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Since young, I have always wanted to be a lawyer. Just like many people, I first found out about law and the legal profession through television programmes and films. Over the years, I have come to know about law in reality through people and career talks. As a young person with a drive and a passion to match to excel in life and career and a purpose-driven desire to contribute to society and help the needy, I believe I am a suitable candidate to read law at XXXXXX.

A reason why I wish to pursue law is because it is an important system of rules and regulations that govern our economy, businesses, individual behaviors and our government, as law forms the foundation on which any civilized society is based. Law can be a close part of my daily life too. For example, the “Lemon Law” protects consumers when we go out to shop; and the sale-and-purchase contracts and tenancy agreements that my parents use ensure the smooth running of their real estate business. Opening the newspaper, there is always a fair amount of news about law and order, as well as many intriguing court cases and legal tussles. All these show how important and necessary law is to our daily lives to ensure justice, equality, fairness and protection of individual rights and freedom.

The knowledge of law is good, but reading law at an undergraduate level and a subsequent legal career is what I am looking forward to with a passion. An undergraduate education in law equips students with excellent knowledge and skills to analyse and think about issues. A career in the legal profession maybe challenging and stressful, but it will be full of excitement and never mundane.

I believe that perusing a career in the legal profession is also a good way to contribute to society. I enjoy community work very much by being involved in overseas community involvement programmes and fundraising activities for charity work. A qualification in law provides me with a golden opportunity to help people in a way that no other occupation can, which is through free legal clinics.

XXXXXXX Law is a well-established law school in the country, which is widely acknowledged in the region and the world. In addition, its curriculum is rigorous and challenging, which is taught by world-class faculty members. Finally XXXXXXX Law is housed on a beautiful and lush campus, where students can study, interact with each other and have rich social and cultural lives. Thus there is no doubt that XXXXXXX Law is my top choice.

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