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Acrobat Show

(2007-10-26 19:55:56) 下一個

This evening I took Amy to acrobat show from Shanghai acrobat. Amy was excited. Sarah could not come because she had some activities. She would be excited too if she was watching the show.
I remember that last year Amy said to me "Are they real people?" Kids like to watch acrobat, so do adults. I asked Amy if she want to learn the skills. Amy replied that is too hard. I told her that if she is persistent, she will learn it.
Every time when I am watching acrobat, I was amazed by the potential of human body. The human body could be so flexible to fold like a rope, could be so stiff to lay horonzontal in air, or could be so strong to break a steel bar. The control and balance are so accurate and good when a girl was tuning a pot, or a desk, or when playing turning plates. The magic is amazing too. I tried hard to not to pay my attention to the performer and find out the clue. I did not have any idea that small box could fit for 5 peope. It is very interesting that some kids went to the stage and to see if there is a hole. Theny think that the girls may come from the hole under the stage floor. Kids acclaimed "there is no hole"!   I like to watch circus more than anything else. Each time I watch the show, I am inspired. This would give me a great boost of the confidence of overcoming my stuttering.

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