Random Thoughts 48 - Smart 2.0
文章來源: 衝浪潛水員2013-02-14 06:40:48

48. Smart 2.0

It seems that "smart" is such a good concept that almost everything wants to be associated with it. Therefore, we often hear about the smart grid, smart phones, smart gadgets, etc. Sadly, I see that some people no longer know the roads and directions because of the smart GPS, while some other people remember very few phone numbers because of their smart phones. Are these so-called smart gadgets making people stupid? Well, what needs to be smart the most, in my opinion, is people! What we can do is to be smart about smart, and make sure that, while benefiting from modern conveniences, we maintain our skills and stay sharp. In the latest language, I'll call this "Smart 2.0".