the slipping slope of national sales tax
文章來源: 海泠2015-04-02 05:01:18
If one studies the US history in taxation, he or she would quickly realize the US has no formal income tax until 16th amendment. In fact, there was no need for the federal government to collect income tax until the civil war. One of Lincoln's impact on US history is the dramatic increasing of power of federal government over individual state government. We know in the USA, power is expressed by money. The more tax the federal government collects, the more power it has.

In the US, there is on going debate about federal and state power. I prefer weaker federal government because of one simple reason: I can know everyone of my city council but I cannot know everyone of US congress or senate. I know a lot more about my Mayor than I know the US president. My opinion actually matters to my local politicians or at least they bother to pretend. I can actually see democracy at work in my local government but I seriously doubt democracy exists in the federal government. Although the merit of different forms of government is a discussion of an entire different day, as a human being to demand my opinions matter on how the rules apply to me is made is not too much to ask. As a tax payer, to demand to have influence on how my money is being spend is only natural.

The larger the government, the less influence individual can have on the government. Therefore, I am against remote government and large government. I am against shifting power of sales tax collection from individual state to Federal. Also, a new revenue method for the federal government is an inevitable pass to more tax collected by the federal government.

I do not wish to be an alarmist by saying US is in the dangerous route to an Empire and Oligarchy. But it is a possibility, no matter how small it looks today. I think everybody on this forum knows what an Oligarchy government can do to individual freedom. I remember once we have discussed the benefit of living in this country comparing to the old one. My opinion was individual freedom is the most important benefit of living in this country. If we give up individual freedom, there is no point of living here.

你如果研究一下美國稅收的曆史,你會很快意識到,美國在憲法第16修正案前,沒有所得稅。事實上, 在美國內戰之前,美國聯邦政府沒有收取所得稅的必要。林肯對美國曆史最大的影響就是增加聯邦政府對於各州政府的權利。我們知道,在美國,權的表達方式是錢。聯邦政府收的稅越多,權力就越大。