瘋狂
  [01:20.76]You could make beaucoup bucks, man 兄弟 你會賺很多錢
  [01:23.77]Get yourself the finest house 住最好的房子
  [01:26.64]Get yourself a wife 找個妻子
  [01:29.52]Why not? 有什麽不好
  [01:35.78]God knows you 上帝知道
  [01:37.19]can't spend the rest of your life 你不能把餘生
  [01:38.61]traveling back and forth like some yo-yo 變得像悠遊球那樣來來回回
  [01:40.99]The world is out there 世界就在那兒
  [01:43.70]Nothing but a gangplank to cross 就是一個跳板的距離
  [01:45.95]And what's a gangplank? A few stupid steps 什麽是跳板 就是幾步而已
  [01:49.58]Christ 天呀
  [01:51.89]everything is waiting at the bottom of those steps 美好的生活就幾步而已
  [01:54.21]Why don't you just do it 為什麽不試一下

  [01:56.84]one time? 一次
  [01:58.88]Why don't you just get off? 為什麽就是不下去
  [02:06.47]Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? 為什麽 為什麽
  [02:13.98]I think land people 陸地上的人
  [02:17.44]waste a lot of time wondering why 浪費太多時間在為什麽上
  [02:22.65]Winter comes and you can't wait for summer 冬天害怕夏天的遲來
  [02:24.40]Summer comes and you live in dread of winter 夏天擔心冬天將至
  [02:28.41]That's way you never tire of traveling 這就是為什麽你不會厭倦
  [02:31.12]Always chasing someplace far away 永遠在追尋著
  [02:35.04]where it's always summer 哪裏永遠是夏天
  [02:40.34]Doesn't sound like a good bet to me 我並不羨慕
  [02:54.81]Hold it! Stop everything 停一下 都停下
  [04:12.67]Forgive me for allowing myself 請原諒我
  [04:15.32]to your music was so strong 沉醉於你的音樂之中
  [04:37.19]You don't look too happy 去美國
  [04:38.65]to be going to America 你不覺得高興嗎
  [04:40.11]It's not America 不是美國的原因
  [04:48.33]It's everything I leave behind 是以前的事
  [04:51.21]Until a few years ago I know only my field 幾年前我還隻知道我的土地
  [04:55.42]The world for me started and ended there 對我而言那狹小的土地
  [04:57.88]in that little piece of the land 就是整個世界
  [05:00.21]I never walked down the main street of a city 我從來沒有上過街


  [00:04.93]Maybe you can't understand but 也許你不能理解
  [00:08.51]I understand perfectly 我完全能理解
  [00:13.06]I know someone 我知道有人
  [00:14.79]who went through something very similar 也有這樣的經曆
  [00:16.52]And one fine day did his field go dry too? 他的土地也幹涸了
  [00:19.94]And did his wife also run off with a priest? 他的妻子也跟神父跑了
  [00:25.74]And did the fever take his five children? 他的五個孩子也被病魔奪去生命
  [00:31.58]No. But he ended up alone too 沒有 但是他一直都很孤獨
  [00:36.04]Then he is more lucky than me 那他比我幸運
  [00:39.29]I still have a daughter The young one 我還有一個女兒 最小的
  [00:43.04]She survived 她活了下來
  [00:44.75]And it's for her 為了她
  [00:47.71]that I decide one day to fight against my bad luck 有一天我決定不再坐以待斃
  [00:50.68]and travel all over without a destination 我四處遊走 漫無目的
  [00:55.35]And then one day 有一天
  [00:58.06]when I go through 我去了一個
  [01:00.33]one of the many towns I never see before 從來沒去過的鎮
  [01:03.23]I come to a hill 我爬上一個小山
  [01:05.94]And then I see 然後我見到了
  [01:08.48]the most beautiful thing in my life 這輩子最美的東西
  [01:12.20]The sea 大海
  [01:13.82]The sea? 大海
  [01:15.82]I never see it before 我從沒看見過

  [01:18.83]It was like lightning hit me 聽到一種聲音
  [01:22.62]Because I hear the voice 就像被閃電擊中了
  [01:26.42]The voice of the sea? 大海的聲音
  [01:27.67]Yeah, the voice of the sea 是 大海的聲音
  [01:32.30]I never heard it 我從沒聽過
  [01:35.26]The voice of the sea it is like a shout 大海的聲音就像呼喊
  [01:38.72]A shout big and strong 那種大而強的呼喊
  [01:41.05]screaming and screaming 一刻不停
  [01:43.39]And the thing it was screaming was: 就好像在說
  [01:45.94]You 你
  [01:50.48]with shit instead brains 這個豬腦子
  [01:54.07]life is immense can you understand that? 生命如此廣闊 你能理解嗎
  [01:59.66]Immense 廣闊無邊
  [02:02.03]I never think of it that way 我從來沒這麽想過
  [02:04.49]A revolution was in my head 腦袋就像被洗過了
  [02:07.58]That's how 這就是我為什麽
  [02:09.85]I suddenly decide to change my life 突然決定改變我的生活
  [02:13.75]to start fresh 從新來過
  [02:16.21]Change life. Start fresh 改變生活 從新來過
  [02:20.01]Tell that to your friend 告訴你的那位朋友
  [02:21.80]Nineteen Hundred 1900
  [02:25.26]Nineteen Hundred 1900
  [02:30.27]It's Max Tooney, your friend 我是馬克斯 托尼 你的朋友
  [02:33.81]Come on out, Nineteen Hundred! 出來吧 1900
  [02:36.02]I'm your friend too 我也是你的朋友
  [02:38.23]Even if we never met 也許從來沒見過
  [02:40.53]Don't worry, no cops 不要當心 沒警察
  [02:54.17]You said something about a piano 你說了些鋼琴的事
  [02:55.67]Where was it exactly? 在哪兒
  [02:57.17]We found it over there 在那發現的
  [03:04.30]Nineteen Hundred 1900
  [03:08.59]On the violin yours truly, Bill Douglas 你們的小提琴手 比爾 道格拉斯
  [03:13.72]Tuba and bass, Freddie Loycano 貝司手 弗雷迪 羅卡弄
  [03:18.69]Max Tooney on trumpet 小號手 馬克斯 托尼
  [03:22.73]And finally, on piano 最後 鋼琴師
  [03:26.19]Danny Boodman T.D. Lemon Nineteen Hundred 丹尼 博得曼 T.D. 雷蒙 1900
  [03:30.07]the greatest 最好的
  [03:39.00]For the last time Nineteen Hundred, just... 最後一次 1900 不要...
  [03:41.37]just the normal notes 不要給我惹麻煩
  [03:43.13]End of the line 開始了
  [04:28.42]Where do yu get it? 你怎麽想到的
  [04:31.34]What? 什麽
  [04:32.21]The music 靈感
  [04:33.55]I don't know. You see that woman over there 不知道 舉個例子
  [04:35.30]for example? 你看見那邊那個女人嗎
  [04:41.85]She looks like someone 她看起來
  [04:42.64]who's killed her husband 就像和她情夫一起
  [04:44.41]with the help of her lover 殺了她丈夫
  [04:46.18]And now she's running off 現在正帶著
  [04:47.66]with the family jewels 珠寶在跑路
  [04:49.15]Don't you think this music's her? 你不覺得曲子像她
  [04:51.15]Damn, it's true 他媽的 沒錯
  [04:56.82]You see that guy over there? 你看那邊那個人
  [04:59.99]He can't forget a thing 他有心事


  [00:03.83]Listen to his music 聽聽他的
  [00:07.16]His head bursts with memories 他腦中充斥著回憶
  [00:08.93]and there's nothing he can do about it 卻無能為力
  [00:16.38]And look at that one there 再看那個
  [00:18.96]She looks like a prostitute 她看上去就像
  [00:20.67]who's thinking of becoming a nun 想變成修女的妓女
  [00:26.30]That's incredible 太不可思議了
  [00:36.15]Now, look at this one 現在看那個
  [00:38.57]See how he walks? 看到他怎麽走路了嗎
  [00:50.58]I'd say he's in someone else's suit 我說他穿了別人的衣服
  [00:54.66]judging by the way he wears it 隻要看他穿的方式就知道
  [01:02.75]I'd say he's a stowaway 他是偷偷溜進
  [01:05.04]slipped into first class 頭等艙的
  [01:07.34]Iooking for an amorous adventure 尋找不可思議的愛情
  [01:09.76]This one's got America stamped on his eyes 眼睛裏散發著美國夢
  [01:14.52]I can already hear him screaming 我都能聽見他的叫喊
  [01:18.94]America! 美國
  [01:29.78]I'm going to get my money back 我要把錢賺回來
  [01:31.03]That'll be the day 就在今天
  [02:25.87]Singleton, Lee Claire 單身族 李 克萊爾
  [02:47.81]You don't know me 你不認識我
  [02:49.19]But I was wondering 但我想
  [02:50.90]if we could have a little chat 我們能不能聊會天
  [02:53.01]A little chat? What about? 交談 談些什麽
  [02:56.26]About anything you like Weather conditions? 隨便聊聊 就像天氣情況什麽的

  [02:59.14]Anything You pick or chuck the subject 你可以隨便挑個話題
  [03:01.60]Is this an obscene phone call? 這算淫穢騷擾電話?
  [03:07.44]Christ 上帝啊
  [03:12.98]You the fish with the twenty-dollar name? 你就是身價20美元的那小子?
  [03:15.78]Man, where you going? We got to talk 嘿 你要上哪去 我們得談談
  [03:27.66]That way 那邊
  [03:28.62]Wait, we just want to talk to you 等等 我們隻是想和你談談
  [03:32.17]Where the hell are we, man? 你以為你是誰啊
  [03:34.08]Hold still you little son of a bitch 別動 你個兔崽子
  [03:38.92]Come on out! We don't want to hurt you 出來 我們不想傷害你
  [03:41.80]We're players, man! Sidemen 我們也是演奏音樂的
  [03:57.65]Bon appetie 挺能躲的啊
  [03:59.11]You can say that again, brother You can say that again 你可以再說一遍 再說一遍 哥
  [04:09.70]You the one that plays ten kinds of jazz rolled into one? 你就是那個能把十種爵士融合為一種的人?
  [04:13.45]I've never counted them I'm just a piano player 我從不管這些 我隻是個彈鋼琴的
  [04:16.50]Better start counting, buddy. The man who invented jazz sent us here 想想吧 朋友 是創造爵士樂的人讓我們來這的
  [04:21.09]Really? 是嗎
  [04:23.13]What does he want with me? 他想要我幹什麽
  [04:24.09]He challenges you to a piano duel 他向你發起一場鋼琴對決
  [04:36.31]Jello Roll, what's the reason for a trip to Europe on a steamer 傑裏·羅 你為什麽要乘蒸汽船環遊歐洲
  [04:39.64]when you've never been on anything 你從未上過
  [04:41.15]bigger than a Mississippi riverboat? 比密西西比河船還要大的船嗎
  [04:42.73]I don't give a damn about Europe 我可不鳥這歐洲
  [04:45.32]The only reason I'm hopping this crappy tub 我上這船的唯一原因是
  [04:47.69]is because there's a gentleman I want to meet 因為我要見一位紳士
  [04:50.15]They say he plays a hot piano 他們說他鋼琴彈得很棒
  [04:56.49]But I hear he has a little thing about setting foot on land 但我聽說他從不踏足陸地
  [05:00.79]Is he talking about me? 他在和我說話嗎


  [00:02.12]You bet he's talking about you 反正他正在談論你
  [00:04.33]He say, Hey, Jelly 他說 嘿 傑裏
  [00:06.63]Someone plays better piano than you 有人彈得比你更好
  [00:11.88]So I say to myself, Self how can this cat play so well 所以我和自己說 那小子能彈得多好啊
  [00:16.76]when he don't even have the balls to get off the goddamn ship 他甚至都沒種離開那艘屁船
  [00:20.81]Hey, hot damn, Jelly 嘿 大名人 傑裏
  [00:22.89]You invented jazz 你是爵士樂的鼻祖
  [00:28.31]I said, Goddamn you can afford a first-class ticket to Europe 我是說 你隻要抬起手指隨便揮動下
  [00:32.74]and the boat that's going to take you 就能負擔得起
  [00:34.61]just by lifting a finger Get a shot of it, boys, get a shot 一張去歐洲頭等船艙的票費
  [00:38.99]Tell the truth. Are you scared? 說實話 你害怕嗎
  [00:42.58]I don't know 我不清楚
  [00:45.00]Why a duel? What happens when you have a duel? 為什麽要對決 對決會發生些什麽
  [00:58.38]I hope this Jelly Roll Morton guy is as good as they say 我希望傑裏·羅·莫頓有他們說得那麽好
  [01:01.26]Heard a lot about him back in the States 聽說他回美國了
  [01:31.54]He's a Negro 他是個黑鬼
  [02:49.99]I believe 我確信
  [02:51.95]you're sitting in my seat 你坐了我該坐的位置
  [03:03.71]You're the one who invented jazz, right? 你就是那個來彈奏爵士樂的人 對吧
  [03:06.42]That's what they say 他們都那麽說
  [03:09.38]And you're the one 你就是那個
  [03:11.30]who can't play unless you have the ocean under your ass?right? 隻在船上彈奏的家夥? 對吧

  [03:16.72]That's what I say 我這麽說
  [03:27.94](Franch) (法語)
  [04:11.06]Jelly Roll Morton did not play 傑裏·羅·莫頓不是在彈奏
  [04:13.35]He caressed those notes 他在愛撫這些音符
  [04:15.73]It sounded like a silk slip sliding down a woman's body 聽起來就像絲綢劃過了女人的肌膚
  [04:19.65]His hands were butterflies so light 他的手指如蝴蝶般輕盈
  [04:23.70]He got his start in the famed tenderloin districts of New Orleans 他開始彈奏那沁人心脾的曲子
  [04:27.70]And did he learn to stroke the keyboard in those whorehouses 當他在船廳裏敲擊著鍵盤
  [04:31.62]People doing the deed upstairs didn't want any uproar 樓上原本忙碌的人們不再騷動
  [04:35.04]They wanted music to slip behind the curtains and under the beds 他們想要音樂劃過窗簾 流過床底
  [04:39.67]without disturbing the passion 沒有煩躁的情緒
  [04:42.01]That's the kind of music he played 他彈奏的就是這樣的音樂
  [04:44.42]And in that 在音樂中
  [04:45.63]he truly was the best 他堅信自己才是天下第一


   [00:14.20]Bravo! 好極了
  [00:39.39]Your turn, sailor 輪到你了 水手
  [00:57.03]Come on 加油
  [01:24.22]What's he doing? 他在做什麽
  [01:30.81]"Silent Night"? 《平安夜》?
  [01:32.82]Isn't that a Christmas carol? 那不是耶誕頌歌嗎
  [01:34.69]Does he understand it's a contest? 他知道這是比賽嗎
  [01:37.49]"Silenet Night" is jazz? 《平安夜》是爵士樂?
  [01:39.82]Is it Christmas already? 聖誕不早過了嗎
  [02:05.39]Come on, Jelly Roll show us what jazz is all about 拜托 傑裏·羅彈奏的才是爵士樂
  [03:03.52]What is wrong with you? 你有毛病啊
  [03:06.03]I can't help it. Music makes me cry 我情不自禁的就被音樂感動得哭了
  [03:09.53]The whole crew bet on you I put a year's pay on the line 所有的船員把全年的報酬都賭在你身上了

  [03:13.74]Now you cut that out and start thinking your music 現在你停下來想想你的音樂
  [03:18.29]Can I bet too? 我也能來打賭嗎
  [03:19.25]No! 不行
  [03:20.96]It's bad luck to bet on yourself 賭自己會遭厄運的
  [03:23.33]I don't want to bet on me. I want to bet on him. He's the greatest 我不是想賭自己 我想賭他 他是最棒的了
  [03:28.55]You are crazy, you know that? 你瘋了吧 你知道自己在幹什麽嗎
  [03:30.38]That way, if you lose you'll get your money back 如果我輸了你就能把錢拿回來
  [04:28.93]It's exactly the same piece of music, darling 是完全相同的一首曲子 親愛的
  [04:38.65]This is really the end of the line 真的一模一樣
  [04:44.28]Unbelievable 難以置信


  [00:11.56]Come on you can do better than that 加油啊 你可以比他彈得更好的
  [00:18.23]Jelly, show them how to sink a ship 傑裏 讓他們知道船是怎麽沉的
  [00:27.41]You stick this up your ass 你給我好好聽著
  [01:26.75]Hey, Max 嘿 麥克斯
  [01:29.50]Give me a cigarette, will you? 給我根煙 行嗎
  [01:31.01]You're not handling this well 可你連煙都拿不好啊
  [01:33.26]Just give me a cigarette 就給我一根煙吧
  [01:34.68]You don't smoke 可你不抽煙的啊
  [01:36.97]What is the matter with you? You could lick this guy with one hand 你是怎麽了 你一隻手就足以打敗他了
  [01:41.51]Come on 去啊
  [02:00.28]Are you going to give me a cigarette? 你到底給不給

  [02:01.53]We'll be chucking coal a couple hundred years 我們將要挖上幾百年的煤
  [02:03.99]and all you can say is... 而你隻是說...
  [02:05.08]Give me a fucking cigarette will you? 給我一根煙!
  [02:29.18]You asked for it, asshole 混球 你逼我的


  [00:23.51]You smoke it 你抽吧
  [00:25.18]I don't know how 我可抽不來
  [01:18.81]Jelly Roll Morton spend the rest of that trip locked in his cabin 傑裏·羅·莫頓在剩下的航行時間裏把自己鎖在船艙內
  [01:23.11]When we got to Southampton 在到南安普敦時
  [01:24.52]he got off the Virginian and went back to America 他離開弗吉尼亞州返回美國
  [01:27.99]I remember Nineteen Hundred watched him as he walked off down the dock 我記得1900看著他離開碼頭
  [01:32.82]and all he said was 他隻說了句
  [01:34.99]Fuck jazz too 去他的爵士樂
  [01:39.66]And that's just what he said "Fuck jazz too" 他隻是說了 去他的爵士樂
  [01:43.00]This is an incredible story 這是個令人難以置信的故事
  [01:45.42]Did I miss anything important? 我錯過什麽重要的東西了嗎
  [01:47.13]You couldn say that 可以這麽說
  [01:48.13]Damn 靠
  [01:49.42]Don't worry, our friend will fill you in later. Won't you? 別擔心 他以後會告訴你 不是嗎
  [01:52.72]You can count on it 你可以指望他
  [01:53.68]Thanks He's so good at telling tales 謝了 他很擅長講故事
  [01:57.39]This is no tale, sir 這不是故事 先生
  [01:59.06]There's nobody here 可沒人在場
  [02:00.39]Because there's too many of us We scared him 因為我們人太多嚇到他了

  [02:02.48]You leave this ship or I'll have to have you arrested 如果你再不離開就逮捕你
  [02:07.15]Get back to work. Quickly 快回去工作吧
  [02:10.73]Give me another chance 再給我一次機會吧
  [02:11.73]Piss off, friend. Noon tomorrow this ship is history 走吧 朋友 明天中午以後這船就成曆史了
  [02:25.62]Stop or I'll shoot 停下 不然我就要開槍了
  [02:26.91]Gotcha 抓到你了
  [02:28.50]Pops, easy, it's me 放輕鬆 是我 波普斯
  [02:34.25]You again? 又是你
  [02:35.38]Yes, lower that cannon, will you? 是的 放低槍口 好嗎
  [02:37.05]See your instrument and then steal it back again 找到你的樂器再偷走它
  [02:40.09]That's an old trick. I should have guessed that you were a thief 又是這套老把戲 我早應該猜到你是個賊
  [02:43.39]I was looking for this 我正在找這個
  [02:45.68]And what do you need that for? 你要那個幹嘛
  [02:47.77]It's a matter of life and death And I need a phonograph too 這是生死攸關的事 我需要張照片
  [02:50.77]A thief and a liar 你是賊還是騙子
  [02:51.94]Pops I don't have a whole lot of time 波普斯 我沒多少時間了
  [02:54.11]Well, I do! Seeing as I have a gun 是啊 因為我有槍
  [02:57.44]And now that I think of it 我現在突然想到了這個
  [02:58.69]since when were records made on board steamships 是在船上錄製的唱片
  [03:02.28]If that music was played by your friend 如果那首曲子是你朋友彈奏的
  [03:04.12]it means that at some time in his life he got off that ship! Correct? 這意味著他在此生中曾下過船 對嗎
  [03:08.54]Not a chance, Pops 沒那機會 波普斯
  [03:10.41]He cut this passionate recording personally 他自己一個人錄製的
  [03:13.37]I think it's his best work 我認為這是他的傑作
  [03:15.29]But he didn't jump ship to do it not even for a second 他一秒都沒下過船
  [03:19.46]The sky's the limit Mr. Nineteen Hundred 又沒人限製過1900
  [03:22.51]If this record sells like hotcakes and we think it will 我們相信他的唱片一定能暢銷的
  [03:26.64]you'll go far, Mr. Nineteen 你會大有前途的 1900先生
  [03:29.18]Do you mind if I call you Nineteen? 你介意我稱呼你做1900嗎
  [03:32.27]This is going to hurt, isn't it? 這會傷害到我的 不是嗎
  [03:33.56]Ready now, gentelmen 先生 請準備
  [03:34.98]On the count. And one, two, three 聽我數數 1 2 3


  [01:36.02]Nineteen 1900
  [01:38.40]That is one amazing piece of music What is it called? 這首曲子真絕了 它叫什麽名字
  [01:44.57]It's going to have people crying buckets 這曲子讓人癡迷
  [01:48.03]It's got to have the right title though, something catchy like 它需要一個能吸引人的名字
  [01:51.62]"Swinging in the Breeze" or... 就像《暢遊清風》或者...
  [01:54.37]Great, as usual 太棒了 像這樣
  [01:56.50]"Sweet Nineteen," that's it 《甜蜜的世紀樂隊》 就這樣
  [01:58.16]You are going to be bigtime 你就會成為大人物
  [02:00.58]And all you got to do is take that big step 你所要做的隻是向前跨一大步
  [02:08.09]What big step? 什麽一大步
  [02:09.55]Getting off. Getting off these lousy planks of wood 下船 離開這惡心的木船跳板
  [02:13.34]and going after... 接下來
  [02:15.89]going after your fame and fortune 獲得你應有的財富和名譽
  [02:19.39]I don't mean to butt in fellas, but 雖然不一定是你夢寐以求的

  [02:23.19]with this you can have anything you want 但隻要這樣就能得到任何你想要的
  [02:27.44]and never have to set foot off this boat 而且不再需要離開船了
  [02:46.08]We'll print millions of copies 我們會複製上百萬的副本
  [02:49.96]so that people all over the world 全世界的人們
  [02:52.75]can hear your wonderful music Nineteen 都能聽到你美妙的旋律 1900
  [02:56.55]Mr. Nineteen? 1900先生
  [02:58.76]I won't let my music go anywhere without me 我不會讓我的音樂離我而去
  [03:03.56]No! Don't touch 不 別碰
  [03:04.81]What are you doing? You can't do that 你在幹什麽 你不能這樣做
  [03:06.43]We have a contract You can't go back now 我們有合約在先 不許反悔
  [03:10.27]I always go back 我總反悔
  [04:10.83]Miss 小姐
  [04:15.25]I'd be pleased if... 我將愉快不已 如果...
  [04:31.30]Miss 尊敬的 小姐
  [04:34.89]I'd be thrilled 我將興奮不已
  [04:42.73]if yu'd accept this... 如果你接受這個
  [04:46.73]small token 小禮物


  [01:00.89]Miss Padoan, what are you doing here all alone? Counting the waves? 帕多安小姐 你一個人在這幹什麽 數浪?
  [01:04.56]The captain said we'd be passing the Tropic of Cancer soon 船長說我們即將穿過北回歸線
  [01:07.68]Great! At least we'll have something to look at 太棒了 我們至少有東西可以瞧瞧了
  [01:10.35]You ever notice how the sea changes colors? Ten times a day 你注意過海是怎麽變顏色的嗎 一天變十次
  [01:13.86]Even more 甚至更多
  [01:16.32]I could look at the sea all day long 我會花上一整天看海

  [01:18.11]You know farmers don't ever look at the sea 你知道的 農民從不去看海
  [01:20.03]It scares them At least that's what I heard 我聽說他們害怕
  [01:22.74]That's not true 那不是真的
  [01:25.20]Once, my father told me he heard the ocean's voice 我爸爸曾經告訴我他聽到大海的聲音
  [01:29.83]Really? What did it say? 真的嗎 誰說的
  [01:32.87]I can't tell you. It's a secret And secrets should be kept 不能告訴你 這是個秘密 秘密應當要保密
  [01:37.29]Gosh, it's really coming down now Let's get back inside 天啊 我們進屋吧 雨下得太大了
  [01:42.34]Let me take your arm 我攙著您
  [02:41.98]Women's dormitory 3 class 女寢 三層


  [00:52.11]Next 下一個
  [00:57.16]Next 下一個
  [01:09.17]Excuse me 抱歉
  [01:13.01]Excuse me 借過
  [01:15.76]Excuse me 借過
  [01:18.22]Please, miss 對不起 小姐
  [01:22.85]I have to talk to you 我有話想對你說
  [01:25.81]You're meeting your father aren't you? 你要去見你的父親 對嗎
  [01:28.89]Yes 是啊
  [01:30.56]How did you know? 你怎麽知道的
  [01:32.31]I think I've met him 我覺得我見過他
  [01:37.69]On this ship 就在這船上
  [01:39.74]quite a few years ago 幾年之前
  [01:42.41]I don't know if he took this same ship 我不知道他是不是乘了同一艘船
  [01:45.49]I'm sure of it 我確定

  [01:50.08]He has a musette 他有一支法國的小風笛
  [01:54.79]I think we played together 我們還一起演奏過
  [01:58.09]I don't know if he'd remember, but 我不知道他是否還記得
  [02:01.42]say hello to him 請代我向他問聲好
  [02:02.88]I will 我會的
  [02:04.34]But how did you know who I was? It's very strange, no? 但你怎麽會知道我是誰 很奇怪 不是嗎
  [02:08.97]It's a secret 這是個秘密
  [02:12.35]And secrets should be kept 秘密應當要保密
  [02:15.44]Although I think your father felt differently back then 盡管我認為你父親回去後會有不同想法
  [02:42.92]Please accept this... 請接受這個
  [02:45.21]small musical token 音樂的小禮物
  [02:46.76]I'm sorry, but I can't hear you 對不起 我聽不到
  [02:50.80]I want you to... 我想要你...
  [02:53.47]accept this small token 接受這份小禮物
  [02:57.81]I can't hear you 我聽不到你在說什麽
  [03:04.98]Good luck 祝你好運
  [03:06.48]Thank you. Good luck to you too 謝謝 也祝你好運
  [03:10.40]Why don't you come and visit us some day? 你為什麽不來我們這兒
  [03:12.99]We live on Mott Street. Number 27 我們住在莫特街27號
  [03:16.16]My father has a fish shop 我爸爸有開了家魚店
  [03:19.75]Maybe 可能會來吧
  [03:26.63]Padoan, okay. Next 好的 帕多安 下一個
  [03:29.80]Next 下一個
  [04:08.17]He never mentioned her to me again And I never asked 他再也沒有提起她 我也沒再問他
  [04:11.79]At least not for the next twelve crossings 至少是後來的12年裏
  [04:14.92]Besides, he was happy just like always 此外 他快樂依舊
  [04:18.26]His popularity was its peak 他的名氣到達了頂峰
  [04:21.30]Then, one evening in spring 然後 某個春天的晚上
  [04:23.64]halfway between Genoa and New York right it the middle of the ocean 在途經熱那亞到紐約的路上
  [04:28.60]In three days when we get to New York 到達紐約的三天前
  [04:33.11]I'm getting off this ship 我要離開這船
  [04:37.94]Cat got your tongue? 怎麽不說話了
  [04:41.40]No,I'm glad 不 我很高興
  [04:46.12]But all of a sudden? 怎麽會這麽突然
  [04:51.54]My man... 兄弟啊...
  [04:53.62]That's aces 你終於開竅了
  [04:55.00]I've got to see something down there 我想要看些東西
  [04:56.79]What? 看什麽
  [04:58.25]The ocean 大海


  [00:04.88]You're pulling my leg 你開玩笑呢吧
  [00:06.93]You've seen nothing but the ocean 自從你出生那天起
  [00:08.39]since the day you were born 你就一直對著海著呢
  [00:09.85]But from here 隻從船上看過啊
  [00:13.27]I want to see it from there 我想從陸地上看看海的樣子
  [00:14.81]It's not the same thing at all 換個角度 和從船上看根本就是兩碼事
  [00:16.35]Wait till we dock lean over the side 那你就等我們靠岸的時候
  [00:18.36]take a good look 好好看看吧
  [00:19.84]It's the same thing 其實都一樣
  [00:21.32]No, it's not 不 不一樣的
  [00:23.99]From land, you can hear its voice 在岸上 你是可以聽到大海的聲音的
  [00:26.05]You don't hear that from a ship 那是一種無法從船上聽到的聲音
  [00:29.11]What do you mean, its voice? 什麽叫"大海的聲音"啊
  [00:31.33]Its voice 大海的聲音
  [00:37.00]It's like... 就像...
  [00:40.67]a big scream... 就像是一聲震耳欲聾的驚叫
  [00:44.50]telling you that life is immense 像對生命的廣博的驚歎
  [00:48.84]Once you've heard it, then you know 一旦你聆聽過這樣的聲音 你就會知道

  [00:50.22]what you have to do to go on living 怎麽樣才有繼續生活下去的動力和激情
  [00:54.39]I could stay here forever 雖然我可以永遠待在船上
  [00:58.31]But the ocean would never tell me a thing 但這樣大海是不會給我任何啟示的
  [01:03.56]But if I get off live on land for a couple of years 倘若我下船 去陸地上感受幾年 生活幾年
  [01:07.44]then I'll be normal 我就會是正常的了
  [01:09.74]just like the others 像其他人一樣
  [01:12.40]Then maybe one day 然後或許有一天
  [01:15.49]I'll make it to the coast look up, see the ocean 我會到海岸邊去 仰望大海 瞧瞧它的樣子
  [01:18.58]and hear it scream 然後聆聽大海的咆哮
  [01:21.87]I don't know who's been telling you this bullshit 我不知道這些亂七八糟的都是誰告訴你的
  [01:24.37]or if you're just making it up 或者是你自己莫名其妙的想出來的
  [01:26.33]But you want to know what I think? 但是你想知道我的想法嗎
  [01:28.09]I think... 我的想法就是...
  [01:30.38]the real reason you want off this ship is the girl 真正讓你有下船的衝動的原因 是那個女孩
  [01:35.38]It's always the girl 隻有那個女孩是你想下船的原因
  [01:37.43]But even if it's not the reason that suits me just fine 但就算不是這個原因的話我也無所謂
  [01:41.10]Because I've always wanted you to leave this ship 因為我一直都想讓你離開這艘船
  [01:44.14]and play for the people on land 為陸地上的觀眾演奏
  [01:46.14]and marry a nice woman and have children 然後再娶個好妻子 成家立業 兒孫滿堂
  [01:49.77]and all those things in life which are not immense 我希望你能擁有的是那些生命中不那麽"廣博"的
  [01:55.99]but are worth the effort 但卻是值得你為之奮鬥的
  [01:59.53]You'll come visit me won't you, Max? On land? 你會來看我吧 麥克斯 去陸地上我的家
  [02:04.41]Of course 當然了
  [02:07.87]That way, you'll introduce me 我去看你的時候 你要向我介紹
  [02:10.29]to the mother of your children 你孩子的母親
  [02:12.71]And invite me for Sunday dinner 還要邀請我和你們一起共進星期日的晚餐
  [02:15.88]I'll bring the dessert and a bottle of wine 我會帶些甜點外加一瓶酒
  [02:19.01]and you'll tell me I shouldn't have 然後你就會對我說用不著這麽客氣
  [02:22.43]and while you're showing me around 當你向我介紹帶著我參觀
  [02:25.26]your house shaped like a ship 你那所建的似船一樣的房子
  [02:28.10]your wife will be cooking a turkey 你妻子在為大家烤火雞
  [02:30.73]And then we'll sit at the table 然後我們都會坐在桌旁
  [02:32.19]and I'll tell her she's an excellent cook 我會誇讚她的廚藝
  [02:35.98]and she'll say how you talk about me all the time 她會對我說你總會對她提起有關於我的事
  [02:42.61]You know I'm going to give you my camel coat 知道麽 我打算把我的駱駝大衣送你了
  [02:47.66]You'll cut a fine figure when you get down there 等你下船的時候你穿著它肯定特帥
  [02:53.79]How many people I have seen 我見過無數次人們在
  [02:55.48]saying goodbye on the docks 在碼頭上互相道別之後卻
  [02:57.17]without giving a damn 立即轉身離去 神色漠然
  [03:00.09]But when I said goodbye to Nineteen Hundred 但是當我與1900到了說再見的時候
  [03:02.61]it was a real blow 道別卻成了最傷感的事情
  [03:05.13]We laughed and kept saying "See you soon" 雖然我們互相笑著說"回見"

  [03:08.47]But inside we both knew we'd never see each other again 但是我們都心知肚明 分離即永別
  [03:30.20]Goodbye, Nineteen Hundred! Take care 再見了 1900 多保重
  [03:32.57]Good luck Have a good time 祝你好運 好好玩
  [03:37.75]Take care Nineteen Hundred, take care 保重 1900 千萬保重
  [03:39.87]Write us a letter sometimes 時不時地給我們寫信啊
  [03:41.46]Give my regards to Broadway 代我向百老匯問好啊
  [04:17.57]What'd he do, step in shit? 他怎麽了 踩著屎了不成
  [04:20.91]Maybe he just forgot something 說不定他忘拿什麽東西了吧
  [04:22.45]Maybe he's forgotten why he's getting off 也有可能忘了為何下船


  [01:10.18]What do you want? 你想怎麽樣
  [01:20.40]He was strange for a long time after that 從那以後 很長一段時間 他都怪怪的
  [01:24.69]He wouldn't talk to anyone 不跟任何人講話
  [01:26.65]He preferred keeping to himself for days and days 一天一天 沉默寡言
  [01:31.24]He seemed taken by very personal matters 他似乎沉浸在了某件心事中
  [01:36.33]Then one day while I was sitting at the bar 然後有一天 當我坐在酒吧裏的時候
  [01:48.42]Thanks for the coat, Max.Fit like a glove 謝謝你的大衣了 麥克斯 很合身
  [01:52.34]It was a real shame 上次太可惜了
  [01:56.30]I'm much better now I'm done with all that 現在感覺好多了 我不再想著下船的事了
  [02:18.78]Just like old times 仿若時光倒流啊
  [02:34.30]I left the Virginian on August 21st, 1933 1933年8月21日 我離開了維珍尼亞號
  [02:39.47]with my leave papers and back pay everything in order 我拿著我的離開文件和被拖欠薪水 就這麽離開了
  [02:44.06]I knew that sooner or later 我知道自己遲早會
  [02:45.72]I'd have been through with the ocean 結束我的海上生活的
  [02:47.39]So that's what I did 所以我決定開始我的陸上生活
  [02:50.19]I heard no more about 我再也沒有聽說過任何
  [02:52.27]Nineteen Hundred or the Virginian 有關於1900或維珍尼亞號的消息
  [02:54.36]Not that I ever forgot them 但我從未忘卻他們
  [02:56.73]On the contrary 反而

  [02:58.90]During the war I'd always ask myself 戰爭期間的時候我總會問自己
  [03:01.99]Who knows what Nineteen Hundred would do 誰知道如果1900在的話
  [03:03.84]if he were here? 他會怎麽做呢
  [03:05.70]Who knows what he'd say? 說些什麽
  [03:08.24]Fuck war, he'd say 也許他會說"去他媽的戰爭"吧
  [03:10.75]But said by me it wasn't the same thing 但這話從一我這說出口就變味了
  [03:30.64]A lot of time's gone by, you know 時過境遷了 懂嗎
  [03:33.06]who's to say he really didn't leave 誰敢說他真的從沒下過船呢
  [03:34.56]Maybe he actually went to the fish shop 說不定他真的去過那家賣魚的店裏
  [03:36.89]and asked for that woman 問候過那個女人呢
  [03:39.23]Maybe 說不定吧


  [02:09.09]What's the matter? You lose your sea legs? 你怎麽了 暈船嗎
  [02:14.76]Where the hell did you find that record? 你到底在哪找到那張唱片的
  [02:21.85]What have you been up to all these years 這些年你都做什麽了
  [02:31.15]Making music 創造音樂
  [02:33.45]Even during the war? 甚至戰爭時期也在做嗎
  [02:38.70]Even when no one was dancing anymore 即使再也沒人跳舞的時候
  [02:46.12]Even when the bombs were falling 即使炸彈四處飛的時候
  [02:50.75]And I kept playing 我一直都在演奏 沒有停歇
  [02:54.17]till the ship got here 直到船駛到了這裏
  [03:00.55]Call this a ship? 你還叫它船啊
  [03:03.81]It's more like a mountain of dynamite about to explode 這東西比起船更像是個裝滿炸藥即將爆炸的山
  [03:09.06]A bit dangerous, don't you think? 你不覺得有點危險嗎
  [03:16.74]And you, Max? 你呢 麥克斯
  [03:20.61]Where's your trumpet? 你的小號呢
  [03:24.16]I gave it up as well, as while back 我很久以前就不吹小號了
  [03:27.70]But, you know, now I'm in the mood for starting again 但是 你知道 現在我又想重新開始吹了
  [03:32.96]I'm busting with new ideas 現在我腦袋裏全是新點子
  [03:36.92]Let's start a duo. You and me 咱們一起組個二重奏吧 你和我
  [03:41.05]Or our own band 或者組個我們自己的樂隊

  [03:43.80]The Danny Boodman 樂隊名就叫 丹尼 博德曼
  [03:45.60]T.D. Lemon Nineteen Hundred Big Band T.D·雷蒙 1900 大樂隊怎麽樣
  [03:50.47]It's gets the blood going 這名字讓人熱血沸騰吧
  [03:52.48]We'd be a smash 我們肯定會特別火
  [03:57.61]Come on, Nineteen Hundred Come with me. Let's get off 來吧 1900 和我一起 我們下船吧
  [04:01.48]We'll watch the fireworks from the pier 我們可以在碼頭那看煙花
  [04:03.78]and then we'll start from scratch 然後我們從零開始
  [04:08.07]Sometimes that's the way you have to do it 有時候從零開始是必要的
  [04:11.04]You go right back to the beginning 你得回到起點
  [04:25.51]You're never really done for... 這並不是結束
  [04:28.09]as long as you've got a good story and someone to tell it to 除非你有了一段可以拿出去講給他人聽的故事才是結束
  [04:34.64]Remember? 記得嗎
  [04:38.14]You told me that 那是你告訴我的
  [04:43.06]Well, what a stack of stories you got now 看吧 你現在的故事可真是都可以寫成一本書了
  [04:48.03]The world would be hanging on your every word 全世界都會對你的每一個字洗耳恭聽的
  [04:52.16]crazy for your music 世界會為你的音樂而瘋狂
  [04:58.20]Believe me 相信我


  [00:01.83]All that city 整座城市
  [00:09.51]You just couldn't see an end to it 你根本無法看到它的盡頭
  [00:14.59]The end... 盡頭
  [00:17.43]please? 拜托
  [00:19.85]You please just show me where it ends? 你能告訴我哪裏才是城市的盡頭嗎
  [00:26.06]It was all very fine on that gangway. And I was grand too 在跳板上我還覺得自己很好 一切都還好
  [00:31.69]in my overcoat 穿著我的那件大衣
  [00:34.24]I cut quite a figure 我確實看起來很有型
  [00:37.28]And I was getting off 然後我確實打算要下去
  [00:40.37]Guaranteed 我發誓
  [00:43.58]That's wasn't the problem 那並不是我最終回身上船的原因
  [00:50.42]It wasn't what I saw that stopped me, Max 並不是我所看到的讓我停下了腳步 麥克斯
  [00:55.21]It was what I didn't see 讓我停下腳步的是我所沒有看到的
  [00:58.59]Understand? 明白嗎
  [01:01.89]What I didnt' see 我所看不到的
  [01:05.06]In all that srawling city 城市裏縱橫交錯的街道
  [01:07.39]there was everything except an end 除了盡頭 什麽都有

  [01:11.31]There was no end 那裏沒有盡頭
  [01:15.65]What I did not see was 我所看不到的是
  [01:18.63]was where the whole thing came to an end 我下船之後的未來
  [01:23.41]The end of the world 我看不到世界的盡頭
  [01:33.17]You take a piano 用鋼琴打比方
  [01:37.21]Keys begin 鋼琴鍵就是
  [01:39.30]The keys end 有始有終的
  [01:42.47]You know there are 88 of them 你也很清楚明了的知道鋼琴一共有88個鍵
  [01:44.72]Nobody can tell you any different 沒有人能對此提出異議
  [01:46.97]They are not infinite 沒有無限的因素在裏麵
  [01:49.35]You are infinite 你才是那個無限的因素的主導
  [01:53.14]And on those keys 在那些琴鍵上
  [01:55.54]the music that you can make is infinite 你演奏出來的音樂才有萬千變化
  [01:58.98]I like that 我喜歡這樣
  [02:01.57]That I can live by 我隻能過這樣的生活
  [02:04.24]You get me up on that gangway 你把我弄到那個跳板上
  [02:05.57]and you roll out in front of me 然後你突然在我麵前扔了一個
  [02:06.90]a keyboard of millions and billions of keys that never end 上麵有著萬千琴鍵的鍵盤
  [02:10.82]and that's the truth Max 這就是我不能下船的原因 麥克斯
  [02:12.91]that they never end 是因為他們無窮無盡
  [02:15.00]That keyboard is infinite 那個鍵盤本身就是無窮無盡的
  [02:18.67]And if that keyboard is infinite 而如果鍵盤是無窮無盡的話
  [02:21.08]then there is no music you can play 那麽在上麵演奏音樂是不可能的
  [02:24.59]You're sitting on the wrong bench 你根本就沒有站在合適的位置上
  [02:27.84]That's God's piano 那是上帝的鋼琴
  [02:33.35]Christ, did you see the streets? Just the streets. 天啊 你看到那些街道了嗎 隻是街道
  [02:36.35]There were thousands of them 就有成百上千條
  [02:39.14]How do you do it down there? 你如何能在那裏生活
  [02:41.68]How do you choose just one? 你如何從那麽多中間選擇
  [02:44.23]One woman 一個女人
  [02:46.98]One house 一幢房子
  [02:49.69]One piece of land to call 一小塊你可以看著的稱之為
  [02:52.13]your own one landscape to look at 自己的風景的土地
  [02:54.57]one way to die? 還有一種死亡的方式
  [03:00.54]All that world just weighing down on you 那整個世界都隻是重壓在你身上
  [03:03.16]You don't even know where it comes to an end 你甚至不知道什麽時候才是結束 是盡頭
  [03:05.25]I mean, aren't you ever just scared of 我是說 難道你從來都沒害怕自己會
  [03:07.38]breaking apart at the thought of it? 因為想到這個就崩潰嗎
  [03:09.34]At the enormity of living it? 甚至隻是想想生活在其中 就不寒而栗嗎
  [03:14.34]I was born on this ship 我是生在這艘船上的
  [03:20.39]And the world passed me by 我已經和這個世界擦身而過了
  [03:23.89]But two thousand people at a time 但是每次這裏都會容納兩千人
  [03:29.56]And there were wishes here 而且還承載了人們的願望
  [03:33.73]But never more than fit between prow and stern 但是沒有比船頭和船尾之間更適合的了
  [03:38.74]You played out your happiness 你演奏出了自己的快樂幸福
  [03:41.16]but on a piano that was not infinite 但那是在一架有始有終的鋼琴上
  [03:43.58]I learned to live that way 那就是我所學會的生活方式
  [03:50.25]Land? 陸地
  [03:54.42]Land is a ship too big for me 陸地對我來說是一艘太大的船
  [04:00.26]It's a woman too beautiful 是一個太過於美麗的女人
  [04:05.05]It's a voyage too long 是一段太長的航程

  [04:07.68]perfume too strong 是太過於濃烈的香水
  [04:10.93]It's music I don't know how to make 是我不會彈奏的曲子
  [04:15.36]I could never get off this ship 我永遠都不能離開這艘船
  [04:21.15]At best 最不濟
  [04:23.32]I can step off my life 我還能退出生命的舞台
  [04:28.12]After all 畢竟
  [04:30.54]I don't exist for anyone 我不為任何人而存在
  [04:37.00]You're the exception, Max 你是例外 麥克斯
  [04:41.63]You're the only one who knows I'm here 你是唯一知道我在這裏的人
  [04:46.84]You're a minority 你是少數
  [04:49.47]And you'd better get used to it 而且你最好習慣它
  [04:56.35]Forgive me, my friend 原諒我 我的朋友
  [05:00.48]but I'm not getting off 我是不會下船的


  [01:29.56]Hey, Max 麥克斯
  [01:33.52]Picture the scene at the Golden Gates 想像一下在天國的門前
  [01:36.65]Some guy searching a list trying to find my name 有個人看著名單 試圖找到我的名字
  [01:38.59]not finding it 卻找不到
  [01:41.57]What did you say your name was again? "再說一遍你叫什麽"
  [01:43.41]Nineteen Hundred 1900
  [01:45.49]Niemann, Nightingale, Ninestock... 尼曼 南丁格爾 納音斯達克...
  [01:50.41]Nittledeen? 尼齊丁
  [01:51.58]Well, you see, sir I was born on a ship 你看 先生 我是在船上出生的
  [01:55.17]Beg your pardon? 你說什麽
  [01:56.38]Born, raised, and died on a ship 我在船上生 在船上長 在船上結束生命
  [01:58.71]Maybe I'm not registered there 說不定你的冊子裏沒我的名字
  [02:01.05]Shipwreck? 你是死在船上的
  [02:04.34]Six and a half tons of dynamite Boom 六噸半的炸藥炸的
  [02:10.27]Feeling better now? 現在感覺好多了吧
  [02:11.89]Yeah, I'm fine except I lost an arm 是啊 感覺還不錯 除了少了條胳膊
  [02:16.65]An arm? 少胳膊
  [02:18.44]Yes, in the explosion 對 炸飛了

  [02:20.86]Well, you should be able to find one over there 沒事 你能在那找到條新胳膊
  [02:26.53]Which one did you say you were missing? 你少了哪條胳膊
  [02:28.87]Left, sir 左邊的 先生
  [02:30.70]I'm dreadfully sorry 十分抱歉
  [02:35.83]we only seem to have two rights 我們這裏似乎隻剩下兩條右胳膊了
  [02:39.38]Two right arms? 隻有兩條右胳膊
  [02:40.75]Afraid so 恐怕是這樣
  [02:44.59]Would you mind awfully if... 你介不介意如果...
  [02:49.93]If I what? 如果我什麽
  [02:51.18]Well, if you take a right arm instead of a left? 如果你能接受用一條右胳膊替代左邊的
  [02:58.48]Well, all things considered better 那麽 好像就算隻有右胳膊也比
  [03:01.60]a right arm than nothing, I suppose 什麽都沒有強 我想是這樣
  [03:04.73]Couldn't agree more 雙手讚成
  [03:09.36]No laughing matter, Max 笑也沒用 麥克斯
  [03:13.41]What a cock-up 糟糕啊
  [03:15.33]Spend eternity with two right arms? 下輩子得一直過隻有兩條右胳膊的生活
  [03:20.08]I mean, how would you make the sign of the cross? 我說 你要怎麽用胳膊做出十字的形狀啊
  [03:37.68]Hey, Max 麥克斯
  [03:41.47]Imagine the music I could play with two right arms 想象一下我用兩條右胳膊彈奏的鋼琴曲吧
  [03:45.69]Hope I can find a piano up there 希望我能在上麵找著架鋼琴


  [00:29.74]What would you have done in my shoes? 如果你是我要怎麽辦
  [00:34.41]I don't know 我不知道
  [00:38.83]I wouldn't probably have felt quite useless 不會覺得自己這麽沒用
  [00:49.63]Sooner or later, all stories end 遲早 所有的故事總會有一個結局的
  [00:52.76]and there's nothing left to add 然後就再也沒有可以添加的東西
  [01:00.73]Anyhow, thanks, pops 不管怎樣 謝謝了
  [01:23.16]Conn 康
  [01:25.63]There's just one thing I don't get 有一件事我不明白
  [01:29.21]Who hid the broken record inside the piano? 是誰把壞掉的唱片藏在鋼琴裏的
  [01:32.92]You're looking at him 那人遠在天邊 近在眼前啊

  [01:36.47]So you weren't so useless after all 那你還不是一點都沒用啊
  [01:47.35]Conn 康
  [01:52.94]Here 給
  [01:58.15]Take your trumpet 把你的小號帶走吧
  [02:00.66]Well, you'll be needing it 你會需要的
  [02:06.45]Never mind the money 別擔心 不要錢
  [02:08.71]A good story's worth more than an old trumpet 一個好故事比這個舊小號值多了
  [02:20.01]Okay, pops 謝謝

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