Central U.S. (1) - Colorado
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1. Mount Evans, just 60 miles west of Denver, is the highest paved road in North America. When we got there in the middle of August, it was 35 degree, and snowing :)

2. We took a little nap in the car to wait for the weather to get better. After probably 30 minutes, we were rewarded with pretty clear sky.

3. Mount Evans.

4. Mount Evans.

5. Mount Evans.

6. Mount Evans.

7. Echo Lake on Mt. Evans Rd.

8. Idaho Springs, a small town near Mount Evans.

9. Garden of the Gods, a free public park just outside of Colorado Springs.

10. Garden of the Gods.

11. Garden of the Gods.

12. Garden of the Gods.

13. Garden of the Gods.

14. Siamese Twins, Garden of the Gods.

15. Garden of the Gods.

16. Balanced Rock, Garden of the Gods.

17. On our way back to Denver, we happened to see a car show at Old Colorado City.

18. Car show at Old Colorado City.

19. Car show at Old Colorado City.

20. Car show at Old Colorado City.

21. Car show at Old Colorado City.

22. Rocky Mountain National Park. Unfortunately it was quite hazy when we were there.

23. Rocky Mountain National Park.

24. Rocky Mountain National Park.

25. Rocky Mountain National Park.

(To be continued)