Chile and Argentina (6) - W Trek day 3
文章來源: xux2019-01-01 17:36:06

Even though we considered ourselves pretty in shape, after yesterday's hike we were both destroyed. I don't know how I am going to walk another 10+ miles today with a heavy backpack. During the W Trek briefing on day 1, they told us: "the second day is easy, it is mostly flat". Let me tell you, comparing to the day before, it is flatter, but it is not all flat. Every ups and downs you felt it because your legs were so tired from yesterday's hike.

1. It was a bit raining in the morning.

2. Beautiful flowers of Chilean firebush.

3. Chilean firebush.





8. The hike along Lake Nordenskjold is probably the prettiest hike we have ever did: with beautiful lake on the left, red flowers of Chilean firebush here and there, and snowcapped mountains on the right almost the entire way.









17. Finally reached Domos Frances. It is supposed to be 3 KM from Los Cuernos Refugio to Domos Frances, but we walked almost 1.5 hrs. We started to question if we were on the right trail near the end. I don't think the marked distance (3 KM) is correct.  

Domos Frances is our favorite for sleeping condition. Yes, it was a bit windy and loud (from the wind) and cold, but the dome is very spacious. It has 4 bunk beds and 2 bathrooms and 2 shower stalls. And each bed has 2 power outlets and a reading light! And there are lots of room in front of the bunk bed where you can spread your stuff out if you need to.

18. Even though it was cold out, and the dome was not well heated, the sleep bag kept us warm at night.

(To be continued)