Shape Of You -- 給大家送個粽子吃~別嫌小哦
文章來源: 藍木頭2007-06-19 14:00:23



This woman's eyes ain't got no colour
When I think about life without you
Even if it's for the best,
It's the hardest thing to do

Looking at the path that we've taken
We didn't leave a stone unturned
don't you believe?? that this won't slay me
Even if I act unconcerned

(r)With a smile, I'll face the world
Though my eyes reflect the truth
I'm moving on
But you know I do.
With a hole in my heart in the shape of you.
With a hole in my heart in the shape of you.

I step into unchartered water
And I'm afraid of what I've done
See I can't head toward my future
Reminicing on how (just) far we had come
Maybe we could find redemption
Maybe, maybe then it all could make sense
But Until then I must believe these words
Even though I think you know
That I'm unconvinced

you left a hole baby, left hole baby, in my heart baby, in my soul baby,
in my heart baby, in my heart baby my soul baby,

left a hole baby.........