Tips to show your photos/pictures
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I saw some people have their pictures uploaded to The disadvange of this approach is that you have no control on your pictures. Other people can download or save your picture etc. A different approach is to upload your picture to a photo sharing website like picturetrail or photobucket. You will be able to control your pictures uploaded to your account. You can make a slideshow using the pictures you uploaded and hide the URLs of your pictures when you post your slideshow here at the forum.

Here are the procedures that I used to create slideshows at picturetrail, the same procedures that I used to create the slideshows for our documents of appreciation (獎狀).

1. Go to
2. Sign up to create an account with picturetrail if you don't have one. Signup is free.
3. Logon to your account.
4. Upload photos to your photo albumn(s). If you don't have any photo album, you can create one.
5. You can then get the URLs of your photos or create slide showes using your photos.
6. If you are to create a slide show. You can easily choose from a variet of skins, borders, backgrounds, and effect.
7. Save your slide show and get code. Copy the code to your blog and your slide show is added to your web page.
8. You can edit or delete your photos/slideshowes any time.

Below are the three slideshows that I created using the same two pictures. I can logon to my picturetrail account to delete/add/replace photo in the slide show any time I want.

Acrobat Cube:


Rotating Glass:

You can find a list of photo sharing websites at
The URL is as follows: