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ZT: Obama’s Plans For Global Wealth Redistribution

(2008-10-31 11:53:14) 下一個
Unnoticed by most Americans this week, the Obama/Hagel GLOBAL POVERTY ACT was quickly approved by a senate committee and cleared for the next step, debate in a democrat-controlled senate.

The GLOBAL POVERTY ACT is unique in its breathtaking scope. It is not foreign-aid. The Act will require the President and Congress to set aside .07% of the annual gross national product - our GNP - to be distributed around the globe to relieve poverty at a cost of about $800 billion dollars annually to taxpayers. It is Barack Obama’s response to the call of the Bali Global Warming Conference for a global carbon tax; a blatant redistribution of the planet’s wealth to the “powerless”.

Coupled with his riveting stump speeches which generate huge emotional reactions from his equally huge audiences - speeches which literally call for a redistribution of wealth right here at home as well - Barack Obama’s sponsorship of the GLOBAL POVERTY ACT gives us a chilling preview of an Obama presidency.
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what do you think of it, will everything go by the primary doctors again, like 10ish years back?