Why every time I have to strugle with this SCIM? Any one step sh
文章來源: 德州老外2006-12-05 07:58:57
Got really frustrated of this new Edgy especially the SCIM.

I should say I never wrote down my successed scrip before. I had made it right twice in VMWare and one of my desktop which is still working fine. But now, I totally forgot what I was doing, and SCIM never come with any Chinese input.

I had imported language support to Chinese option, and installed all the font that forums mention. SCIM setup shows multiple Chinese IME, but I never can use them even I setup all quick key. Here is my /etc/scim/global
/SupportedUnicodeLocales = en_US.UTF-8,en_GB.UTF-8
/DefaultPanelProgram = scim-panel-gtk
/DefaultConfigModule = simple
/DefaultSocketFrontEndAddress = local:/tmp/scim-socket-frontend
/DefaultSocketIMEngineAddress = local:/tmp/scim-socket-frontend
/DefaultSocketConfigAddress = local:/tmp/scim-socket-frontend
/DefaultPanelSocketAddress = local:/tmp/scim-panel-socket
/DefaultHelperManagerSocketAddress = local:/tmp/scim-helper-manager-socket
/DefaultSocketTimeout = 5000

What could go wrong?