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Ten Practical New Year\'s Resolutions for Parents

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Ten Practical New Year's Resolutions for Parents

1.       Say yes more: to spending time and doing things together.

2.       Say no more: to I want, I need, everyone has it, everyone does it.

3.       Worry less: about all the large and small, highly sensationalized harm that exists out there. The overwhelming odds are with you (but drive carefully – without the cell phone/PDA).

4.       Listen more; talk at less: Ask what do you think? What are you feeling? Tell me about it. What would you do?

5.       Negotiate less; explain more: Our kids deserve to know the thinking behind our decisions and expectations, not to be equal partners at the bargaining table. We are the parents.

6.       Read a little more: to your child, with your child, in front of your child – books, magazines, newspapers, notes.

7.       Write a little more: notes of love, recognition, encouragement, responsibility, daily appreciation of life.

8.       Expect a little more: good behavior, responsibility, manners, kindness, and all of the goodness that lies within our children.

9.       Expect a little less: constant scheduling and enrichment filled days. Slow down, you move too fast. Children need a lot of slow to grow.

10.    Connect more: to family, friends, the community, those less fortunate, and the natural world.

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