First Session with the Beast (it kicked my butt).
文章來源: 7grizzly2020-06-27 11:05:31

It was a week of recovery, not from a long run, but from the cumulative stress
from work over the past few weeks. With a swollen jaw, I came under attack by
a virus and felt it for three days and had to skip two training sessions. But
Thursday's weight-lifting and run went well. I think I have beaten them this round.

I was lucky to sneak in an order for the 48kg kettlebell early June. As of Sat
June 27, all bells under 176 pounds at Rogue Fitness have gone out of stock.
Mine arrived last Friday and I had done little with it since.

Unlike the glossy Onnit 40kg, the beast wears a dull black coat, confident of
its own gravity and blase about the marvel and awe it invokes. Side by side with
its comrades, it stood like a samurai, still as water and ready to face anything the
world can throw at it.

Friday was a two-arm swing day for which the Onnit had already felt easy. So I
did 10x10 with the beast. It was a cool morning but toward the fifth set, sweat
started to come down. 100 swings took a much larger chunk out of me. But other
than that, I didn't notice anything different.

It was in the afternoon that I started to feel the burn in the glutes. Toward
the evening, the soreness became obvious. The next morning, it did not get worse
but simply stayed. I hadn't had that happen to my butt for a long time. Not even
running my second 50K or up Mission Peak gave me that kind of pain. This is
where improvement is built. Good.