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出,注音符号 are created from Chinese characters in modern time, a transitional progress replaced by Lating letters.

注音符号來源(參考表) 符号 來源 取聲切韻
ㄅ “包”之古字,說文解字∶“勹,裹也,象人曲行,有所包裹。”,讀“ㄅㄠ” 取其“ㄅ”聲
ㄆ 說文解字∶“攵,小擊也。”即手執竿輕敲,讀“ㄆㄨ”(撲) 取其“ㄆ”聲
ㄇ 幂的本字。遮蔽覆蓋之意,古音“ㄇㄧ`” 取其“ㄇ”聲
ㄈ 說文解字∶“匚,受物之器。”古代一種盛物的器具,讀“ㄈㄤ”(方) 取其“ㄈ”聲
ㄉ 古之“刀”字,讀“ㄉㄠ” 取其“ㄉ”聲
ㄊ 古之“突”或“凸”,讀“ㄊㄨ” 取其“ㄊ”聲
ㄋ 古之“乃”字,讀“ㄋㄞ√” 取其“ㄋ”聲
ㄌ 古之“力”字,讀“ㄌㄧ`” 取其“ㄌ”聲
ㄍ 說文解字∶“巜,水流浍浍也。”川之小者,田間的水道,讀“ㄍㄨㄥ”(工) 取其“ㄍ”聲
ㄎ 說文解字∶“丂,氣欲舒出,勹上礙於一也。”氣受阻礙而無法舒出或行而不利 ,讀“ㄎㄠ√”(考) 取其“ㄎ”聲
ㄏ 古之“ㄏ”字,山側避風雨之居處,讀“ㄏㄢ√”(罕) 取其“ㄏ”聲
ㄐ 古之“糾”字,說文解字∶“丩,相糾缭也。”,讀“ㄐㄧㄡ” 取其“ㄐ”聲
ㄑ ㄑ∶水小流。同畎、田間溝渠。讀“ㄑㄩㄢ√”(犬) 取其“ㄑ”聲
ㄒ 古之“下”字,讀“ㄒㄧㄚ`” 取其“ㄒ”聲
ㄓ 古之“之”字,讀“ㄓ” 取其“ㄓ”聲
ㄔ 明.張自烈.正字通∶“左步爲彳,右步爲亍,合彳亍爲行。” 彳∶左腳的步伐。讀“ㄔ” (吃) 取其“ㄔ”聲
ㄕ 古之“屍”字,讀“ㄕ” 取其“ㄕ”聲
ㄖ 古之“日”字(象形),讀“ㄖ” 取其“ㄖ”聲
ㄗ 古之“節”字,誤讀或借作“ㄗ”音。讀如(早)之聲 取其“ㄗ”聲
ㄘ 古之“七”字,誤讀或借作“ㄘ”音。讀如(草)之聲 取其“ㄘ”聲
ㄙ 古之“私”字,讀“ㄙ” 取其“ㄙ”聲
ㄚ 古之“ㄚ”字,廣韻∶“丫,象物開之形。”物之歧頭曰“ㄚ”,讀“ㄧㄚ” (押) 取其“ㄚ”韻
ㄛ 古之“嗬”字,說文解字∶“ㄛ,反丂也。”。讀如(或)之韻 取其“ㄛ”韻
ㄜ “ㄛ”之轉化,由ㄛ添筆而成。讀如(峨)之韻
ㄝ 古之“也”字,讀“ㄧㄝ√” 取其“ㄝ”韻
ㄞ 古之“亥”字,讀“ㄏㄞ`” 取其“ㄞ”韻
ㄟ “流”也,讀“ㄨㄟ”(威) 取其“ㄟ”韻
ㄠ 說文解字∶“麽,小也。”麽的本字。小也,細也。讀“ㄧㄠ” 取其“ㄠ”韻
ㄡ 握於手之象形字,讀“ㄧㄡ`”(又) 取其“ㄡ”韻
ㄢ 說文解字∶“ㄢ。草木之華未發然”。花苞之象形,其意“含”也。讀“ㄏㄢ?” 取其“ㄢ”韻
ㄣ 古之“隐”字,又作乚∶匿也。讀“ㄧㄣ√” 取其“ㄣ”韻
ㄤ 玉篇.尢部∶“尢,跛、曲胫也。”腳跛也,讀“ㄤ”(肮)
ㄥ 說文解字段玉裁注∶“ㄥ,古文厷,象形,象曲肱。”。厷讀“ㄍㄨㄥ”(供) 取其“ㄥ”韻
ㄦ 兒的簡化字。讀“ㄦ?”
ㄧ “一”是數字之始,讀“ㄧ”
ㄨ 古之“五”字,讀“ㄨ√”
ㄩ 說文解字∶“凵,飯器,以柳作之。”古盛飯之器,讀“ㄩ”(淤)


月出 山鸟,时鸣春涧中。——王维《鸟鸣涧》
古之 人,其出人也远矣。——韩愈《师说》
脱 ;释放;开脱〖separateoneselffrom;release〗。如:出山(指经过深山修行後重返人世;比喻出来幹事);出籍(脱 所属的名籍)

出 is a very active component for 词组, and we may find out its count part in English. By read all those 词组 we can master vocabulary easily.

出 is related to take a step, not sit without moving, while 进 may associated with well, or a trap, as my portfolio\'s position today, ha-ha. Will I 出, no, I will not fall in their new trap. I will stay in restroom, and let someone want my place urgently to shout out:Shit!


Why did the ancient scholar called Chugong the toilet?
View 488 times Created 2006-11-12 22:18:42 Chu Gong is not the convenience of the original meaning. Ming expedition, the venue for the serious discipline, the provisions of the relevant departments, candidates within the emergency, must obtain a sign that read Chugong into the King, with card access to toilets and seats. So, gentlemen put the toilet known as the lead Chugong card, referred to as Chugong to show ourselves.

Sentiment Well Yan, China\'s ancient civilization, after all, although the low status of the toilet of a low, but the toilet is a lot to say, as they spin, the line clear, change clothes, Chugong so full of rich cultural heritage

There is a story. Revolution veteran said, great calligrapher Yu You-jen, who first saw the corner in their own yard to urinate, very angry, then brush and wrote in large letters: can not urinate everywhere, so that attendants affixed to the wall to income shock and awe effect. Attendants met with Mr. Yu Lao\'s masterpiece hard to break away, then find someone to write a posted photo, the notices carefully framed and hung in their own hall. See who all praised as not to urinate anywhere after reordering, became the motto: Small Office can not arbitrarily. Why some of today\'s well-known figure on the top care about, the answer to one of them.
As with many Mingrenyishi and Do not pee anywhere, the authenticity of the matter is also difficult to distinguish. But one thing is certain, indeed people everywhere easily upset, especially when some people enjoy their own entrance into the drowning sway at the time.
Accommodating both for ancient China, in the amenities of the planning and construction, natural is a long history and deep finish. Zhou-day official, there were six-bedroom palace of the king who repair palm, its wells, Yan, except it does not remit taxes to the stench, the record. Here the well is not well, but leakage Well, a bit like a urinal today, and Yan is the band will pit toilet. Palace is one of the tasks were washed clean convenience of the Department. However, modern living room in the front ranks of the toilet, the ancients seem very seriously. Zhuangzi Gengsang Chu in it clearly states: View of room in the sleep temples Zhou, and Shi Qi Yan (Yan Tung) Yan. The point is to visit the room, as long as the place always has something on almost investigation, as toilets, Kan Bukan between the two can be.
Ferris disdain ancient toilet, also has its reason. Toilet by the side also, which is the formal living room side of the children of the concubine, this is not decent place. Han Dynasty pottery burial objects in the outskirts of the toilet is often the pigpen. This and other boundaries, to see do not really see. of low status, in fact, to the ancient life a lot of trouble, do not say uncomfortable inconvenient to use, they might also lead to major accidents. According to Zuo Zhuan records, Jin Jinggong time before the meal, the stomach swollen, go to the toilet, stuck Ercu, was discovered after a good while. Dignified monarch of a country, actually fell into the pit among the pass away, and can be considered to set a world. Ancient civilizations, in fact, there are many uncivilized place.
Chinese history, determined to enhance the Well Yan status of those who have it. Wuyang princess daughter of Emperor Wu Emperor Wudi of toilets at home will be very level. Let me paint the bathroom in full bloom dried dates, stuffed nose for those going to the toilet; All over, there will still maid carrying a water bath filled with golden shower tray and glass bowls of beans, for people washed up service than the five-star hotel also thoughtful. This is probably the toilet is a rare animal, so the husband of Princess Wuyang Dun, married for the first time in the toilet, even the dates as unusual fruit, will fall into the stomach to eat, also as cooked rice bean bath, shower of gold poured into tray and drank it, group tick all working Yankouerxiao of.
Western Jin Shi Chong\'s richest man is amazing the toilet at home. According to the Shi record: Shichong toilet, often more than servant paternity row, are decorated with Renaissance clothing algae. Set a frying powder, aloe juice is, all completed equipment. And make a new dress. Mart shame not going to the toilet. Wang General to, so the clothes off, with new clothes, looking proudly. Wang is the Dun general, if not some toilets in their own life experiences, it is estimated he would not look proudly.
Despite the luxury of such matter to the toilet, but do not seem to solve the biggest upset in the toilet - the smell filled the air, so need to Fort nose, prepared spices, to be covered. After changing to relieve themselves 石崇 guests, but also to prevent the odor out, affect the external environment. When the toilet because of the lack of reform of the overall design, deodorant, washing, pipe installation, urine and faeces treatment and so there is no substantive breakthrough, so a lot of money though, smell remains. Wait until the war everywhere, the richest man get totaled, these luxury toilets will disappear.
After all, ancient civilizations of China, although the low status of the toilet of a low, but the toilet is a lot to say, as they spin, the line clear, change clothes, Chugong so full of rich cultural heritage. Chu Gong is not convenient to the original meaning of the Ming Dynasty imperial examination, the examination room for the serious discipline, the provisions of the relevant departments, candidates within the emergency, must obtain a sign that read Chugong into the King, with card access to toilets and seats. So, gentlemen put the toilet known as the lead Chugong card, referred to as Chugong to show their own convenience but also specifically said that difference. Only after a pop song.
Peak a disability Essay there is a joke. Three people said to Chu Gong in the title, the poetry of a joint. One person said: Big ass wind, air-conditioning into the bladder; one said: plate side of the urinary urgency, deep pit manure lag; another person said: Seven strict women quit, the four products by the husband closure. The former style both high, Chinese rhyme; in the physical cut, although those more humble, almost Song School; the latter is specifically relevant and face, abandoned Theme, Poems for the road test.
Poems and stereotyped test, is essential in the Qing Dynasty Provincial Examination will test subjects, usually eight-Yun Wu Yan. The basic requirement is that the first and second two together must be highlighted topics, end joint shall have praise of the speech. As for no substance, no matter what. Yan ring seven women, seven of repudiation refers to the ancients out, said; four products sealed by her husband, is that officials of the Qing four products could be a glimpse of the main building as Christine, the people. As a result, they withhold the Chugong Poem title in full compliance with requirements.
Today, the Poems already tested the system there anymore along with examination, but the rest still in the rhyme. Jun do not believe, we might find a newspaper to double, to book a turn.

浏览488次 创建时间 2006-11-12 22:18:42 “出恭”一词原无方便之意。明代科考时,为严肃考场纪律,有关部门规定,考生内急时,必须领取一块牌子,上写“出恭入敬”,凭牌进出厕所和考场。於是,士子们便将如厕称为“领出恭牌”,简称“出恭”,以显示自己方便。

感悟“井 ” 中国毕竟是文明古国,厕所的地位虽然低之又低,但如厕的说法却是不少,如便旋、行清、更衣、出恭等,饱含浓厚的文化底蕴

中国既为泱泱古国,於“方便设施”的规劃建设,自然也是历史悠久,餘味深长。《周礼·天官》中便有“宫人掌王六寝之修,为其井、 ,除其不蠲,去其恶臭”的记载。此处之“井”並非水井,而是“漏井”,有点像现在的小便池,而“ ”则是带便坑的厕所。宫人的任务之一便是冲洗清扫“方便”之处。不过,对於现代居室中排名靠前的“卫生间”,古人似乎很不当回事。《莊子·庚桑楚》中便明確指出∶“观室者周於寝庙,又 其偃(通 )焉。”意思是参观居室,隻要把住的地方考察一番就差不多了,至於厕所,看不看在两可之间。
古人不屑观览厕所,也有其道理。厕者,侧也,也就是正规居室一边兒的偏房,算不得正经地方。汉代的陶製冥器中,厕所的近郊往往就是猪圈。这等地界,確实是可看可不看。之地位低下,其实给古人生活带来了不少麻烦,使用不方便不舒 不说,搞不好还要酿成重大事故。?《左传》记载,晋景公一次在吃饭之前,由於肚子发胀,“如厕,陷而卒”,过了好一阵才被发现。堂堂一国之君,竟然掉到茅坑之中“薨”了,也算创下了一项世界之最。文明古国,其实也有種種不文明之处。
中国历史上,立誌提升“井 ”地位者亦有之。晋武帝司马炎的千金舞阳公主家的厕所便很有档次。卫生间裏设漆箱盛放幹枣,供如厕者塞上鼻孔;诸事完毕之後,还有使女端着盛水的金澡盘和装着澡豆的琉璃碗,供人洗手洗脸,服务比五星级酒店还要周到。这样的厕所大概属“珍稀动物”,因此舞阳公主的丈夫王敦,在婚後首次如厕时,竟然把枣子当做寻常果品,一股脑吃进了肚子,还把澡豆当做幹饭,倒进金澡盘中喝了下去,“群婢莫不掩口而笑之”。