Random Thoughts 73 - Say Something
文章來源: 衝浪潛水員2013-12-31 03:48:46

The video began and the music started to roll [Note 1]. Handsome young men. Beautiful young women. Healthy. Talented. Yearning "Say something" in a touching way. However, why did they sing that "I'm giving up on you"?...... I sighed deeply and concluded painfully that the feel and looks of art do not guarantee its greatness. Without the soul, all we have is but mortality. 

Say something -- I have the same plea, when I post something earnest and look forward to a real conversation...
Say something -- I have the same urge, when I read a great post and search for a meaningful response...
Say something -- I have the same yearning, when I hear your situation and try to come up with helpful suggestion...
Say something -- I have the same prayer, when I long for your comfort but it seems that you have lost your words...

Sometimes, I am disappointed;
Sometimes, I am disappointing.

However, I'll never give up on you.

Say something.


[Note 1]: See this post by 婉蕠
英語歌曲:Say Something(視頻欣賞) -婉蕠-