A friend's shocking 'suicide'. Sucidide? Really?
文章來源: BoilingWater2009-08-08 00:22:23

我的朋友去年這個時候死在了深圳的家裏.警方在看了現場後,說是上吊自殺(領帶+窗戶鉤).死者在之前的兩個月裏一直與我有頻繁的愉快的聯係,經常向我詢問他女兒來美讀書的事, her daughter was all his world,他女兒還有一年就要參加高考了,學習非常好,在深圳的試驗中學重點班,英語競賽總是特等獎, 排名總是前幾名.沒有遺言和遺囑,是女兒清早發現她爸歪倒在家裏的窗台旁的. 死的前一個月他鬆了囗氣說他退股的事終於有著落了,計劃退股後一門心思幫女兒備考。死的前一晚被人攙回家的...... I deeply suspect if he really committed suicide or the killer made it looks like a suicide.

1. His daughter was going to face National College Exam a year later, and he cared too much about his daughter. Why would he want to choose to die at the very moment? Especially why chose to die at home a place one hall way away from her daughter's room?

2. According to his mom, it was his routine to call her every week, she didn't sense anything unusual, there were no weird stuff among their conversation. Mostly it was about his daughter's study.

3. He was handsome and outgoing, very sincere and committed to his friends, that's why he was well liked and always surrounded by people. His death was a shock to everybody

4. Why police ruled right on the spot as suicide without questioning his friends, family, checking his emails, QQ conversation. Why didn't they look into the fact that there was no suicide note?

5. I strongly suspect that it is related to the business he involved as he mentioned he felt relieved finally his partner(s) agreed to let him take back his share of investment next month.... Then, next month, he was found died at home..

6. It was a little odd that his little brother didn't request forensic exam to the police when he arrived at the scene when police told him it is a suicide. It could be because the shock confusion right on the spot or he could actually relate in his brother's death? His ex-wife has to be cleared as a suspect as well because she had a history of destroying her ex-husband's new relationships even though they already divorced for years

7. Why the police didn't look into the financial aspect of the case? Who would be the one with the most financial gain with his death? Why nobody raised questions and request a forensic exam, not his little brother, not his ex-wife. They are the only two adult relatives with the police at the scene. Why kept it secret from his parents and ex-girlfriend? Really because of the concern of their health, or afraid they would suspect his death and request further examination? 

8.Why creamated his body so quickly, 5 days after his death?

9. While it is truth that when someone became drunk he may do stupid things, but is it possible there is a killer somehwere drank with him first, and made him drunk, then brought him home, then took off his belt, placed around his neck and held it onto the window hook. How difficult is that to do it on a drunk person? As long as the killer can make him really drunk, as long as he brought him late enough so that his daughter already fell asleep. When one is drunk, he loses the ability to fight off the killer.

10. The fact is that that night he came home real late and someone brought him home because he couldn't walk according to this "friend". At the scene there are several empty beer bottles right next to his body. It seems that right before he committed suicide, he drank another 4 or 5 bottles of beer? He only drank beer not hard liquid, then how many bottles he had to drink to get drunk before he got back home? At least ten bottles from my experience with him before. Because he wasn't drunk even after 7 bottles down into the stomach! I assume 10 would get him drunk. Reasonable? If he had to be brought back home by someone that night, he must have at least drunk 10 bottles, how big would be one's stomach to take another 5 bottles of beer before placing his belt around his own neck, buckled it up and placed it onto the window hook. For a drunk person who couldn't even stand still, how easy is it to execute this series of procedures accurately? He had to be accurate enough to place the belt rod into the right hole and bent down just right to hold the belt and place it onto the hook, and then he had to be real careful when sit down because any jerk of the belt could cause it to slip off the hook, after all the hook is not that big. 10. After he got back home, how likely could he find and carry 4 or 5 beer bottles and walked from the refrigerator through the hall way to his bedroom window without dropping one of the bottles? If he didn't carry all those bottles at once, how likely would he be able to walk back and forth several times without falling down on the floor and fell asleep? A more straight forward explanation would be there was a killer, the killer placed those empty beer bottles around him so that it would look more like a drunk suicide. But it appears to me that someone set up the scene as drunk suicide, but overstaged it.
我這裏說說也是對他離開人世一周年的紀念. 身在美國,除了疑慮重重難以釋懷外,不知又能做些什麽.這件事可說是我人生中最不解,最無奈,最痛心的事件.別了, my friend, 托夢給我讓我知道你是怎麽死的。不知可以做些什麽為你澄清. 這使我感到深深的不安...... He is a graduate of 西北電訊工程學院82級機械.