Random Thoughts 47 - We're All Thinkers
文章來源: 衝浪潛水員2013-02-13 03:23:51

47. We're All Thinkers

In this era of DIY, most of us pride ourselves on being doers. On the other hand, a smaller group of us can boast of being managers and managing these doers. However, it occurred to me that we are all thinkers and are most valued as such. You see, good doers need to think and decide what projects to take on and what are the best methods to complete them, and managers need to think and decide for not only themselves but also those reporting to them. To a great degree, our ability as creative and critical thinkers defines or limits our success in almost everything we do. Realizing these makes me respect Descartes more for his famous proposition "I think, therefore I am", which was proposed as a foundation of Western philosophy centuries ago.