Lesson 20 Just Go with the Flow!
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20 Just Go with the Flow!

Marcus: I can’t even stand up on these things!
Mina: Relax . . . Don’t try so hard.
Marcus: You know what . . . Imust have a screw loose—I can’t ski! I’ve never been one to do anything athletic—I’m just gonna throw in the towel now.
Mina: Just keep your shirt on! You haven’t even tried yet!
Don’t be such a stick in the mud! Here, take my hand.
Good.Now . . . First thing you want to do is bend your knees.
Marcus: Like this?
Mina: Yeah . . . Now lean back. . . . All right, good. . . . Doing great.
(A bit later . . . )
Mina: Now, pretend your knees are like springs.When you hit a bump . . .
Marcus: There’re bumps?! I thought we were on the bunny trail!
Mina: We are . . . but yeah . . . there might be a couple of small ones . . .
Marcus: Well,what do I do then?!
Mina: Just go with the flow. Pretend your knees are springs.
Let them bend with the curve of the terrain. Don’t be stiff.
Marcus: Sure . . .Whatever . . .
Mina: Same goes if you fall . . .
Marcus: There’s falling involved?!
Mina: You’re bound to fall . . . You’re just learning . . . Anyway . . . worst thing is if you’re stiff when you fall . . . You’ll really do a number on yourself if your body’s tense when you hit the ground.
Marcus: Hey! Look at that kid! She’s not using any poles!
Mina: Yeah, actually, it’smore about balance and your knees.
Poles help balance, of course . . . but when you’re learning, they can be a distraction . . .Maybe you should . . .
Marcus: No way . . . I’m keeping the poles. They’re my security blanket.
Mina: All right, whatever . . . Now to stop . . .make your skis into a wedge shape, and just let yourself slowly come to a stop. Let’s give it a whirl . . . Drift towards me . . . and . . .
Marcus: Here I come!
Mina: Wedge!
Marcus: Whoa!
Mina: That was great! You’re really batting a thousand!
Marcus: I can’t believe I just did that! I’m actually taking to this skiing stuff!
Mina: Like a duck to water!
Marcus: Would you say that I’m poetry in motion?
Mina: Well,maybe not quite yet. But soon enough, so . . . ready to get this show on the road?
Marcus: Don’t I need more practice?
Mina: This WILL BE your practice. Let’s go up to the top.
Marcus: Yikes, from the top this hill looks a lot steeper than I thought . . .
Mina: They always do . . . you just have to see your path down, and make up your mind to follow it.
Marcus: Uhh . . .
Mina: Listen, don’t worry, you have the basics. It’s all downhill from here . . . Literally.
Marcus: Very funny.
Mina: Best thing about a day on the slopes is the evening.
Tonight, you’re going to sleep like a log,my friend.Here we go . . .
Marcus: Mina, if I buy the farm on the way down, I think you should know . . . You’ve always beenmy closest friend . . .
Mina: Right . . . Now get going.
Marcus: I can’t move.My legs won’t let me. . . . Hey! What are you doing?!
Mina: You’ll be here all day, if I let you . . . I’m just giving you a bit of a jump start. . . .
Marcus: You wouldn’t! You’d really push your best friend down a ski slope?!
Mina: See you at the bottom!
Marcus: Whoooaaa!
1. To have a screw loose. To be crazy. To be thinking unreasonably.
2. To be one to do something. This expression is used to communicate someone’s typical or characteristic behavior.
Notice that this expression is most commonly used in the negative.
3. To throw in the towel. To quit. To stop doing something.
4. Keep your shirt on! Remain calm. Relax. Be patient.
5. A stick in themud. A boring person. Someone who’s uptight and spoils the fun.
6. To go with the flow. To take things as they come. To not worry or try to anticipate the future.
7. To be bound to happen. To be extremely likely to happen, to be certain.
8. A security blanket. Something that makes someone feel safe, even if it does not actually provide safety.
9. To give something a whirl. To give something a shot. To try something.
10. To be batting a thousand. To be on a roll. To be performing very well.Note that this can also be used sarcastically to imply that someone is doing poorly.
11. To take to.To find an interest in, to learn that you enjoy something.
12. Like a duck to water. To act as if you’re in your natural environment. To be at ease doing something.
13. Poetry in motion. Someone or something that moves gracefully.
14. To get the show on the road. To begin something. To start doing something.
15. To make up your mind. To decide.
16. It’s all downhill fromhere. Everything is easy after this moment.
17. To sleep like a log. To sleep so well that you hardly move.
18. To buy the farm. To die. This expression is usually used in a lighthearted or joking way.
19. To give something a jump start. To provide help,motivation, or incentive to start something.

Source: Easy American Idioms