The Day to Remember!
文章來源: Dreamoon2009-05-27 12:32:57

Finally I got the interview for GC yesterday (05/26/09) and it took just about 20 mins to get the stamps of approval!


Unlike the others, it is not easy for me to get it.  Why?  I have been gone through so many processes till now.  Nothing to complain about, only because of myself silly enough to get J1 visa, then starting my tough long journey in my life.  During the period of processing, my husband had been so supportive, caring, considerate… although we had so many big and small fights sometimes.  But looking back, my life was full of bitter and sweet.  Since I am not an optimistic person, I would say that my life was much more bitter than sweet.  My biggest regret is that my Grandma passed away in Oct. 2005 when I was under going the processing of J1 visa waiver.  I will never excuse myself in that manner, which I lost the chance to serve my duty on the bedside of my Grandma who raised me since I was baby.


Then following of unlucky years continuing, my husband was hospitalized in Mar. 2006 due to Crohn’s disease.  Then my Mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer and under going the surgery and chemotherapies in Jun. 2006.  Then in Mar. 2008 my stubborn husband was again hospitalized and also had a resection surgery on his intestine.  Hopefully, this was the lesson big enough to teach him in the rest of his life!  Then in Oct. 2008 our beloved dog Misha passed away, who was the most loving creature ever and my best friend in the world, especially in my those tough years!


The Chinese old saying: Bitter First and Sweet Then!  I think that for me right now, the biggest sweet and happiest time is being with my big family in China.  I would say that nothing can be compared with it at all, like my husband said that he could see the shinning light in my eyes only when my sister family come to visit us here.  That is absolutely right!