Chile and Argentina (1) - Santiago, Chile
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Santiago is a pretty boring city in my opinion :) Should have just stayed here 2 nights with a day trip to Valparaiso. I do highly recommend the free Santiago walking tour (4 hrs.) though. Our guide, Franco, had a booming voice, and a rich facial expression. He made the history come alive, and we learned a lot from him during the walking tour.

1. Plaza de Armas.

2. Plaza de Armas.

3. Completo italiano, a popular quick lunch in Chile.

4. Plaza de Armas.


6. La Moneda, the seat of the President of the Republic of Chile.

7. The restaurant where former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, stopped to have a drink in 1998.


9. Torre Telefónica, a 470-foot-tall tower built in 1993 located in the city's center is designed to resemble a mobile phone —from the '90s.

10. Santiago from San Cristóbal Hill.

11. Statue of the Virgin Mary on top of San Cristóbal Hill.

(To be continued)