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2017-06-05 12:34:32

【雜誌】2016.04.23 優家畫報 - 胡歌 | 不做男神,專心做“老胡”


胡歌 | 不做男神,專心做"老胡"

 2016-04-19 吳虹飛 


Having high emotional intelligence does not mean being sophisticated. Hu Ge has been ini this industry for over ten years but has never changed his candor and frankness. For many girls who call him ‘husband” on Weibo, he said with a slightly embarraseed frown and smile, “I’m very sorry for their current or future husbands.”



That being said, Hu Ge’s gentleness, thoughtfulness, guts to take the responsibility and many other qualities have gradually taken the “national husband” to a newer and higher level.


DIESEL 刺繡棒球夾克、色塊針織上衣、







Many people ask me why I want to slow down at the peak of my career.

Because I think this state has reached the top.

If I pause for a while, and then go back from the hillside, perhaps I can climb to a higher summit.





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At the very beginning of the interview, he had hardly said a few words when he sneezed twice. He didn’t care when he gave the first one, continuing his talk. Soon he had another. He grabbed a tissue to wipe his nose and went on. Halfway through his sentence, he paused suddenly and said, “Wait… how come I feel this scene is a déjà vu… I seem to have experienced exactly the same scene somewhere…”



He was lost in his thought for a moment. Then a few seconds later, he seemed to wake up from it. “Forget it! Where did we leave off?” He sniffed, revealing a relieved and boyish smile. His childlike quality is really the most charming.





“Our destination is the Australian outback Uluru and Alice Springs. Their natural beauty is certainly very different from that in big cities. These two places are more suitable for tourism while Uluru is more suitable for traveling. It has a small population and is very quiet. It is also known as the center of the world. Someone recommended this place to me before and I had been very curious about it ever since. There are also many stories about this red rock, Uluru. Some say it’s naturally formed, while others say it’s a meteorite coming from space. I am more inclined to believe in the latter.” He deliberately put it seriously.



He is especially popular with animals in Australia. One kangaroo openly kissed him under so many watchful eyes, making everyone envious. “Wow, this kangaroo loves you so much.” He explained, a little embarrassed, “The truth is, it just likes the bottle of milk in my hand. I fed it a while and then hid the milk. That’s why it came to kiss me.”


“But I have fed it too and it attacked me instead!” protested an accompanying female editor right away.


“Maybe it’s because I keep a cat. When we were filming, I often have to ride horses and communicate with them. I’m also very good at communicating with children. Many of the film crew members find children to be a headache but they are willing to communicate with me. I have a trick: first, you have to turn yourself into a child. Then they will be willing to communicate with you. It’s the same with animals.”


He is very good at subtly taking care of the feelings of the people around him. He can put himself in their shoes and won’t let them feel bad or left out while at the same time doing so without causing embarrassment. Thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and high emotional intelligence, which are typical of Shanghai men, are seen in him from time to time.


Topman from Shangpin 格紋長款西裝外套、白色上衣、格紋長褲、毛呢帽子


拍攝場地 北領地愛麗斯泉





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He seems to enjoy cracking jokes all the time but he sticks to his principles when dealing with certain matters. He is innocent and sensitive, and particularly serious about relationships.


Of course, there is no way he can escape the overwhelming, romantic feelings that a great number of fans have for him. Even though it has been 12 years since he debuted as a heartthrob, he still stands firm and is not replaced by new faces. He lets his works speak for him and no one can deny his greatness. How many people have been blessed to get to know him and can’t stop their obsession with him ever since!


It is unlikely for him to accept appearing in a barrage of news stories not as an actor, but as the subject of a love affair. Judging from this point, he is nothing like what is created in this entertainment era.


DIESEL 牛仔襯衫、印花襯衫、牛仔褲



“Actually, my personality makes me unfit to be in this industry. To put it in my mom’s words, I am too idealistic, too easily deceived, and too naïve. But I think it is this very unfitness that makes it easier for me to survive in this industry.”


Since last year, the popularity of his works and his stardom has reached new heights, but he still returned to the stage and for the third year in a row worked diligently to perform in an 8-hour long stage play A Dream Like a Dream.


“I will continue to perform in this play. After we finished the play in the first year, I was in a painting exhibition in New York one day. When I turned around, suddenly I saw Mr. Lai. (Note: Lai Sheng Chuan is the director of the play A Dream Like a Dream.) He said that every year, he would take time to look at one painting, and get some fresh ideas out of it. My feelings for this play are just like his for the painting. I can’t regard it just as work anymore.”


Good characters and scripts are always a steady source of stimulation for him. Take for example, his first work-themed drama Hunting Ground. Even though the main character is very different from him, which makes it hard to portray, he still went after the role anxiously, once again going through the feelings he had, after more than a decade, when he first got the leading role in Chinese Paladin.


After wrapping up the challenging role, he felt he could use some rest. “I think I still have a lot to learn. Perhaps I have spent too much time on work for the past 10 years. I lack the process of learning and accumulating what I can learn. My state, which you see in my works now, is perhaps at the top. Many people ask me why I want to slow down at the peak of my career. It’s because I think this state has reached the top. I can’t sustain it for a long time. If I pause for a while, and then go back from the hillside, perhaps I can climb to a higher summit.”

Topman from Shangpin 白色棒球夾克、白色上衣、白色破洞牛仔褲

MCM 白色運動鞋


拍攝場地 北領地愛麗斯泉





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Q: Have you tried some transitions in your choice of roles in recent years?


A: As a matter of fact, the key is not in the role, but in the script and production team. I actually do not set too much restriction on the subject matter. It can be costume dramas or modern dramas or period dramas. I will focus on the script instead. If I’m going to take the role, I will read the script myself.


Q: Is there a big difference between what you are now and what you were when playing Li Xiao Yao 11 years ago?


A: Certainly not the same. At that time I was waiting to be selected. Now I can choose my own favorite among many scripts and projects. But last year, I saw a script, and I felt the same way as when I knew I would play Li Xiao Yao. I wanted the role so badly but at the same time felt anxious about it. It’s Hunting Ground. I love the script too much. I remember begging for it and reading it without putting it down.


Q: Is it because you have never tried a work-themed drama?


A: No, it’s because I love the script too much. After reading it, I told my company immediately that I had to star in this drama no matter what. My first inner voice said that it was a difficult role to play. But another voice then said that you would regret it if you didn’t take this role.


Q: After you played the role, do you find the workplace in the drama any different from what you expected before?


A: I have a lot of primary school and high school classmates who are working. We sometimes get together and have a chat. But mostly it’s them who ask me questions. They are more interested in my life. I used to think their lives might be monotonous but after playing in this drama, I find my thoughts were too simple. Everyone has many sides. This is a very professional work-themed drama. Mr. Jiang (note: Jiang Wei, the director of Hunting Ground) spent a lot of time consulting many experts to prepare for it but his purpose is not to show what this profession is like but to show what human nature is like. Only when the fictional world you create is very believable can you convince the viewers and actors that the feelings are real.

Givenchy By Riccardo Tisci 黑色領子拚接藍色外套、五角星印花裝飾藍色連體褲、黑色無袖上衣、五角星印花裝飾藍色皮鞋、鑰匙環裝飾項鏈

拍攝場地 北領地愛麗斯泉





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Q: Why did you feel nervous then?


A: For one thing, there is a large amount of lines; for another, there are too many technical terms. When I first read the script, I didn’t think I could memorize the lines at all. But I didn’t want to give up because this character had a lot of ups and downs in the set period of his life, going through great changes, which would offer me particularly lots of room for imagination and creativity.


Q: Do you find eloquent Zheng Qiu Dong somewhat similar to you?


A: On the surface, we seem to be alike but actually we are different. Zheng’s eloquence is one of his survival skills but for me it’s not. It’s my instinct. (laughing out loud)


Q: You are a film and television actor as well as a stage actor. Is there a big difference between these two?


A: Huge difference! In terms of performing state, it is like the difference before makeup and after makeup. For film and television actors, what people see is not their real performing state at the time. It is a result of their performing combined with sound effects and editing. Even the actors’ performance itself is only complete through cinematographers’ lenses. But the performance in a stage play is the real deal.


Q: Earlier on in Shanghai, you finished performing in A Dream Like a Dream for the third consecutive year. Did you get more out of the character “Patient No. 5”?


A: This is a play that I will continue to perform in because I don’t think I have enough knowledge and understanding of this play and this role yet. Every year, I get something new from my portrayal of this character. I can no longer take it as simply a job. This play now has meant more than that.


Q: Will your explosive popularity affect the pursuit of your work?


A: Actors have to be down-to-earth because most of the roles we play are not stars but coming from our daily lives. If you are far away from most people’s lives, how can you portray the characters in our lives? Say, if you live in a mansion every day, living in comfort, how can you interpret a role at the bottom of the society? How do you experience what an ordinary person feels? So it’s very important to be down-to-earth.


Q: Do you like to travel with companions or alone?


A: For traveling it’s better to be alone. But for taking a trip, having companions is a little better. I separate these two far apart. Traveling, I think, is a process of thinking. Taking a tour, on the other hand, is perhaps just for fun. The former may be more spiritual while the latter is more of a pursuit of sensual pleasures.


Q: A lot of people consider you to be “an artistic youth” among actors. What do you think?


A: First, just for the record, I am not an artistic youth. (Laughs) Because an artistic youth is cultured and literary and I’m not. I may have the heart to pursue literature and arts but just the intention. Perhaps besides a sensitive heart, I also have a mind that enjoys thinking and imagining. But I’m still lacking in terms of reading and getting wisdom and enlightenment from what I learn.


Q: Who are your favorite writers?


A: I liked to read Yu Hua’s and Haruki Murakami’s books in high school. Later on, I read whatever books people gave me as a gift. I have been reading Mu Xin’s recently. For some books, I read them like school textbooks. For example, at one time, I read Feng Zi Kai’s books, and another time I read Jiang Xun’s because he talks about poems in the Tang and Song Dynasty, about aesthetics. For Mu Xin, I prefer to read his The Memoir of Literature and these days I’m reading Reflection of Colombia.


Q: How did you get to know Mu Xin?


A: I got to know him through A Dream Like a Dream. It was in 2013 when I went to the Wuzhen Theatre Festival for our first show of the play in mainland China. I had been arranged to stay at arguably the best hotel in Wuzhen without staying together with everyone else. I declined the arrangement and insisted on staying together with all the cast and crew. There was a book catching my eye on the bookshelf in the hotel, called Spain Three Trees. The author’s name, Mu Xin, is interesting, too. (Note: It means “wooden heart” in Chinese.) I thumbed through the book. It’s a collection of poems, very special! I took it away without asking. (Laughing out loud)

LOUIS VUITTON 迷彩衝鋒衣、靛藍真絲半袖衫、深藍西褲


拍攝場地 北領地愛麗斯泉





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Q: As a Virgo, are you often struggling inside your mind?


A: I am. Most of my struggle lies in the fact that my action ability can’t catch up with my imagination. I’m a very lazy person.


Q: Are you strict and demanding with yourself?


A: I cannot say “strict” or “stern”, not so much. Maybe because I grew up being rather insecure, I tend to cherish every opportunity more. When I get a chance, I will take it more seriously. As I just said, I am a very lazy person. I need to be tougher with myself.


Q: Many people think you have been very childish.


A: I seem unable to grow up probably because I have always been protected well in my living environment since childhood. If I had gone through desperate struggle of life, I might have been different.



Q: How does this trip of Australia, including the aerial photography of Uluru, impress you? Is it different from what you expected?


A: I didn’t know much about Australia before. I never associated it with the so-called ancient civilization. Little did I know that Australia has such a long history of civilization, which is preserved so well. Aerial photography is also out of my expectation. At first, I didn’t feel anything, but then there were about more than 10 seconds when the helicopter took me closer to Uluru. It became gradually bigger and bigger in front of my eyes. I suddenly felt an attraction to it, like a magnetic field. It felt like the time when I visited the Balagezong Snow Mountain in Yunnan Province. It seemed particularly sacred, pure and noble. Facing it, I was suddenly overwhelmed. When a person stands in front of it, he or she will feel like pouring their heart to it.



Q: This year is Olympic year. Do you work out regularly?


A: My workout is also . . . usually it’s done for the sake of work. I will exercise for one or two months. When the work is over, I will quit doing it completely.


Q: Is there any sport you are good at?


A: Comparatively speaking, I play basketball a bit more. I also play some tennis because my father was a tennis player. He taught me to play tennis when I was a kid. I took up basketball because there were only basketball courts in my high school campus. I can’t play football at all. (laugh)



Q: What kind of state have you wanted to pursue in the following three to five years?


A: I find I still have a lot to learn. Let me mention a role model in my mind—Teacher Chen Dao Ming. He is a learned man. Ji Xian Lin once praised him for his high level of Chinese literature knowledge, which can qualify him as an advisor for a graduate. Others like Jiang Wen or Huang Lei are people with depth. No matter what role they portray, their interpretation will be different from others’.


攝影:Jason Ierace 造型:Jerri NG 

編輯:Natalia.W 、金鶯 

撰文:吳虹飛 采訪:張慧

攝影助理: Daniel Michael Hilburn、Matthew Robert Kerr 

采訪整理:覃仙球 化妝、發型:薑潔 聯絡編輯:鮑雪


製作公司:Reload Agency 


特別鳴謝:澳大利亞旅遊局、北領地政府旅遊局、Mark Madden 







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MCM 紅色機車皮夾克、字母T恤、White

Visetos球鞋、MCM×Tobias Rehberger背包





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Topman from Shangpin






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