Random Thoughts 41 - Choose Your Fight
文章來源: 衝浪潛水員2012-12-14 04:09:58
41. Choose Your Fight

When I first started filling my own tea bags, I encountered a technical issue: When I poured hot water in the mug with my hand-filled tea bag in it, the tea bag would unfold and the tea leaves tend to come out of it. I tried folding the tea bags in more sophisticated ways, but it did not help much. Shall I call this a KTI (Key Technical Issue) and launch a project to solve it? And then it clicked that this issue could completely avoided if I simply switched the order and poured hot water before putting the tea bag in the mug. I am very pleased with this solution and the saved effort solving the unnecessary KTI. A colleague once said, "Choose your fight carefully. Not every battle is worth fighting." It is so true!