The Major Lift ...
文章來源: 7grizzly2015-06-06 10:35:13
My recovery has gone well. I still cannot lift weights but
have managed a couple of 10-mile runs during the week. I
wanted to run 15 miles today.

It was a rare morning as the wind blew gently toward the Bay
(usually it was the other direction and strong). Near the
hills, I saw over half a mile a dozen little and tiny rabbits,
bright-eyed, cotton-tailed, and super alert.

I drank too much water and soon started to feel the pressure
but held until a toilet stall at a water fountain in the
hills (around mile 8). But thanks to drinking I was not
dehydrated at all.

My calves began to feel it after the first mile but the
strain didn't turn into pain. My run was smooth but not
fast. Still, when Garmin showed mile 13 took 8:43, I was
a tad disappointed. At that point, I still had energy but
the legs were starting to feel tired and the calves to complain.
I could have run another 2 or 3 miles at the slower pace
but stopped after 13.1.

So I was gladly suprised that overall I ran the HM distance
at 8:10, a new PR! The steady pace during most of the run
saved the day.