Hungary and Poland (5) - Gdansk
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Before the trip I have heard people say Gdansk is surprisingly pretty, but I am still blown away by it when I got to see it.

1. Wandering around Gdansk.

2. Wandering around Gdansk.

3. Wandering around Gdansk.

4. Wandering around Gdansk.

5. Wandering around Gdansk.

Gdansk has 2 awesome museums: Museum of the Second World War (which we spent 5 hours in it!!!) and European Solidarity Centre (which we spent 3+ hours in it). Don't try to see them in one day. It is too overwhelming.

6 Museum of the Second World War (free on Tuesday).

7. Monument next to European Solidarity Centre.

8 European Solidarity Centre.

9. European Solidarity Centre.

10. A huge Solidarno?? sign made of people's notes at European Solidarity Centre.

Many things to see on Gdansk's Royal Route.
11. View from Amber Museum Tower. You have to look through small windows, so it is not as nice as View from Gdansk Town Hall Tower.

12. Gdansk Town Hall.

13. Gdansk Town Hall. The ceiling is amazing!

14. Gdansk Town Hall. The ceiling is amazing!

15. View from Gdansk Town Hall Tower.

16. St. Mary's Basilica from Gdansk Town Hall Tower.

17. Next to the Town Hall is Artus Court which used to be the meeting place of merchants and a centre of social life.

18. Artus Court.

19. Artus Court.

20. Artus Court.

21. Artus Court.

22. Royal Chapel which is next to St. Mary's Basilica.

Malbork Castle is a popular day trip from Gdansk. It was originally constructed by the Teutonic Knights, a German Catholic religious order of crusaders.
23. Malbork Castle.

24. Malbork Castle.

25. Malbork Castle.

26. Malbork Castle.

27. Malbork Castle.

We had our best Polish food experience at Gdansk.
28. Walking to Mandu, the best Pierogi (Polish Dumplings) restaurant we had in Poland.

29. Mandu (with people waiting outside to get a table).

30. Our favorites are still the traditional dumplings, especially the pork one.

31. Best Pierogi of the trip: hand-minced beef and pork topped with white onion and fried bacon.

32. Best milk bar of the trip. 

33. Best tripe soup of the trip.

34. Potato pancake with meat and mushrooms.

(To be continued)