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遮羞布? English editing from editors' own company ?

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遮羞布: English editing from editors' own company ?

Make more willing victims for hand-over of your money: it's conspiracy for those guys working together to rib you off for your

publications. I've seen Editors with ownership of those English editing companies (Ref. 3). it's time for China to rebuttal (Ref. 1) -

Say No to this trend: Often time, it's NOT English issue but Science issue - as those willing peer-review don't know that science specialty of your interest, leading to their discrimination for non-English-name authors. peer-review with integrity will give you a detailed map of your English writing, not simply sending to English editing company to make more money.


What comes to my mind this morning from reading my e-mail (Ref. 3): my fellow Chinese, be alert "此事勢必存在臨界點" - "不得不做取舍" (Ref. 2)


English editing from editors' own company ?  That's not ethical, but conflict of interest, outragiously wrong, Heckuva way to make more money. What a world ?!


** Ref. 1

胡升華:為什麽做科研?為誰做科研?為什麽做科研?為誰做科研?——再談中文期刊與“文化自信”                                                    精選

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** Ref. 2



海外網8月14日電 特朗普近期公開批評參院共和黨領袖麥康奈爾,甚至暗示他應該下台。共和黨戰略專家對此分析稱,麥康奈爾妻子、華裔運輸部長趙小蘭在政治圈曆練多年,不太可能因此辭職。

據美國《國會山報》(the Hill)報道,雖然有人揣測,特朗普可能因與麥康奈爾交惡,疏淡與趙小蘭的關係,但觀察者的廣泛共識是,在政治圈曆練多年的趙小蘭不會受到此爭議的幹擾,而將繼續主導特朗普的首要施政之一。

著名共和黨戰略專家羅恩·邦加(Ron Bonjean)認為:“趙小蘭是位圓熟練達的從政者,她專注的是結果,無論在勞工部長或運輸部長任內,她都能嚴謹律己地領導所屬部門。她深諳如何落實職責,不會讓私人恩怨橫阻其間。”



文章來源: 於       2017-08-13 20:17:52- 新聞取自各大新聞媒體,新聞內容並不代表本網立場!


** Ref. 3

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    PPS: 本博網編者啟事 - - -
          本博網欄目所有文章為記錄個人的雜感眉批啟示 - 為意識流、隨想錄、隨筆記、塗鴉紙、奔騰八方思緒,寫時就是思緒的千軍萬馬搶過獨木橋 - 寫下來的這點就是過了獨木橋的那幾個思緒軍馬。個人隻記下幾個思緒軍馬, 不論對錯輕重緩急

          個人厘清思想緣起與延伸發展而附加注明轉載文章來源 (收集轉載文章為自學收藏), 轉載文章並不代表本網編者讚同其觀點和對其真實性負責。凡本網編者啟事注明版權所有的作品,網文章版權均屬於文學城/新浪網/科學網/人民網/TIME/NYT/CNBC/NPR/Google/HigherEducation/Science/Nature/Zihu/backChina/未名空間(mitbbs.com) 凡署名作者的,版權則屬原作者或出版人所有凡經本網編者轉載, 或作者不授權 - 經反映編者會采用相應措施。

          本博網編者園地個人點滴時空軌跡:滿足個人不同時空 (on travel, on silent, with the public, being alone, staring the sky, feel blue) 閱讀需求,個人探討國內國際動態,個人版塊解讀態勢,呈現個人立體環境偶而在於傳遞更多信息(If you swing by for drop-in visit of my blog webpage) 歡迎關注評論指正轉載 - 個人擇善固執, 因此不敬之處請原諒。

    ((擇善固執-- I've read many classic books of thinkers and some of them were read many times. Still feel not much has changed in me by reading those books. In the end, we are who we are, and intentional molding and self-help are of little use. Personality determines fate, and personality is of 90% hereditary, so our fate and destiny were pretty much decided when we were born.
    Sorry for being little pessimistic. ))






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