Lesson 26: Preference
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Lesson 26: Preference

My reading:

376. I prefer apples to oranges.
377. Do you have any preferences about dinner?
378. I’d prefer to just go home.
379. Would you prefer to have white wine?
380. I’d prefer not to talk about it.
381. I can eat this, but it’s not my preference.
382. What would you prefer we do?
383. I’d prefer it if you’d change the subject.
384. He’d prefer to just watch TV instead of going out.
385. My family would prefer to go to New York for vacation.
386. Do you have any preferences about what to eat?
387. She was surprised because my sister was very picky about what she would eat.
388. I know, but she’s too set in her ways to change.
389. It is nice, but I still don’t think this car is right for me.
390. I like to wear clothes that are comfortable, not those that are fashionable.

Model Reading: